CLADmag issue4 2019

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The 5m high letters spell out verbal expressions from German comics

This building doesn't take itself too seriously Jacob van Rijs Founding partner, MVRDV PROJECT WERK 12


VRDVÂ has completed the

WERK12 urban mixed-use

building in Munich, Germany, with elements that can be

adapted for use by different tenants.

Led by principal in charge and MVRDV

founding partner Jacob van Rijs, the

7,700sq m (83,000sq ft) development features restaurants and bars on the

ground floor, a three-storey gym with a one-storey swimming pool on the

middle floors and offices at the top. The façade was designed in

collaboration with local artists Christian Engelmann and Beate Engl. With 5m

(16ft)-tall lettering which is illuminated at night, it spells out colloquial

expressions that recall the graffiti

found on the building when it was a

derelict potato factory and part of the Werksviertel-Mitte industrial site. Circulation was placed on the

outside of the building to allow the

interiors to be easily reconfigured, while extra-high ceilings, with 5.5m (18ft)

between floors, allow for the addition of mezzanines and other interstitial levels as the needs of occupants change.

The building features a three storey gym with a pool. The 5m high lettering can be seen from inside and outside of the complex

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