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The biggest news from the world of product design, from a ‘digital wonder wall’ robot to stylish lamps that can nourish green spaces

PHOTOS THIS PAGE: CARLO RATTI ASSOCIATI ● The writing’s on the digital wall: Scribit works on a two-axis plane and moves up and down on thin cables

Carlo Ratti’s ‘wonder wall’ robot could become reality with crowdfunding

Carlo Ratti Associatti has developed

diameter, it is covered in aluminium,

an intelligent robot capable of writing

with four different coloured marker

and drawing on vertical surfaces.

pens at its centre. It works on a two-axis

Called Scribit, the device allows users

plane and moves up and down on

to personalise any wall, transforming it

thin cables attached to the surface.

into a ‘wonder wall’, with customisable

and spend too much time of our

just five minutes, needing only two

non-sleeping time in front of one form

nails and a power point, and features

or another of digital screen - TV, desktop

patented technology that enables users

computers, laptops, tablets or phones. Do

to draw, erase and re-draw new content

we really want to add more screens to our

numerous times without damaging the

lives.” said Carlo Ratti, founding partner

surface. Controlled by an app, users

of Carlo Ratti Associati and director of

can upload content, or source it from

the MIT Senseable City Lab at MIT.

the internet. Its interactive software

Scribit is a robotic system that draws on any vertical surface, following a primordial act performed by humanity since our first cave grafitti Carlo Ratti


“We’re totally deluged with information,

digital content. It can be installed in

“Scribit offers up an alternative:

enables the device to replicate any kind

a robotic system that draws on any

of data - including notes, messages,

kind of vertical surface, following a

images and graphics - in real time. Once

primordial act performed by humanity

digital information is received by Scribit

since our first cave graffiti.”

it begins to replicate it immediately. The Scribit is circular in shape and measures 20cm x 8cm (7.9” x3”) in

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