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Marianne Shillingford Used cleverly, the right paint can encourage the users of our spaces to relax, socialise, be more active and sleep better, the creative director of Dulux tells Stu Robarts


s the creative director for Dulux in the UK, Marianne Shillingford is an authority on the power of colour, but her focus is often on the way

The technology involved in paint is extraordinary

it can make us feel and behave as much as the aesthetic value of different colour schemes. “A lot of our research is about creating palettes of colours and working with lighting designers, flooring designers and architects on paint design and product design to create palettes of colours that really enhance wellbeing,” she says. “Wellbeing can be about having somewhere where you get a chance to be comfortable and de-stress – so those kinds of colours can be soft and soothing – but it can also be about

Dulux has created a

colours that invite people to get together

range of colour palettes

and chat, or about re-energising colours.”

for different sectors

Much of the work carried out by Shillingford and her team at Dulux involves designing palettes and recommending

She explains: “In the sports and fitness

products for different sectors based

category, it’s key to have durable surfaces

on what the desired outcome is, rather

for heavy wear and a colour scheme that

than just the desired aesthetic.

helps to enhance and promote energy levels in different workout spaces – to

and respond in a space,” she says. “This

motivate and stimulate in the gym and

occupant-centred approach to designing

to calm and relax in the yoga studio.

colours and products gives professionals a

“In a hotel, the needs will be a little different, although durability will be key and

team work closely with designers and architects

“Our paints and coatings contain different

establish a unique look and feel, to stimulate

technologies that suit the demands of specific

appetite in the restaurant, relaxation in the

projects and surfaces. They provide a range

lounge areas and restful sleep in bedrooms.”

of sustainable solutions like super durability that increases the decorating lifecycle and

properties chosen based on sectors, they

saves costs on maintenance, high light

are specifically created for them. “Each of

reflectance that saves energy and enhances

our colour ranges has been designed with

the appearance of space, and thermal

specific sectors in mind from education

properties that help to reduce heating costs.

to leisure, with a richness of research that can positively affect how people feel

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are much more than beautiful and practical.

the aesthetic will be working much harder to

Not only are colour palettes and paint

Shillingford and her

hugely valuable tool in creating spaces that

“The technology involved in paint is extraordinary. It’s a smart product now.” l

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