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David Pearl is the artistic director of Impropera

It’s a combination of a music concert, comedy show and a Night at the Museum experience David Pearl artistic director, Impropera


Over the years, Impropera has performed in the UK, Europe and the Middle East 18

ith an improvising company it’s not about commissioning work and dramaturgy because, well, it’s all made up,” says David Pearl, artistic director at Impropera – an operatic improvisation group he co-founded in 2000. “It’s about developing and sustaining the ensemble over time, creating the conditions where people feel secure to take the kind of risks that improvising opera on the spot entails.” For the past few years, Pearl has been running Muso, where his troupe of singers and musicians delivers an improvised 75-minute performance to a small audience in an intimate museum setting. With tickets costing from £5 to £10, the performance involves the cast taking the audience on an exploration of the museum, telling stories about certain artefacts and treasures from the collection. The players interact with the audience, inviting them to share their ideas and ask questions. AM 1 2018 ©Cybertrek 2018