CLADmag issue4 2018

Page 34

The museum has exhibition spaces, a café and a reading room


Sandcastle-inspired Dune Museum opens on China’s Gold Coast


he Ullen Centre for Contemporary Art (UCCA)

extended to include a tidal causeway.

outside Beijing on China’s

This unique area – accessible only

Gold Coast, inspired by sandcastles.

at low tide – will link visitors to a

Located in the Aranya Gold Coast

semi-submerged “Sea Art Space”. In a statement, UCCA director

Sea, UCCA Dune is the region’s first

Philip Tinari said: “UCCA is

major contemporary art institution.

excited to move beyond its flagship

Designed by Li Hu and Huang

location in Beijing with a permanent

Wenjing of OPEN Architecture, UCCA

presence in this stunning building

Dune was created to evoke “children’s

in a gorgeous natural setting.

tireless digging in the sand”. It is

“We look forward to working

almost entirely covered by windswept

with great artists to show their

dunes and features a network of

work in this new context, and to

interconnected caves which house

offering our members and visitors

10 exhibition galleries, a café,

the chance for an unforgettable

reception area, and reading room.

art experience by the sea.”

The museum has been in the pipeline for three years


930 sq m, and in 2019 it will be

has opened a museum

Community on the shore of the Bohai


The building covers an area of