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Foreword Introduction

Writing this magazine has been an absolute pleasure to us five International Leisure Management students from the NHL Stenden University. This assignment gave us the chance to do our own research and explore places and organizations to find cool, innovative and future-proof organizations, which will be presented in this magazine. We have chosen six sectors within the leisure industry: Sport, Arts & Culture, Nature & Recreation, Events, Media and Tourism. We have discovered two organizations for each sector, which we think meet the criteria.


This project was given to us by ETFI, who we would like to thank at this point for this amazing experience and the chance to explore the different sectors in more detail.

INTRODUCTION The leisure industry is very broad and consists of multiple sub-sectors of which almost all of the included sectors are interconnected. Since the leisure activity is also growing, the options of organizations and activities for an individual seem to be endless. The aim of this magazine is to provide a deeper insight for external leisure managers in the different sectors of leisure industry and to offer a better understanding of the visions of the chosen organizations. We show how they can add value to the society and why they are ‘cool‘ to us. With this, they can discover innovative organizations and get inspired by some of the cool ideas to implement in their own work field. This magazine is created in collaboration with ETFI, the European Tourism Futures Institute. It is one of the top institutes in Europe for future studies.

Additionally, they also plan scenarios for companies within the leisure and tourism industry. ETFI often works with cool hunters which is why this magazine was created. They want organizations and companies to become future-proof with their activities, to innovate within their sector and to add value to the society. For this magazine, six different sectors from the leisure industry have been chosen to present cool organizations or innovations. These sectors are Event, Nature & Recreation, Tourism, Arts & Culture, Media and Sports. We will depicture two organizations/companies per sector which we think have turned their sector on its head and provide value to their customers. The criterias for this study are the appeal, inspiration and future-proofness of each innovation.


To be able to acknowledge cool innovations, we went out on a hunt for cool things ourselves in Rotterdam. Furthermore, this magazine will also illustrate the theory of Coolhunting and why it is so important to the future of leisure.

CONTENTS pg. 9 EVENT Hurricane/Southside Festival & Carnival in Europe

pg. 13 NATURE & RECREATION Ayahuasca & Into the wild

pg. 17 TOURISM Contiki &

pg. 21 ARTS & CULTURE Markethal & Boredpanda

pg. 25 MEDIA Artstation & Artificial Intelligence

SPORT Healthy Fest 2018 & NextVR Inc.


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COOLHUNTING Literature research Reebok, Adidas, Nike, Coca-Cola, Levi's, Converse and Nokia are only a few brands, which evolved out of a way of coolhunting. All those brands can be described as either new and cool or had been much appreciated for their way of redefining another product. For over centuries new ideas had developed and trends been followed. In the article “Coolhunting with Aristotle”, Nick Southgate even dates to Aristoteles. Onepart Southgate found, when researching the writings of Aristoteles was the quote “we must not lack courage, for this would make us cowards, nor have too much courage, which would make us foolhardy”. In his opinion that is the first approach for coolhunting. Cool is when making preceptive decisions or finding sharp initiatives. Peter Gloor & Scott Cooper published a book about Coolhunting with more detailed definitions. A first step is the definition of cool. In their opinion cool is not only about fun, but also about to make the world a better place and enrich it. Additionally, there are many details on how to become a “Coolhunter”. The most important here to mention is to observe and look around in your environment with an open mind, out of the frame and regardless all norms. The little extra of a new idea, is the main element which needs to be discovered.

When starting to work on this magazine, it soon became obvious that the chosen companies are mostly not based in Rotterdam. The cool companies are rather connected to personal experiences and interests. The main meaning of this magazine is to present initiatives, which we all think are cool, living up to new trends and sustainability. We want to inform Leisure Manager about new possibilities, inventive technology and creative solutions for their sector in the Leisure Industry.


