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The SEED concept works toward the legacy solution as a starting point David Manica founder Manica Architecture PROJECT: SEED Stadium Concept

David Manica founded Manica Architecture in 2007


ports architecture firm Manica Architecture is evangelical about its SEED Stadium concept, which it believes could shape the way stadia are built for major events in the future. The Stadium for Evolving Economic

Development (SEED) concept has

Manica founder David Manica. “The innovation of the SEED concept is that it works first toward the legacy solution as a starting point, and then reverse engineers it. “We design a development concept that benefits the city, with low income housing, hotels, conference facilities, office and retail, parking, theatres, parks, and even terraced

been developed by Manica as part

urban gardens – and then find a way to

of an evolution of R&D ideas aimed

collect those buildings together temporarily

at creating more successful legacy

for use as a stadium for a one-off event.”

conversions for major stadium events. “Most legacy conversions try and figure

Forthcoming projects by Manica include the new LA Stadium, US; San Francisco

out what to do with a stadium once it’s

Arena, US; VTB Arena Park, Moscow,

no longer needed for a major event,” said

Russia; and Shantou Sport Park, China. l


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