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Avail Special Offers at Corbett This Season Leisure Hotels Ltd The Corbett National Park is truly amazing. The park is located in the foothills of the majestic Himalayas with forested mountains all around. These slopes range from the lower ones around 400m to those that are slightly higher at around 1200m.

Forest Cover The reserve forest covers around 470 sq km and is lush with flora that includes trees such as sal and khair, besides ber and kuthber, chbilla, dhak and semal as well as pula, rohini and bamboo.

Animal Species At Corbett The park is well known for its animal species like tiger and leopard. There are majestic elephants and different species of the deer and antelope that include the spotted deer, hog deer, barking deer. Here, there are sloth bear, wild boar and different species of monkeys as well. Besides birds, you will also find reptiles that include the fish eating Indian crocodiles, gharial and mugger. You can also find snakes such as the King Cobra, Russell’s viper and the Cobra among others. To be able to explore all these treasures of nature, one must stay at the right hotel in Corbett.

Advantages Of Special Offer With Corbett Hotels There are several great Corbett hotels one can pick from to be able to see wildlife as well as interesting places around Corbett which include Corbett Wildlife Museum, Garija temple, Sitavani, Dhikala, Durga Devi, Jhirna and Bijrani. These popular Corbett hotels include Corbett Hideaway with its perfect combination of both space and luxury, besides The River View Retreat, Aranya Safari Resort and Hideaway River Lodge. At these hotels, one can take advantage of the Special Offer for a stay of 2 nights and 3 days. This attractive offer is valid till 15 April 2014.

Enjoy Wildlife And Nature - Hotel in Corbett When you stay at the hotel in Corbett of your choice, you must enjoy seeing wildlife and nature by going for a safari. The various options for the safari include the 4x4 vehicle safari, the elephant safari and the horse back safari. There are fishing safari and birding safari for those that are interested in fishing and spotting birds in this beautiful park. For elephant safari, there are different routes of different durations. One can enjoy the Corbett Park only if one stays in the right kind of hotel in Corbett.

Standards Of Hospitality At Corbett Hotels These Corbett hotels are all set to look after their guests with the best standards of hospitality. You will love to come back again and again to these hotels on account of not only the comfortable suites and excellent meals but also for the high standard of service offered here.

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Avail special offers at corbett this season  
Avail special offers at corbett this season