All those definitions and explanations gave us the opportunity to do our own research experience. Within our city trip to Rotterdam we kept an open mind all the time and observed our surroundings carefully. It was obvious for us that we need to be observative and make ourselves available for cool ideas.

The preparation for this trip was rather small. We did little research about sightseeing and also asked friends about cool places to go to. As a result, it can be said though that the trip was therefore even more productive. When walking though the city, we had the possibility to do so without any preconceptions. Concluded it can be said, that is how we achieved the best outcome for our group. We got inspired from the rich offers in this city and especially the Market hall surprised us enormously.

Our chosen sectors Event Events have always been central to our culture. It seems that it is traditional to mark important events in our lives. This is called an event as soon as the gathering is organized by professionals and aimed to achieve a certain objective for a specific target group: Visitors access the event with an entering behavior and leave it with an existing behavior. This change or the purpose of the events can be the celebration, entertainment or enrichment of its guests.

Tourism The definition of tourism sounds the following: "the commercial organization and operation of holidays and visits to places of interest." This is exactly what these two organizations, Contiki and, do. They organize the perfect holidays for you! Contiki is based on the travel lust of the younger generation and their need to explore the world. yet plays on the need for adventure, experience and surprise effect, that keeps people interested.

Arts&Culture are broad terms which put together create a homogenous and complex sector, its deistinctive feature being the uniqueness of its products. The sector defines all forms of expression of creativity and imagination which have meaning and value behind them. Since the technological growth, Arts&Culture have been flooded with innovative trends, which resulted in new art styles and crossovers with other Leisure Sectors.


Arts and Culture

Nature and recreation Nature and recreation are one of the most important factors nowadays. Especially now when the world is getting crazier every day, people have to find their own way to peace and joy. Mostly 40% of new trends concentrate on the nature and recreation sector, which is why new and innovative ideas gather every day.

Media The Media Sector includes all means of mass communication, making it incredibly diverse and broad. It is continuously expanding, requiring innovative and future-proof initiatives, which is why so many individual feel drawn to this sector. Trends emerge constantly and the fast-paced growth of the sector creates excitement among the public, offering endless possibilities for innovative ideas to flower.

Since nearly ever, sport has been a part of everyone’s lifestyle, culture and freetime. Already for a while now, the competition in the industry and the expectation from the customer had increased enormously. This is especially because of the trends in technology, the higher age of the population and the recognition of the government for its importance. Research proved that the sports sector has increased by nearly 60%.




Rotterdam with its intriguing architecture, beautiful port, and charming cultural attributes, led us to choose Rotterdam as our Coolhunting destination. We went there without any research and plans, allowing the city to surprise us, which it did! Upon our arrival, after a gorgeous sunrise drive there, we walked along the water for about 1 km to reach the Erasmus bridge. We immediately fell in love with its diverse architecture. We then decided to make our way to the city center, following the signs. We stumbled across an authentic boutique store, where we spotted a tattoo parlor across the road. We spoke to the owner of the boutique store, getting recommendations as to where we should go, do and explore. He immediately informed us of exciting adventures throughout the day. He also told us about the tattoo artist across from him, who was apparently very talented. We got very excited and made our way across the road, where we spent the next three hours. We found his art that he had displayed in the store very captivating, that we all decided to get a tattoo as a memory of our stay there. Due to the lack of time and increase in hunger, we went to the Markethal to get some lunch. There we were once again amazed by the great variety of choices we had. We found this to be really inspiring since we had never seen a market as beautifully designed as the Markethal in Rotterdam. COOLHUNTING | PAGEÂ 7

With food of all nationalities, art displayed across the entire roof and the spotlight of the hall on another architectural landmark of Rotterdam. Even though we cannot tell you about all the fascinating assets we visited in Rotterdam, yet we do recommend you to take a look yourself and do your own Coolhunting trip there. Although we only chose one organisation from Rotterdam, we still found it contributed greatly to further research.





