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Have a Grand Holiday While Staying at Luxurious Corbett Resort The Jim Corbett Wildlife Sanctuary is a charming world of nature where you can explore different species of wildlife. It is here that Project Tiger was inaugurated on 01 April 1973.

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Corbett National Park & Animals The center of tourist activity is naturally the Corbett National Park, where you get to see shy and reclusive tiger, leopards as well some of the other lesser cats such as the fishing cat and the jungle cat. Here, you can also spot the sloth bear and the Himalayan black bear, besides jackals and civet cats, common otters and porcupines and four different species of deer.

Species of Birds in Corbett Bird watchers will be amazed to see hundreds of species of both migratory and resident birds inside the park. You will also be amazed to see reptiles that include the Indian python, the King Cobra and the normal cobra, besides the krait and the viper. There are crocodiles too inside the park such as the Indian gharial and mugger. For sure, the visitors will be enthralled while going on a safari here.

The Riverview Retreat The best way to enjoy the grandeur of the park is to book accommodation for you and your family or friends in an excellent accommodation at the Riverview Retreat. When you stay at the Riverview Retreat, your visits inside the Corbett Park are easily streamlined and this is one of the main advantages of this excellent resort. The other important factor is that one will also be able to visit some of the important places nearby. Some of these include Bijrani and Jhirna, Dhikala, besides the Corbett Wildlife Museum among others.

Corbett Riverview Resort There are other fine places to stay while visiting Corbett Park such as the Hideaway River Lodge that is also known as the Corbett River Resort. At the Corbett River Resort, you will be in the lap of nature. One will stay in luxury tented accommodation within a stone’s throw of the River Ramganga. This is one experience one will like to repeat often.


Accommodation & Dining Experience at The Riverview Retreat

At the Riverview Retreat, you can enjoy the facilities of staying in air-conditioned cottages that have drawing room as well as a kitchenette. Here, you can also get exclusive villas featuring private kitchen and garden. Some villas have two bedrooms while others have three and even four bedrooms. Dining at this fine resort is a memorable experience with its choice of cuisines that include Indian and Chinese as well as Mughlai and Continental.


Have a Grand Holiday While Staying at a Luxurious Corbett Resort