CLADmag issue2 2019

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RIVER RETREAT Following a three year renovation project and the addition of a Floating Spa, YTL has launched the long awaited Monkey Island Estate on the Thames


onkey Island Estate has opened

The island is thought to get its name from the

in Bray-on-Thames, England.

monks that settled there in the 12th century.

Part of the YTL Group, the

Charles Spencer, the 3rd Duke of Malborough,

historic estate is set across

bought the land in 1723 to create an angling

seven acres on an island with

retreat, and commissioned two buildings from

a rich history dating back 800

architect Robert Morris; a Fishing Temple and a

years. The hotel consists of 41 bedrooms

two storey Fishing Pavilion. By 1840, the pavilion

and suites, designed by New York-based

had become an inn; over the years the estate

Champalimaud Design. Champalimaud have

hosted famous guests including Edward VII,

created a ‘contemporary, English country

HG Wells, Siegfried Sassoon and Edward Elgar.

house feel’, with custom furnishings and rooms

The island was bought by YTL Hotels in

with views over the Thames. It also features a

2015 after the late YTL founder Yeoh Tiong

Floating Spa on a bespoke crafted barge.

Lay visited and fell in love with the property.

The 18th century property has been carefully restored and renovated


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