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DEVELOPMENT PIPELINE A sector-by-sector summary of some of the most significant attractions being developed around the world PHOTO: © ZEITGEIST DESIGN

“MNC” Theme Park Jakarta, Indonesia Opening: TBC

Zeitgeist Design + Production has incorporated the theme park’s natural surroundings 14


Themed entertainment specialists Zeitgeist Design + Production (ZD+P) have promised Indonesia’s first worldclass theme park, using a combination of a dramatic natural setting and cuttingedge technology to create a “Narnia-like” immersive experience. The US$500m (€464.5m, £331.5m) development near Jakarta is the brainchild of the Media Nusantara Citra Group (MNC), which operates a media network accounting for around 70 per cent of television broadcasts in Southeast Asia. MNC is planning to use the park’s original IPs in its own programming, as the concept reverses the trend seen in most major theme parks of using top-rate IPs to attract visitors. In addition to using distinctive design and architecture in each of the park’s regions to create an immersive experience, a number of interactive experiences will be available via smartphone, augmented reality and gaming throughout the park.  Harmon revealed that the park will comprise a mix of thrill rides, family rides, live entertainment shows and media-based attractions which currently do not exist in the region. In addition, a flying theatre show, a signature rollercoaster, a stunt show, two family hotels and a retail/ entertainment hub are also in the works. ■■

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