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Stay at the Finest Resort in Corbett

The world of Corbett is truly amazing. It features the most beautiful trees and landscapes and also provides home to the awesome and shy tiger in its natural habitat. Corbett Park boasts of some of the most dangerous reptiles such as the King Cobra while one can also find the Indian crocodiles, the mugger and the gharial here.


Beautiful Mahaseer

The river teems with the beautiful Mahaseer that anglers worldwide would love to catch. feature Bird lovers can find hundreds of species of local and migratory birds here. To be able to see all this splendor of nature, one needs to stay in one of the fine resorts in Corbett.


Excellent Accommodation in Corbett

Irrespective of whether you wish to shoot the ferocious tiger with your camera or go on a birding safari to capture some amazing shots of birds, or even to enjoy a wonderful elephant safari ride, you will need to ensure that you get a comfortable accommodation at Corbett to stay at peace.


Safari in Corbett

There are some excellent resorts available in Corbett. These resorts offer top class luxurious comforts that will make you feel like being in a palace. Moreover, the management of these resorts is totally competent to make special arrangements for the guests. These arrangements include not only organizing the safari, such as the elephant safari, the horse safari, 4x4 safaris and the birding or the angling safari, but also scheduling interesting tours to different places.


Some Special Visit

These special visits include exploring places like Bijrani, Jhirna, Durga Devi, Dhikala, Sitavani, Garija Temple and Corbett Wildlife Museum. The three fine resorts in Corbett including

- The Corbett Hideaway - The Riverview Retreat - The Hideaway River Lodge.


Corbett Hideaway is Fairly Impressive

The Corbett Hideaway is truly most impressive. It boasts of air-conditioned cottages that have sloping and tiled roofs. The guest is always impressed with the fine combination between the raw environments on the one hand and modern living conditions on the other. At The Corbett Hideaway, you will find that the large number of cottages have been divided into diverse categories. It is therefore possible for one to select the size of the cottage to suit the size of the group. Finally, the amenities available in this fine resort include a beautiful pool and a number of restaurants where one can easily find menu of one’s choice. With adventure activities and indoor games to help pass the time, it will be difficult for the visitor not to return to this fine resort.


Stay at the finest resort in corbett to make your trip easy going  

These resorts offer top class luxurious comforts that will make you feel like being in a palace. Moreover, the management of these resorts i...

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