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Today’s Children, Tomorrow’s Future “Youth are not vessels to be filled, but fires to be lit.” If attractions can actively engage and nuture younger visitors, the future of our tomorrow will be brighter


hildren of today are the future of tomorrow’s

By fostering channels of communication with young people in

world. If we can inspire their naturally

decision-making processes, science centres and museums can

inquiring young minds and empower them

trigger and reinforce this keen interest in STEAM. By listening

to solve problems as resourceful and

to young people’s opinions on educational activities, exhibition

creative thinkers, we’ll be equipping them with the

design and apps, as well as F&B and retail offerings, we can

tools to succeed – playing, living and working in our

better appreciate and then engage their mindset. This will not only

technology-driven digitalised global economy.

establish a strong, independent generation of STEAM enthusiasts,

The growing skills gap in STEAM must be tackled. Raising the standard of informal non-gender biased

but also more engaged visitors who beg their parents to visit a science attraction, rather than the other way around.

STEAM education to bridge the curriculum gap

But it’s not all about technology. We also need to empower

is a major contribution our sector can deliver to

young people to make sound choices for a sustainable future.

establish a future workforce keen on STEAM, chiefly,

By encouraging play and education in natural outdoor settings,

engineering – the nuts and bolts of our future age.

zoos and aquariums can also do their bit to strengthen family

This foresight will pay dividends for an industry

and community relations while enhancing our health and

ever-more reliant on VR, AR, AI, robotics and drones.

well being. Intrepid initiatives today will help to breed a new

The desire of our tech-savy audiences for the

generation of conservationists committed to ensuring that rhinos

next best immersive digital attraction, deeper

roam safely in the wild on our precious blue planet tomorrow.

personalisation and more bespoke offerings cry out for the inventive ideas of engineers specialising in electronics, audio, visual and lighting.

Helen Patenall, editor, Attractions Management Handbook helenpatenall@leisuremedia.com

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