Attractions Management 2 August 2021

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The Crown of Corelia Dining Room (left). Guests can try using a lightsaber


for the stars Dreamed up by fans and conceived by Disney imagineers, the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser will offer visitors the chance to live out their own Star Wars fantasies. Magali Robathan takes a look at what to expect


ue to open in 2022, the Star Wars:

take part in a multi-day, interactive story that will

see guests become the heroes of

see them interacting with crew members, other

their own Star Wars adventures

passengers and Star Wars characters, including

during an immersive, two-night experience.

the starcruiser’s charismatic captain, the ship’s

Their adventure will begin with a check-in at a

dedicated terminal at Walt Disney World, where

mechanic and heroes of the Resistance. Activities will include visiting the Starcruiser’s

they’ll enter a ‘Launch Pod’ which blasts them

Bridge to learn about how to navigate its systems,

off into space. They’ll watch the Earth getting

learning the “ancient ways of the lightsaber”

smaller and smaller as they enter hyperspace

and “facing off against a training remote.”

and approach the Halcyon starcruiser. When the


During their time on the Starcruiser, guests will

Galactic Starcruiser hotel will

They’ll be served meals in the Crown of Corellia

Launch Pod docks and the airlock opens, they’ll

Dining Room, which will offer “a lavish multi-

enter the ship’s main deck and begin their journey.

course menu of otherworldly and familiar origins.” AUGUST 2021

Photo: Disney/LucasfilmTM

Photo: Disney/LucasfilmTM