Attractions Management 2 August 2021

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What lessons can we take forward to a post COVID-future?

Capacity challenges T Visitor attraction

operators around the

world are balancing the need to keep visitors safe and comply with social distancing measures while maximising revenue and offering a great experience. We find out how they’re rising to the challenge

he need to optimise capacity in the age of social distancing is something many

visitor attraction operators are grappling with right now, with this challenge not

looking likely to go away any time soon.

Whether they’re having to comply with social

distancing regulations or just ensure anxious visitors

feel safe when out and about, operators are having to think about maximising revenue while often having to limit numbers of people in their attractions. This capacity may be different indoors and outdoors and by attraction type and location, adding another level of complexity when it comes to management. Some operators are employing technology to help spread visitors out around their attractions, others are opening up new outdoor areas, and some have decided to offer a premium, higher-priced offer to control volumes. What have been the most successful approaches, and what lessons can be taken forward to a post-COVID future? Magali Robathan speaks to the experts to find out.

32 AUGUST 2021