The festival is always at the end of June which is the usual festival season in Germany. It is attractive to go there because it normally means that the weather is good enough to have a great time with friends and to enjoy the music. There are also a lot of different categories when it comes to camping from normal camping in a tent to "GrĂźner Wohnen", a sustainable area, and camping specifically for disabled people. Everyone is able to take part in this unique experience.


Hurricane/Southside is a sister festival in the North and the South of Germany which is usually at the end of June every year. It promotes internationally successful artists, newcomers and popular German acts. The headliners this year are Billy Talent, The Prodigy, Arctic Monkeys and Arcade Fire. More than 130.000 visitors travel from all over Europe to participate in the camping festival each year. The music differs from rock, pop to alternative and electro which attracts a lot of different people, not only Germans but also Scandinavians, Dutch people and Italians.

The festival is not only about discovering new music and having a great time with friends but its mission it also to raise awareness for sustainability and to corporate with local organisations for people in need. Additionally, it also promotes newcomers to showcase their music and some of the newcomers have become the headliners of the festival a few years after their first performance.

Festivals have always been a part of every summer and with the visitor growth in each year, it definitely still is future proof. It does not only attract visitors from Germany but the recent years have shown that also a lot more Scandinavians, Austrian and Dutch people have been joining the festival. The organisers have also been able to attract different headliners so that every visitor can find something to their taste.

"The Hurricane-Festival is great every year! Amazing people, amazing bands; super atmosphere! Everybody just wants to party and have fun! I'm usually there alone; but never lonely because of all the people...! Addiction: one-time Hurricane, always Hurricane "

The project is called "Verwenden statt verschwenden" which means that you can leave the food you won't finish at a stand and someone else can use it for their dinner - Food that won't be picked up before Sunday will be donated to organizations of homeless people in the region. The festival does not only support homeless people but also other people in need as it has a cooperation with Hanseatic Help which is an organization that gives any camping supply that people leave at the festival to people in need. Last year over 300 tents and 200 sleeping bags were given to people in need.


A lot of different motives evolve around this festival. The various projects are called "GrĂźn rockt" and it will emphasis the sustainability and environmentally friendly theme of the festival. To these add the festival app which is available since 2012 so there is no paper waste as all announcements are in the app. In 2015, the organizer switched to using only regional and ecological suppliers for food and is also making awareness for food sharing.



Ever since being a little child, almost everyone loved to dress up and become a different person. This has been a common theme and will also continue to be a red thread which is why a lot of people still like to dress up once a year. It often means meeting new people and just enjoying a great time while also celebrating the traditions of each country. Carnival season also implies as a tourism attraction as each country's carnival is known for something unique with which it attracts visitors from elsewhere.

Carnival season does not only involve the dressing up of people but the celebrations of traditions. Even if not all people celebrate carnival because of its history, it is nevertheless highly inspiring to take a few days each year to celebrate something in the past that has shaped the specific culture to what it is today.

Carnival attracts a lot of people, also to only small villages. When during carnival season ten times more people are in town than actual inhabitants, it can be sure that it does not seem to stop anytime soon. It does not only attract visitor from the country itself but also people from all over the world.

feathers, sequins, artistic costumes, loud music, dancing, singing, food and drinks




Croatia: Rijeka The carnival season in Croatia is traditionally opened with the election of the new queen of carnival. This year the carnival lasted from 17. Jan. 2018 - 14. Feb. 2018. One of the highlights during the carnival is the international carnival procession with over 10.000 artists from all over the world and more than 120.000 people attending as well as the Kidscarnival. The unique event in Croatia are the Zvoncari, a group of men who are dressed up as animals and ring the bells in the city to banish the evil spirits of the winter. Italia: Ivrea The Carnevale Storico, close by Turin, is famous for its Battaglia delle Arance also called as the battle of the oranges. Costumed knights throw hundreds of tons of oranges from the 10th of February until the 13th of February at each other.

