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CALE HEIT With two newly opened rides at Motiongate Dubai and a raft of exciting projects in development, FORREC is riding the wave of a pent up demand for shared experiences, says its CEO


hen Cale Heit took over as CEO of global entertainment design

We see a pent-up demand for transformational

firm FORREC in 2017,

experiences connecting us all. Socialisation and

he’d already been

shared experiences with family and friends among

working for the company for 25 years. Heit

larger crowds are paramount to who we are as

joined as a landscape architect in 1993

human beings. Experiences that allow for these

and worked his way up through the ranks

interactions are critical as a shared community.

to lead the theme parks business, before

We feel whole when we have opportunities to

taking the helm from former president and

share joy, be in awe, learn, laugh, and cry.

CEO Gordon Dorrett five years ago. 2022 has seen the opening of two new

We continue to hear the question regarding online versus in-person experiences. Why

FORREC-designed attractions at Motiongate

debate when I ask, “why can’t there be both?”

Dubai’s expanded Lionsgate Zone: the John

Better integration of these two will lead to

Wick Open Contract 4D free-spin rollercoaster

more immersive and repeatable experiences.

and Now You See Me: High Roller spinning

The online experience has jumped years ahead

rollercoaster. Last year’s projects included the

since the pandemic started. This includes how

opening of the Niagara Parks Power Station as an

we live, work and play. There’s no going back, but

immersive tourist attraction – FORREC worked

rather moving forward with how we combine the

closely with the client team to repurpose the

new way of meeting our needs. The possibilities

hydroelectric power plant as an attraction. As part

of increasing connections through in-person

of this ongoing project, Thinkwell Group created

and online engagements can’t be overlooked.

an immersive light show and Science North the

However, opportunities to be in the moment

exhibit design – both opened in January 2022.

is something we continue to be challenged to

Further experiences will launch this summer.

deliver and this has been exacerbated by the

Here, Cale Heit shares his insights with Attractions Management.


What trends do you see emerging in the attractions industry? Vol 27 / ISSUE 1

lines of life and work being blurred as we move towards a more flexible work environment.