CLADmag issue 2 2017

Page 118


SPIRALLING UP Project: Observation Tower, Camp Adventure


ACHIEVERS From a glass slide a thousand feet up to a gravity defying staircase to nowhere, these observation structures are as impressive as the views they offer

Location: Gisselfeld estate and forests, Denmark Architect: EFFEKT In January, Copenhagen architects EFFEKT won planning permission to build a 45m (147.6ft) spiralling observation tower in a preserved Danish forest. Located in Gisselfeld Klosters Skove, one hour south of the capital, the structure will be part of Camp Adventure, an existing sports facility with tree top climbing paths and aerial zip lines. The tower will link to the rest of the attraction via a connected walkway leading visitors on a 600m journey around the forest. While detailed design information has not yet been released, the architects said the tower will be set “gently and respectfully” against its beautiful backdrop. A continuous ramp will swirl from the bottom to the top, making it as accessible as possible.


The walkway will make the forest more accessible, and provide views across the Gisselfeld estate


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