Spain: Sitges Sitges holds one of the world's top 10 carnivals with more than 250.000 people attending. The flourish opening of the carnivals evolves around the arrival of the King of the Carnival. La Rua de la Disbauxa (debauchery parade) is the wildest party while la Rua de'l Extermini (extermination parade) marks the end of celebrations with most people dressed in all black to mourn the end of the party celebrations and the death of the king of carnival.

Germany: Cologne The carnival season in Germany officially starts on the 11th of November at 11:11 am and lasts until Ash Wednesday. During the fifth season in the year, Germany will only be divided by people saying ‚Alaaf' or ‚Helau'. Cologne is also called the "Carnival stronghold" of Germany with the election of the Kölnische Dreigestirn consisting of the Prince, the Peasant and the Virgin who are the representatives of the carnivals and regents of the people. The biggest procession is traditionally on Carnival Monday with more than 100 wagons where 140 tons of sweets and 300.000 bouquet of flowers get thrown to ten thousand of visitors.


UK: Notting Hill, London The carnival in Notting Hill is the biggest street festival in Europe where more than a million of people join the capital in celebrating the Caribbean communities, their culture and traditions. The city turns into a vivid spectacle from August 25 until August 27 with loud music, plenty of street food, spectacular costumes and a lot of parade processions.

Nature & Recreation

One of the oldest traditional ceremony to fight the inner demons comes from Latin America. Ayahuasca is a psychedelic medicine that is used to treat personal problems such as depression in a spiritual and cleansing way. The ceremonies usually take place in the Amazon rainforest under the supervision of a shaman. Take a trip into the jungle of your mind.


An authentic trip to your subconsciousness

Kapitari is one of the oldest shamanic centres in Peru and has been welcoming a lot of people from all around the world. The deepest meaning behind this ceremony is to challenge yourself and go to the extraordinary jungles to fight with your own demons. Spend two weeks with a native shaman and drink one of the most natural and healing medicineAyahuasca.

More and more people decide to challenge themselves in this mysterious and pure way. Nowadays there are a lot of lost souls working the same boring job every day, feeling lonely and depressed. This is a spiritual healing trip to your own subconsciousness, that can help to fight problems and prepare the mind for a peaceful and beautiful life. This ceremony is completely future proof because of growing numbers of customers, who are trying this hallucinogenic drink from the Amazon rainforest to treat everything from depression to Parkinson's.

Live your life and learn about yourself!!!


Experiences with Ayahuasca will be highly transformative, they can help to minimalize stress and open the doors for a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. Therefore, physical cleansing is playing a huge role in this treatment, during these two weeks their body will get rid of its toxins. Ayahuasca is one of the oldest and purest medicines, but it is not for everybody! Living in the jungles for 2 weeks and facing your own demons through a psychedelic way could be extremely difficult but sometimes it is the only hope.

Into the wild - Into the recreation COOLHUNTING | PAGEÂ 15

Into the wild is an extremely pure and inspirational festival, where people can finally join nature and gain their freedom and recreation. This extraordinary festival takes place in United Kingdom, East Sussex area surrounded by woods and beautiful hills. Next to the seafront where you can feel the wisdom of freedom and wild life. It is a peaceful and beautiful new kind of festival to swing your minds and open your heart.

Every year during the summer different and extremely interesting people come together to build a community and celebrate life and its beauty.

Into the wild is an inspirational event for everyone who desires to share and enjoy their time in a beautiful wild nature with a community of like-minded folks. The festival is based on a drug and alcohol-free concept, which creates an extraordinary futuristic image. Moreover, Into the wild is one of the most sustainable festivals all around England and it is attracting more and more people every day.

Why should you join this event? Nowadays people are tired from the fast moving world and Into the wild creates a smooth atmosphere to just get closer to the nature, find recreation and reach natural and pure ecstasis. Into the wild is appealing to everybody no matter how old you are or which status in your life you have.

Gain your freedom from nature!!!


