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Stay in a Fine Corbett Resort to Enjoy Nature And Wildlife

There is truly a fine world of nature and wildlife at Corbett National Park. This world is a mix of several natural features. On the one hand there is the Ramganga River that runs west by south west creating lush or dry islands and ridges and ravines in several places. Due to the presence of numerous streams there are pockets of Sheesham trees while the ridges are covered with dense growth of sal trees. At places there is pastureland of long grasses as well. It is in this diverse habitat that you will find a rich collection of carnivores and herbivores, reptiles and birds of several species.


The Fine World of Nature and Wildlife at Corbett

There are tigers and leopards besides elephants and deer species. There are migratory birds such as geese and ducks as well as home grown birds such as darters, cormorants and egrets. You will find lazy Indian crocodiles basking near the river and there are poisonous snakes such as King Cobra that you are safer in avoiding. To be able to enjoy this beautiful world of nature and wildlife you will first of all need to stay in one of the attractive Corbett National Park hotels. Secondly it is best to take a safari tour of the park so that you can enjoy this wild beauty from a safe place inside a 4x4, on elephant back or on horseback. The Corbett resort you will stay in will make all the arrangements for the safari for you. Website:

The Corbett Hideaway

The Corbett Hideaway is one of the finest Corbett National Park hotels. It has charming cottages with open sit outs. The mix of sloping tiled roofs and cool stone floors besides the block wood furniture will give you the earthy feel city dwellers can never get enough of. Here the only sounds you will hear are courtesy nature, either the sound of the river or the chatter of myriad birds. Website

The Riverview Retreat

The Riverview Retreat is another very impressive Corbett Resort. It has independent air-conditioned cottages with drawing room and a small kitchenette. There are exclusive villas too with two; three or four bedrooms and one can opt for the villa to suit the number of guests in the group.


The Hideaway River Lodge

Among the various Corbett National Park hotels the Hideaway River Lodge deserves a special mention as it is perfect for nature lovers who want to discover the park’s beauty from real close-up. The sub-tropical forests, rich bounty in flora and fauna, the wildlife safaris and walks through the woods and dales fill the visitor’s spirits.


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Stay in a fine corbett resort  

To be able to enjoy this beautiful world of nature and wildlife you will first of all need to stay in one of the attractive Corbett National...