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Soldering Tip Knowledge Lecture 1.

Composition of soldering tip

Base material: red copper Plating: iron Tip (work surface): solder Other surface: nickel plating, chromium plating.


Soldering tip life

The life is different from model to model, generally speaking, the usage life can be 6 to 10 days, or 30,000 to 100,000 solder joints. 3.

The factors that influence soldering tip life

Since the corrosion resistance of copper is not good, it’s necessary to plate iron on the copper surface. Factors Solder wire



Solder flux contents:

Meta-acid or alkaline solder makes corrosion

acid, alkali


Iron plating


Iron plating



The thicker iron plating layer, the longer usage life. The higher density of iron plating molecule, the longer corrosion resistance period.


Lower temperature → longer usage life


Higher temperature → shorter usage life

Operator behavior

Force, friction


Solder sponge

Clean with solder sponge → longer usage life

steel wire tip cleaner

Clean with steel wire → shorter usage life





Most cared problem


Usage life; 2. Wettability

5. Reasons of not wettable Phenomenon



Solder wire contents and solder flux will

Heat the soldering tip to 350°C,

There’s Carbon

generate oily matter and smoke, the oily

deposit or spot on

matter becomes carbon deposit after burned,

tinning area

objectives be fumed will also generate carbon deposit

clean the tip with solder sponge or steel wire tip cleaner until it becomes white and shiny, then tin the tin with fresh solder.

1. Due to high temperature of the tip end, the tin has already been oxidized; the soldering High temperature

tip is oxidized, too.


2. Since the tip end lost protection of tin, the tip end turns cyan, even purple or red in high

1. Solve the problem with above solution. 2. Probably can’t be fixed.

temperature status. Oxidation rust

Without the protection of solder layer, the tip surface has turned black or been rusted.

Fix with the above solutions

Suggestions: 1.

Keep some solder on the tip surface when it is not in work status; tin the tip with fresh solder and then put it on iron holder.


When the soldering iron is not in work status, turn off the power or turn on sleep function, don’t be idle in high temperature.


The Thermal Theory of Heating Element 1. External thermal heating element: soldering tip inside, heating element outside. 2. Internal thermal heating element: soldering tip outside, heating element inside. 3. Heating element types: a. external thermal heating element; b. ceramic heating element; c. integrated heating element;

d. silver alloy heating element; e. high frequency heating element

Soldering tip knowledge lecture  

Introduces the composition, usage life of soldering tips, trouble shooting of soldering tip not wettable.