Enhance musicians, very best workshops, teachers, speakers and the main idea behind festival-promote connection and friendship as a way to support and benefit all beings. Into the wild creates a sense of freedom for all of the people at the festival, moreover they are organizing fundraising events for good causes, such as victims of the Nepalese Earthquake, the Standing Rocks protests, Tibetan and Syrian refugee children's and wildlife projects.

Tourism Imagine partying in Santorini, sailing through the islands of Croatia, hiking through the forests somewhere in Indonesia or City hopping through Italy. Now imagine doing this with a group of strangers, that all have the same goal, to have fun. All of this is made possible by Contiki. They offer affordable tours accustomed likings of a large target group. Whether they want to travel just for a weekend of 3 days or a little longer, up to 55 days, these trips allow you to explore for as long or short as the customer pleases. Moreover it allows them to travel the way they like. Whether they enjoy in-depth travel, or adventure, city hopping, camping, high energy, independent insider or if they just want a short trip, such as for a festival or skiing, cruise, beach or sailing. Contiki provides all of this for the cheapest possible price, considering that their target group are younger people, with little money.

Travel with no regret



The customers traveling in a group of young people that think alike and look for the same, when traveling. They restrict all of their tours to people aged between 18 and 35 years, ensuring that everyone is able to party as well and share the same interests. The society is getting more and more complex, making it so much more difficult for people to find themselves and know who they truly are. This is why Contiki is future proof. It gives them the chance to explore themselves outside of their usual environment. The customers traveling in a group of 25-30people, who are all strangers but will be a valuable member of each other's memories as well as a contribution to their future self by the end of the trip.

Getting the holiday feeling yet? Why not take a look at their outstanding reviews, affordable prices, neverending variety in travel types and endless fun? Contiki provides an opportunity for all to be engaged in this one in a lifetime experience.

“If we were meant to stay in one place, we would have roots instead of feet” This is why traveling among the younger folk has become extremely popular and why the world has become so connected. Contiki snatched the trend and travel bug of taking a gap year of the younger people and made it their success. What makes them so special, is their variety of choices in travel types, which influences your daily activities whilst traveling and their age restriction.


Who wouldn’t love exploring next holiday? Why keep this amazing and colorful world a secret from Today's youth? Why not use the chance to make strangers friends or even find their someone special? To conclude, let’s present an adventurous, fun and exciting holiday to future customers. Let’s give them the chance to start living life and exploring different cultures, with no regret.


SRPRS .ME will book their flight, accommodation and will set out various activities, they could do at their destination. To make it even more mysterious, will send them a letter a week before departure, giving them a hint about their destination and send them the weather forecast for their destination, allowing them to pack accordingly. This exceeds all pre-excitement everyone has experienced before for any of their other trips. Once our customer has arrived at the airport on the day of departure, they can open their letter, they have received, which has a scratch card, with their destination… start scratching! This is the perfect solution for treating yourself or a friend and give them this getaway as a gift. the customer can even eliminate 3 places of disinterest to them and increase the chances of going somewhere new and of liking. has come up with the perfect solution, on how to keep the customer interested, since every time is a new experience. This will never get old since no one gets bored of surprises. is innovative and future-proof, since there is nothing like it. Exploring the new will never stop being interesting.


Tired of all the work, of the deadlines, tired of their surroundings and are seeking a getaway, this is the ideal target group. Each individual loves to be surprised by their loved ones. But somehow no one seems to come to the idea to treat themselves. has given us a solution to do so. All the customer has to do is pack their bag, go to the airport and be surprised about the destination has chosen for them. This is the whole concept of It gives people the chance to surprise themselves and this is how it works: First of all, one has to choose their preferred travel theme. The choices are between City trip or you can “Pick a side”, where you get the option to choose, where in Europe they would like to go; North, East, South or West. This gives us the chance to get a feeling as to where they would like to go. Further, they choose how long they want to go for, between 3 and 5 days. It will then show them all the prices for each day of the month, to ensure it stays within their budget. A perfect plan with very little to no effort for the customer. The next big step is booking the trip. From there onwards, their planning is done and they can be excited about their surprise getaway, whilst we ensure it will be a success.

