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The building’s façade is made up of almost 2,500 precast concrete panels

For many of us involved in V&A Dundee it was the most complicated project we have ever worked on

How closely did you work with Kengo Kuma? I have worked closely with Kengo Kuma for 10 years – eight in his practice, in Tokyo and then in his Paris office – and then from London as a sub-consultant with, the practice I founded in 2016 with Maria-Chiara Piccinelli. My experience working with Kuma has always been very positive, both on a professional and personal level. I have learned a lot from my experience working with him, most importantly the ability to transform challenges into positive opportunities through design.

Can you tell us about the materials used in V&A Dundee? For the external façade we used an exposed in-situ dark concrete wall as background for the precast cladding panels which have a much lighter colour. During the early competition stage we looked at using a local stone, but this wasn’t available, and we decided to create a new panels is very rough; with the intention of creating variation and avoiding uniformity. It will also age naturally and beautifully. The almost 2,500 precast panels for the façade are all different as they need to adapt to the curvature of the background wall, and this was a major challenge. Together with our consultants and with the contractors, we needed to develop



material for the project The texture we designed for the façade

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