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The portals capture this transcendental moment Asif Khan Architect PROJECT Expo Entry Gateways, Dubai


hree huge entry gateways

for Expo 2020 Dubai, designed

by Asif Khan, will welcome visitors onto the site from 20 October, with a futuristic exploration

of the traditional mashrabiya.

Mashrabiyas are a type of decorative,

projecting window often used to control light and airflow that are

typically found in Arabic residences. Khan's Expo Entry Portals, which

are part of his wider work on the

Expo's public realm, are said to be

inspired by the aesthetic of the region and are the result of a three-year iterative design process working with a specialist manufacturer.

The self-supporting portals are woven

entirely from strands of ultra-lightweight carbon fibre composite, the strength

of which allows for dimensions of 21m (69ft) high and 30m (98ft) long.

The woven composition of the

structures only becomes apparent

in close proximity, while from further away it is suggested they appear to

be composed of translucent panels.

Its geometric pattern provides not

only structural strength but also material Khan is also working on the new Museum of London and Tselinny Centre of Contemporary Culture in Almaty


1 2020

efficiency, wind permeability, shading and also speed of manufacturing.

The portals feature two large doors

each measuring 21m (69ft) high and 10m (34ft) wide that will open every morning

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CLADmag issue1 2020