1: And so the countdown begins.. 2: Suspense rises! Receiving a hint about the destination.

3: Enter the code and reveal the destination!


3 (+): As a cherry on top, see what has planned at the destination...

ARTS AND CULTURE URBAN INNOVATION IN ROTTERDAM Rotterdam is considered to be one of the most impressive architectural city in the Netherlands, sporting numerous mind-bending buildings which are easily categorized as masterpieces. Landmarks are scattered all over the city, making it harder than ever for tourists to choose what to visit first. Imposing through its unique and modern design, the Markthal dominates the entire city center, captivating both visitors and locals. The first indoor market to ever be built in the Netherlands has multiple purposes, not only being home to a wide variety of shops and restaurants, but it also has more than 200 apartments incorporated into the arch of the structure.


The building represents an architectural statement in the urban structure of Rotterdam, standing out among the other spectacular constructions in the city center. The shape of the iconic landmark, the colorful interior, the imposing height and its multifunctionality, turns Markthal into an unforgettable spectacle.


Among other eccentric buildings in the city, Markthal represents the ambition and effort of Rotterdam's municipality to strengthen the urban economy and rise the life quality in the postindustrial area.

Splattered across the interior walls is the art piece Horn of Plenty, painted by local artists Arno Coenen and Iris Roskam. It is one of the largest creations in the Netherlands, depicting fresh fruits and vegetables, mirroring the market that resides below it. Never forgetting its early times, the building hosts an impressive exhibition of objects discovered during the excavations at the Markthal site. Called “The Time Stair” (De Tijdtrap), it is an homage to the history of Rotterdam, which is displayed on 4 underground levels along the escalator - the deeper the elevator goes, the older the artifacts are.


Inaugurated in 2014, the edifice was a success before it was even finished. Created by the architects at MVRDV, the Markthal is one of a kind. Arching in form of a horseshoe, the stone gray construction hosts on its exterior a series of apartments, whilst inside stays hidden the market which combines both traditional and international cuisines in form of small shops and restaurants. The amalgamation of functions results in a crossover between several Leisure Sectors, such as Tourism, Retail, Hotel&Catering, which results in a cool experience for the visitors from all over the world.


ARTS AND CULTURE GO DIGITAL New articles and videos posted on the page go viral each day, creating buzz and excitement around the platform, which resulted in it surpassing the number of views of its competitors, such as CNN, BBC and The New York Times websites.

Founded by business management student, Tomas Banisauskas, in 2009, BoredPanda, grew rapidly, accquiring an impressive community of artists and art enthusiasts. It is a place where the content is made by registered developers and creators of all styles and origins, the website allowing them to share their artworks freely.

At the moment, BoredPanda has a loyal audience and the charts are showing a promising future for the platform. Judging by the loyal pandas (members of the community) and the success it had in the past, the website has great potential to blossom even more.


From the classical paintings and sculptures all the way to the newest tecniques in photography and design, BoredPanda has it and more. The most popular art platform in Lithuania took the world by storm, quickly becoming a a global phenomenon.

NEW TOPICS FOR THE PANDAS The developers have been working to widen the target group by creating new columns within the website without loosing its authenticity. Topics such as travelling, product design, history and entertainment are just a few of the newest additions and they ensure diversity, keeping the audience coming back for more. Moreover, there is a section titled "Ask Pandas" which is a way of communication among the community, consisting of humorous and reliable threads, where people share their experiences and ideas. Combining all the aspects present on the BoredPanda website is not easy, but surprisingly everything comes together, creating a specific flow and tying it all together. Thus, the number of pandas on the platform is expected to continuously grow in the upcoming years considerably.




