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Millennials are investing more in experiences versus physical things EXPERIENCE AND COMMUNITY

George Yabu, left, and Glenn Pushelberg, co-founders of Yabu Pushelberg

What millennials want

What they don’t want

● Experience

● Cable

● Social

● Cloche-style



sense of place


room service

● High

touch hospitality

● Business

● Free


● Big

● Docking ● Selfie



● Filtered


● Food

to go

● Value

for money

● Whimsical ● Juice



● Cocktail


● Places

to work out

● Room



“Hotelier Ian Schrager was the first to take the opportunity to make the bar a public area and the lobby more than just a place to gather to wait for friends,” says Khan. “Millennials want bigger and more varied communal spaces and they want big experiences and to be part of a community. As hoteliers, this is also an opportunity for us to bring in local audiences to the bar and provide a place for people to pop into after work.” Bedrooms must be non-uniform and quirky, but they don’t need to be massive. For Moxy, Khan says Marriott looked carefully at all the elements which were essential in a room and cut out the rest. For example, the closet has been replaced with an adaptable rail. “It has pushed us to another level of inventiveness,” she says. “We have asked what is really important. A good bed and a good shower, the lighting, somewhere to open the luggage. We don’t need the drapery or picture window. The location and being in a hub is more important than a sunrise or sunset. Millennials are happy with smaller bedrooms, but want bigger and more varied communal spaces: a larger bar, a library, a patio area.” Glenn Pushelberg, co-director of Yabu Pushelberg, who worked on the Moxy design, says all travellers want a room that feels comfortable and effortless, and where attention has been paid to the details, regardless of the room rate: “They are looking for hotel experiences which are less standardised, and reflect a sense of place and the local culture. People, millennials included, are investing more in experiences versus physical things. They are also looking for experiences which speak to them as individuals.”



● Check-in


● Formality ● Water

in plastic bottles

Moxy Times Square, where the focus is on attention to detail and the essential elements

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