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Antonio Zamperla Spa via Monte Grappa 15/17, Altavilla Vicentina, Vicenza, 36077, Italy

Tel: +39 0444 998400 Email: zamperla@zamperla.it Twitter: @zamperlspa Facebook: www.facebook.com/Antonio.Zamperla.SpA LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/AntonioZamperlaSpa

Alberto Zamperla, CEO – President


Background Founded in 1967, the Antonio Zamperla SPA, is privately owned by Mr. Alberto Zamperla. Located in Vicenza, Italy, the headquarters are supported by many Zamperla subsidiaries around the globe.

Main products and services Zamperla offers a broad range of rides. Providing entertaining amusement for high adrenaline thrill seekers as well as families and children. With an in house creative and engineering departments, Zamperla’s possibilities and capabilities are limitless. Thunderbolt, the latest thrill coaster made by Zamperla

Additional products Zamperla new ‘Maintenance Course’ can be attended by all maintenance professionals within the amusement industry. Designed to improve the level of after sales personnel, by empowering all participants with the knowledge and capability of preventing and assisting parks turning maintenance costs into an investment while at the same time bringing clear economical advantages to owners.

USPs Zamperla’s ability lays within the capability and expertise of combining all aspects: from early design concepts to finished products and after sales. Due to it’s innovative


creative designs, cutting edge technology and highly trained after sale personnel, Zamperla is your one-stop-shop.

Key customers With a strong presence in all major parks and in some of the most remote and challenging areas OF the world , such as North Korea and Iraq, the company today prides itself with a world wide distribution with installations in all major parks around the globe.

WindstarZ, Super Swing and New Endeavour. The Super Swing, a larger version of Zamperla’s beloved Happy Swing, and the New Endeavour, innovative and thrilling new ride, have joined the rest of the Made in Italy attractions already present in the world renown amusement park of Coney Island. The WindstarZ, a brand new concept ride, made its first debut at Luna Park over the summer and will be the guest of honor at Zamperla’s booth at IAAPA 2015.

2015/16 trade shows Plans for 2015/16 Three brand new rides have made their debut at Luna Park in Coney Island this year:

IAAPA Expo; Asian Attractions Expo; Euro Attractions Show; DEAL Dubai; RAAPA and some other. ATTRACTIONS HANDBOOK 2015-2016 197

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Attractions Handbook 2015-2016  

Attractions Handbook 2015-2016