The platform bursts from start to finish with artwors that are eyecatching, intriguing and simply stunning. Nevertheless, great art needs great advertising and Artstation sccesdes to offer excellent marketing support for the artists, showcasing dedication towards the audience.


It is the leading platform in the industry, it is the playground of thousands of artists - it is Artstation. The website was created to help artists from all over the world achieve their dreams, by making their path smoother. It has attracted a huge audience so far due to its efficiency and usability. Enabling artists to showcase their artwork in a slick way, providing the highest visual quality and focusing primarily on the community and its needs, makes Artstation a formidable competitor.

IT' S A WIN-WIN SITUATION Giving an unique opportunity for both artists and employers to interact with each other on the same platform creates a constant level of buzz and excitement, resulting in substantial sales. Challenges are available on the website and they provide the opportunity for employers to find the most suitable candidate by choosing from all the applicants. It is a more convenient, efficient and relaxed way of having a job interview and so far, it is showing tremendous results. With an evergrowing community and top-notch services, Artstation is a profitable website for all parties involved, promising a bright future.


Fascinating and futuristic time is already here. Artificial intelligences (AI) are developments of computer systems which is able to perform tasks and make decisions by themselves without any human help.

The future is already here AI is our solution Nowadays some people are frightened by AI, it seems that robots are taking over the planet and becoming even more reliable than humans. Although there are a lot of issues and misunderstanding, Artificial Intelligences are extremely needed in our fastmoving world.


The rise of AI in new Markets can improve Human lives in a lot of ways, such as: perfect customer service where people can rely on robots and get necessary information. Moreover manufacturing jobs where people will be replaced by robots and don’t need to work hard and extraneous jobs. Therefore, innovation in the health care will be improved by Artificial Intelligences as far as they have the data and research programmed.

One of the most futuristic ways to support, protect and improve our lives. Nowadays more than half of the world are already using AI in their services and till 2022 it will spread widely.

“Predicting the future isn’t magical, it’s artificial intelligence” - Dave Waters


The world is changing extremely fast and there are a lot of innovative ideas even though it will take time we are already in a future.

It mostly applies to big companies with a lot of resources to install and work with robots, but in the near future it will be combined even with a personal need. There will be a possibility to have AI as a friend who can always replay and give a logical answer or solution for human problems.Although it is a scary and different topic, people have to find a way to adapt and understand how much Artificial Intelligences will improve our lives.


Healthy Festival 2018 Healthy Fest was created and is now organised by the two event agencies RTL Live Entertainment and Fjuze. 2018 is the third year of the festival where sport, mind, food and friends are the key values. From both agency’s there is a select team working on the event daily. Both companies are part of the festival from the beginning on and the carefully picked team really believes in the festival, it’s concept and the success of it.

Over the years, they gained more knowledge and became the front-runners in “sport/health’ festivals in The Netherlands. Each year there are new programmes and offers at the festival to keep up with the trends in this branch and continue offering the newest, coolest and best activities in the areas of sport mind and food.

The concept for the festival developed out of the idea, that there was nothing like that in the Netherlands before. A festival which only contains all about sports. The agencies had the believe that Holland was really missing an event which was all about sport. Nowadays people are becoming more and more aware and conscious about their health and mind. The health fest is supposed to fit exactly for this trend. As mentioned before, the key concepts of this event are: sport, mind, food and friends.

Website: or Facebook: /healthyfest/



For more details:

The festival could not exist without the many partners they work together. There are sports companies working together with them, but even more important are the more then 100 trainers with a lot of motivation, who make that cool event possible. The programme of this year is very broad. With over 20 areas every hour of every day is filled with exciting, motivating and inspiring work-outs, readings and workshops. When getting your ticket, you as the participant decide on how your weekend will look like. It can be a chilled yoga weekend to charge up your battery or a boot camp to challenge yourself.


