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Empty Building #1 Analog


a seed right next to where I am standing. Pick and taste some

ost photos in this album were taken during the sum-

berries (that look unlikely to be poisonous). Take notes of

mer of 2013. Less than a year away from college graduation,

whatever I see—with heart and if better, a camera. Camra

I was supposed to figure many things out by that time. But

gives me fun, of an indescribable sort. Camera reassures me:

I saw nothing but a puzzling blankness hovering over a vast

if you understand what you see, I’ll let others see how you

amount of possibilities for life. I may write, design, make a

understand. Camera unfolds some very subtle and profound

film, run a startup, travel as an outcast, curate, sell, research,

openings in that blankness where I’m suspended. Camera

translate, teach, draw, open a ramen house, cook, dance…I

could take me far.

possess too much passion and too little knowledge about myself.

Therefore instead of staring into the blank, let me stare at the concrete beings whose colors and textures and forms and spir-

Maybe that’s not a bad thing.

its have endless to say. There are a thousand ways of how they reach out to me, and a thousand more of how I choose to be

My gut is probably at its peak for risks and adventures. My

stricken and entertained.

mind is hoarding the widest spectrum of information, my eyes hungry and tongue clumsy. While exhilarated by what

Throughout the summer I wandered on the streets, sneaked

and how much I can make out of this life, I immediately fell

into empty buildings, and observed silent dramas. The per-

into a suspension: when you see a vast space of a trillion stars,

formance of such routine made my personal voice more brave

you almost see nothing. I’m still navigating inside the mists;

and sincere: I WANT it. I want it THAT WAY and ITS OWN

they seem hang a huge blank sheet right in front of my face.

WAY. This photographic search and confrontation build more connections to the world for me, and during the process I

They’ll clear up by noon. It’s only 9 am.

see the gradual subsiding of the mists. I find the world much better seen and comprehended in cropped details than in

While it’s 9 am, let me do some 9-am stuff. For example, plant

panorama; so is myself.

E m p ty

Bu ild in g

Empty Building #2 Analog

Empty Building #3 Analog

Empty Building #3 Analog

Colo r s


th e

C ol o r f u l

Encounter Digital

The Puerto Rican Parade Digital

Afternoon Walk Digital

Blue Digital

Por tr a its

Self-Portrait Digital

Woman at Union Square Analog

Lauren Digital

Signe Analog

A Family Portrait Digital

Tibetan Siblings Digital


Lit tle


M a n h at t an

Another Day Digital

Up Digital

Sunset Broadway Digital

Pennisula Digital

A nony m ou s


b eau t i f u l

Gaze Analog

Yin Yang Digital

Cloister Twins Digital

Touch Analog

Score Analog

Night Chase Analog

Experimental Digital

Tibetan Fisher Digital

M ir ror

M ir ro r

Mellons Digital

Riverside Park Analog

Backwater Analog

A Photob o ok by L e i Yu an l e iy u an . if @ g mai l . com 2013

Stare Into The Blank  

Photography Portfolio by Lei Yuan

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