Attractions Management Issue 1 2020

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Lauren Heath-Jones, products editor, Attractions Management


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●●●New galleries tell the story of the Empire State Building and its impact on pop-culture over the last 90 years

Callum Cooper on Empire State Building’s new permanent exhibition


reative digital studio Squint/ Opera has completed the final phase of a permanent immersive digital exhibition at the Empire State Building. Part of the iconic New York building’s reimagined Observatory Experience, the exhibit spans more than 35,000sq ft (3,250sq m) and features large scale projection-mapped displays and single-use virtual viewers. The experience was developed in partnership with design firm Thinc and audio studio


Antfood, with Squint/Opera creating digital elements for more than 40 exhibits. Using photography combined with 3D models, historic footage and visual effects, the immersive experience allows visitors to step into historic street scenes and scenes featuring the construction of the iconic New York City landmark. A VR animated film featuring King Kong allows guests to watch as the giant gorilla climbs the Empire State Building. As part of the experience, guests can

climb into Kong’s hand, which rumbles in sync with his roars. “The Empire State Building’s Observatory Experience exhibition was ambitious from start to finish,” said Squint/Opera director Callum Cooper. “It gave our creatives the opportunity to collaborate with historians and top film talent to create an experience which brings together the physical and the digital.” ●●●Callum Cooper, Squint/Opera

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