Due to their main concepts, the festival offers a community to get together and experience what you like as a group. Additionally, new and inventive trends are introduced. The complete event and organisation is for each individual suitable and will develop further on every year. The Festival organisation focuses on their key elements for the event and still is quite new in the business. This is why sustainability still is a bit in the background. The team always reconsiders all options and possibilities, but it is not in the focus yet. It will definitely be a main goal for the future, to create more awareness for the customer and the people coming to the event.


exclusive access to sport events from your couch from home

This company lives up to the idea to follow newest trends and always keeps those in mind. NextVR is one of the first companies, which offers to see a sports event live, with the feeling of being in the middle of a sports game, from your couch. It is the most realistic version right now, for attending in a sports event without being there, just with virtual reality glasses. The company has a patent on their technology and is ranked as marked leader in this new industry.


The sector sports went through a lot of changes in a really short time. Due to a lot of new findings in technology and the expectations from customers, the industry had to develop faster then ever. It is not enough anymore to just watch a game on TV. There have to be more information about the game during the game, there is supporting to understand rules better. NextVR is bringing that part to the next level. The goal is for example, to be able to ‘attend’ in an American football game, which happens in California, being in the position of the top player from the day and all that from your couch in Leeuwarden, Netherlands.

The company is still in their experimental phase, which is why the Olympics for instance could not be watched live, but only one day after. The goal is tough to make exactly that possible. The Olympics or World Championships are in different countries all over the world. With the VR glasses it will be possible for people to watch it all over the globe and immerse in the sport sector of the leisure industry. Experts already predict, that the possibilities with this technology will be enormous and a lot is still to be discovered.

Their Website offers a detailed instruction on what is needed to get into this experience. First customers obviously have to get the hardware. This means the glasses for around 150,00 €. Afterwards, you need to download an app and you will be ready to join a soccer game on the other side of the country or even the world from home.

The medium can be tremendously useful to sports teams, who can use it to replay and analyse the game from different perspectives.


“We are creating original content for VR fans that significantly extends the entertainment portfolio at NextVR,” said David Cole, NextVR CEO. “’Paranormal Evidence’ is at once an adventure through dark and creepy spaces and a thoughtprovoking exploration of the paranormal.”

CONCLUSION This magazine has been made for anyone who wants to get a better overview of the world of leisure. It has also given an idea about how the future of the leisure industry could look like. The way we see things, it will be colorful, driven by different cultures and traditions, aiming for the enrichment of the society and has value for each individual. We have sufficiently depicted the innovations that we think are cool which give the reader a better insight into the understanding of Coolhunting. Even though, our visit to Rotterdam as an inspiration didn't help us to find reasonable innovation that we used expect for the Markethal. It nevertheless provided us with the general theme of this magazine. In Rotterdam, we observed our surroundings with curiosity and we got inspired to raise our awareness regarding 'cool' things in our own comfort zone. This link and the consequently outcome is highly visible in our magazine. Through our research we have discovered that the leisure industry and its sectors are changing rapidly and growing enourmesly. Trends like technology and sustainability appear to be the main drive for the development of the future. Additionally, the overload of the leisure industry with cool and innovative companies results from the high expectations from the customer. C O O L H U N TRI ENIG AA GG E E3Â 3 S E| |P P 4

Only a small fraction of cool companies was presented in this magazine but there are obviously more iniatives that can be discovered.

"The expert at anything was once a beginner" Helen Hayes

Coolhunting Issue No. 1 | March 2018 By: Elena Iliescu, Kyra Bär, Janna Schipper, Vilda Ramoskaite & Julia Maier

Coolhunting Magazine 17/18 INT  

Commissioned by ETFI (European Tourism Future Institute) 1st year Stenden International Leisure Management students collected Cool initiativ...

Coolhunting Magazine 17/18 INT  

Commissioned by ETFI (European Tourism Future Institute) 1st year Stenden International Leisure Management students collected Cool initiativ...