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From molecular ‘glue’ to stackable football pitches and a camouflaged solar roof, we take a look at

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the most exciting innovations in product design

GD-Lighting Design illuminate multifaceted MOCAPE G-D Lighting Design has

By constructing a 1:1

the Museum of Contemporary

digital architectural model

Art and Planning Exhibition

of the MOCAPE in Rhino,

(MOCAPE) in Shenzhen,

the designers were able

Guangdong Province, China.

to accurately map lighting

The shapes that form the


positions across the face of

exterior of the newly opened

the building and successfully

Coop Himmelblau facility

trial lighting designs.

proved to be a challenge to

They were also able

light however, with lighting

to analyse photometrics,

designers Yenchin Wang, Hui

power supplies and

Ren and Tim Cheng having

material reflectance.

to find a solution to glare and

The design incorporates

self illumination caused by

U-shaped shading grooves

the shape of the structure.

with exterior baffles, custom

They found the solution Chief designer Yenchin Wang

and CAD programme Rhino.

revealed its lighting design for

made for the project.

with the use of building

CLAD-kit keyword:

information modelling (BIM)

GD Lighting

A challenging building to light

Olivier Clavel blends water and tech to make zen spaces French artist and designer Olivier Clavel has drawn inspiration from science and

the sound of water flowing to be relaxing.

new French spa and wellness development.

This is why I combine the vibration of water with the music transmitted through


forthcoming Le Royaume des Sens

my fountains. When light is added, the

City Spa in Merignac, near Bordeaux,

whole contributes to developing that

blend technology, light and water to

zen feeling that is so sought after.�

create the effect of levitating water. Clavel uses water to custom create indoor and outdoor spaces including water walls, fountains, ponds or swimming pools. Controlled by a mobile phone app,

Olivier Clavel (above) has

the water, sound and light effects

created water displays that can

can be changed to alter the mood. The designer is expecting to duplicate his fountain design for several cities


He said: “It’s no accident that we find

technology to create a water sculpture for a Clavel’s water fountains for the

be controlled via an app

including Paris, Toulouse and Bordeaux.

Clavel has previously installed his designs at Domaine de Verchant, Relais & Château 5* hotel, in Castelnau-le-Lez. The LED or optical-fibre lighting used in Clavel’s designs can be controlled by a smartphone and built into a home-automation system in order to create a customised ambiance. CLAD-kit keyword: Clavel

CLADmag 2017 ISSUE 1

Profile for Leisure Media

CLADmag issue 1 2017  

For leisure architects, designers, investors & developers

CLADmag issue 1 2017  

For leisure architects, designers, investors & developers

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