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ProSlide worked on the Alpamare Scarborough waterpark in the UK

Alice Davis asked waterpark suppliers to look into the future and tell us the trends and themes they envision for the sector


We’re seeing trends in Europe for the bigger, better, faster, higher and more exhilarating experiences

LARS LENDERS VP business development Europe In some ways, the waterparks in Europe have not evolved and innovated as much as their US counterparts over the past 20 years, but now new and existing waterparks are trying to differentiate themselves as the market becomes more densely populated. They’re looking for one-of-a-kind water rides that not only create capacity and the wow factor, but also are a marketing and communication tool for being the “first” in the region, country, or in Europe.

We just opened Alpamare Scarborough, an indoor waterpark in the UK – an example of a trend for more immersive environments. Center Parcs Woburn offers immersive, authentic surroundings, while Belgium’s Plopsaqua combines IP with a highly themed experience. People also want to share experiences as a family or a group of friends, so our


rides shaped like four-leaf clovers and double tubes, where everyone faces each other, are popular. Now guests can get videos of their ride experience and post it on social media. That’s an interesting trend because the operator can use guest data to start building up a conversation. And, social media is instant marketing for parks. ■

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