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rchitect Madeleine Kessler and artist Manijeh Verghese have been chosen by the British

Council to represent the UK at

the 17th Venice architecture biennale. Kessler and Verghese’s winning

concept for the British Pavilion is called The Garden of Privatised

Delights and explores the creeping epidemic of privatised public

spaces across cities in the UK.

According to the curators, the project

was inspired by Hieronymus Bosch’s The

Garden of Earthly Delights, and explores how public spaces in the UK including

playgrounds and high streets are under threat from increasing privatisation. The

We hope to widen access to who participates in the discussion around privatised public space Madeleine Kessler associate architect, Haptic Architecture and founder, mnm Manijeh Verghese designer, curator and architecture tutor PHOTO: CHRISTIANO CORTE

exhibition will engage in the current

debate around ownership and access to what we perceive as public space.

Kessler and Verghese will transform the

British Pavilion into a series of immersive

spaces, presenting both a critique of how they are currently used while providing ideas to give the public more control and ownership of public spaces. “We will be working with an

experienced team of architects and designers who are at the forefront of research and practice on this

subject,” said Kessler and Verghese.

“We hope to widen access not only to

the Biennale but also to who participates in the discussion around privatised-

public space. It is our hope that through the research, design and legacy of the project, we can begin to imagine all

public spaces as Gardens of Delight.’ Madeleine Kessler is an associate

architect at Haptic Architects

and co founder of Studio mnm.

Manijeh Verghese is a designer,

curator and architecture tutor. ●

Manijeh Verghese (left) and Madeleine Kessler will represent the UK


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