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Hank Haeusler is researching how buildings can become responsive to behaviour

What happens if a space becomes a robot? Hank Haeusler professor, UNSW



ould the future of architecture lie in

According to UNSW Professor Hank

spaces that adapt to the behaviour

Haeusler, the Centaur Pod – named

of the people who use them?

after the mythological hybrid – will

A research project by

imitate robotic artificial intelligence (AI)

computational design students

by using a kind of memory process

at the University of New South

to analyse body movements. The

Wales in collaboration with Arup

sensory information acquired from

set out to answer that question.

these observations will stimulate the

The group have revealed the

Pod to rearrange its structure.

‘Centaur Pod’, an interactive meeting

Hausler told CLAD: “We’re interested in

room which – when completed – will

the ideas: How will technology change the

have the protean ability to learn from

way cities and buildings will be designed,

and adapt to external stimuli.

operated, and constructed? What

Arup, which has been in talks with UNSW researchers since 2017, took

happens if a space becomes a robot?” The professor suggested that

on the project to simultaneously

his colleagues’ findings could have

explore three interrelated domains:

wider applications, telling us: “The

machine learning artificial intelligence

research we’re doing with Arup could

(AI), augmented reality (AR) and virtual

probably lead into commercial or

reality (VR), and digital fabrication.

residential applications quite easily.”

CLAD mag 2018 ISSUE 4