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turkey breaks ground in Istanbul on europe’s largest science centre Ground has been broken in

Keep calm, turn 30, and keep pushing boundaries Mikko Myllykoski, chair of the Ecsite Annual Conference Programme Committee (ACPC)

Turkey on what is expected to become the largest science centre in Europe, attracting upward of 30 million visitors per year.

The European

Turkish president Recep

science centre

Tayyip Erdogan attended the

movement took

groundbreaking ceremony

a remarkable

at the historic 15th Century

step in

Haliç Tersanesi (Golden Horn

January 1989

shipyard) in Istanbul. The

■■The development will create

by founding

Tersane Istanbul project will

around 15,000 new jobs

a collaborative

feature three museums –

organisation, Ecsite.

including the first museum

the project, which is expected

dedicated to women in

to open in November 2020.

Turkey – as well as hotels,

increase the brand value of

facilities, offices and a

Istanbul, it will also make

mosque in an area of

a positive contribution to

238,000sq m (781,000sq ft).

Turkey’s tourism revenue,"

DP Architects is the

celebrate Ecsite's undeniable

"The project will not only

retail stores, entertainment

appointed design architect for

As our network turns 30 this year, we can look back and

said the President. More: http://lei.sr/v4P6r_T

quantitative and qualitative

This project will make a positive contribution to Turkey’s tourism recep tayyip erdogan

growth. A handful of science centres started a process that now involves hundreds of very diverse science engagement organisations and thousands of professionals who touch the minds and hearts of millions of people every year


in Europe and beyond.

Frost Science and University of Miami collaborate on new scientific exhibition space

Ecsite is inviting you to Copenhagen this June to celebrate the 30th edition of its annual conference. On this anniversary edition a lot of

A new gallery and science

of both institutions in the

the programme will be looking

experience that animates

field of informal science

ahead, not back. We will explore

scientific processes through

communication. The

how to widen and deepen

a hands-on mix of objects,

6,000sq ft (1,828sq m)

visitor participation, ask what

digital media and interaction

gallery will showcase the

are the new tools and methods

is to be added to the Phillip

university’s cutting-edge

we need to invent, who are the

and Patricia Frost Museum

research science.

new partners we need and how

of Science in Miami, US, with

This exhibition space will have a major impact on our institution Frank Steslow



"This exhibition space

do we make the most of our

its opening scheduled to

will have a major impact

field's legacy while constantly

happen by the end of 2019.

on our institution," said

re-inventing ourselves?

Frost Science president and

The theme of the

made possible by a US$10m

CEO, Frank Steslow. "It will

conference, 'Pushing

grant from the University of

inspire future STEM leaders

Boundaries', has been the

Miami, which is to be directed

and allow our guests direct

leading star of the science

towards the development

access to rich scientific

engagement movement all

of experiences that will

research programmes."

along; otherwise we would not

advance the prominence

More: http://lei.sr/K3W7b_T

be thriving and celebrating.

The project has been

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Attractions Management Issue 1 2019  

Attractions Management is the magazine and online community for decision-makers in the global attractions industry

Attractions Management Issue 1 2019  

Attractions Management is the magazine and online community for decision-makers in the global attractions industry