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Red Light Rising was founded in 2017

when James Strong and Bryan Gohl first experienced the powerful benefits of red light therapy and knew it needed to be shared with those that value health over everything. Red Light Rising brings superior red light therapy devices to professionals in all areas of health and wellness sector.

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The benefits of red light therapy are far reaching and include supporting the immune system, enhanced sports performance and recovery, reduction in joint pain, improved sleep, increase in natural anti inflammatories, improved collagen production and skin health, hormone optimisation, increased cellular energy and MUCH MORE!


8 - 16 MINUTES

Red light therapy is a non invasive, 100%

safe, zero touch therapy. With the Advan-

tage Series from Red Light Rising, treatment times are very efficient from 8 - 16 minutes only, depending on product choice. Red light therapy adds tremendous value for businesses by offering a scientifically



which can be offered as a supplement onto almost any other existing therapy or treatment.

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value and profit to your business, please contact Bryan on

Red Light Rising is proud to offer the ALL NEW Advantage Series devices for commercial installations. The Advantage Series consists of single units which can be connected together to form full body panels. Options include fitting full body panels permanently onto a wall, fixing lights on a mobile stand or horizontal stand for use over beds.