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JOSÉ ALMIÑANA Established 30 years ago, Philadelphia-based landscape architect

practice Andropogon prides itself on pushing boundaries. Principal José Almiñana tells Kath Hudson more about their approach


ounded in the early 1980s

incorporating green strategies

by two couples – Carol

which have stood the test of

and Colin Franklin and

time. Last year the firm was

Lesley and Rolf Sauer –

awarded the 2018 Landscape

Andropogon set out to

Architecture Firm Award,

push the boundaries of

the highest honour which the

the profession for the benefit of

American Society of Landscape

both humans and nature, talking

Architects can bestow on a firm.

about issues such as ecology

As the firm takes on a range

and sustainability before these

of new projects, we talk to

became common considerations.

principal José Almiñana about

Over the years they have

creating landscapes, dealing

worked both in the US and

with dramatically shifting

internationally to create a

environments and the benefits

strong portfolio of work,

of a diverse workforce.

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