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Grimshaw Architects offer first look at the newest Eden Project

EPN will feature a number of mussel-shaped, seaside pavilions

ondon-based architecture

including lidos, performance halls,

as we are. We aim to reimagine

firm Grimshaw have unveiled

gardens and observatories.

what a seaside destination can offer,

renderings of Eden Project North (EPN), a marine-centred

with a world-class tourist attraction

The development is expected to mirror the success of the Eden Project

that is completely in tune with its

recreational complex and leisure

Cornwall, which – since opening

natural surroundings.”

attraction in Morecambe, UK.

in 2001 – has contributed £2bn

Conceptualised for environmental charity Eden Project

Highlighting the project’s potential to regenerate the area’s

(US$2.5bn, €2.2bn) to the economy.

economy, Eileen Blamire, leader of

Speaking on the announcement,

International, the new destination

Dave Harland, chief executive

Lancaster City Council, said: “It’s

will take the form of a series of

of Eden Project International,

now important that we get behind

mussel-shaped pavilions on the

said: “We’re incredibly proud to

Morecambe seafront.

present our vision for Eden Project

EPN will also feature a number

North and hope that the people of

of amenities and facilities which

Morecambe and the surrounding

are intended to enhance wellbeing,

area are as excited about it

We aim to reimagine what a seaside destination can offer Dave Harland


MVRDV complete work on Seoul’s Imprint theme park

Eden and give them our full backing to make their vision a reality.” The project’s developers were allocated £100,000 from the UK government earlier this year.

otterdam-based architectural firm MVRDV has completed construction on the Imprint, a two-building,

9,800-square-metre indoor theme


park and nightclub located less than a kilometre from Incheon Airport in Seoul, South Korea. Visually, the Imprint is a windowless structure comprising

Winy Maas, MVDRV’s co-founder,

Giorgio de Chirico would have liked to paint it, I think

these features were introduced in

Winy Maas

3,869 glass-fibre reinforced concrete panels. According to

order to create a façade that would imitate other buildings in the area. “By placing, as it were, surrounding buildings into the façades of

“This makes it as if the entrance is also illuminated at night by a

plaza,” said Maas, “we connect the

ray of sunlight,” Maas added..

The raised entrances further


by simulating drapery.

our buildings and in the central Imprint with the neighbours.” The Imprint forms part of Korean theme park Paradise City

they create an optical illusion

The Imprint is the most recent addition to Paradise City, an

accentuate the Imprint’s distorted

entertainment centre of hotels

appearance. Highlighted by

and attractions which MVRDV

splashes of golden paint,

took on as a project in 2016.

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