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Castaway with nWave

Animatronic penguins

Film distribution firm nWave has released its latest 3D/4D attraction film, Robinson Crusoe 4D. The 13-minute 4D animation is based on nWave Studio’s upcoming feature film about the famous island castaway. US distribution rights to market and distribute Robinson Crusoe 3D, which was released this year as The Wild Life, were acquired by Lionsgate, to follow StudioCanal’s European roll out. Keyword: nWave

Sally Corporation has launched a lifesized animated show in the Ice Palace Theatre at Chimelong’s Penguin Hotel. The show is performed by 16 life-size animatronic penguins on a fanciful stage of glistening ice nestled in the corner of the Emperor Penguin restaurant in Chimelong’s all new Penguin Hotel in China. The penguins sing and dance to originally composed music and lyrics and each penguin wears a customdesigned and constructed costume specially made for this production.

Holovis has presented the world’s first realtime interactive game solution in a 3D dome, combining immersive visuals and a highly compelling storyline with perfectly synced motion and interaction for a next-gen dark ride-style experience. The company is using the technology to showcase the latest game from the Holovis Dome Rider series, Crimson Wing – a fast-paced, space-age adventure.

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Gaming in 3D dome

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Attractions Management Handbook 2016-2017