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We were set the target of building one of the five best stadiums in the world Antonio Cruz co-founder Cruz y Ortiz


he striking new home for Spanish

new to help the club take another step

football side Atletico Madrid has

forward. At this moment, Atletico are already

hosted its first match – a 1-0 win

one of the top teams in Europe, and this

over La Liga side Malaga.

stadium can take them to the very top.” Cruz said the biggest challenge was unifying

The club invested a reported €300m

(US$360m, £265m) on the 68,000 capacity

the existing elements of the Estadio Olímpico

Wanda Metropolitano, replacing the Vicente

structure with the newly constructed ones.

Calderón Stadium – its home of over 50 years.

“Our answer was to cover it with a new roof,”

Spanish architecture practice Cruz y Ortiz

he said. “It brings everything together as one

were responsible for the project. Rather than

building. We’ve adopted a new technique never

building a new stadium from scratch, they

used before to make a canopy membrane – using

were tasked with renovating and expanding

an exterior steel and double height compression

the existing Estadio Olímpico de Madrid – a

ring, an interior traction ring and two sets of radial

20,000-seat athletics venue built in 1994.

cables. It’s the most innovative part of this project.”

Parts of the original concrete stand have been

The open tensile structure, built by

incorporated into the new stadium, with much of

construction firm FCC, weighs around

the remainder demolished in order for new stands

6,336 tons, and the membrane occupies

to be added, more than trebling the capacity.

a surface area of 83,053sq m.

“Our aim was not to recreate the famous

Advanced technology has also been

atmosphere or appearance of the Calderón,”

integrated into the new stadium, including

the studio’s co-founder Antonio Cruz told CLAD. “This was a new proposition, and our responsibility was to find something


Wanda Metropolitano, Madrid

three jumbo screens, a videomapping facade on the exterior of the stadium, and 1,200 wifi elements to ensure easy internet access.

The stadium’s canopy membrane roof is an innovative new feature


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