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NEWS Very Important Polling If you are an A-list ad-land outsider, you might get a call in the coming weeks. And if the phone doesn’t ring, well, draw your own conclusions. It’s all part of Credos’s regular dip into what the world thinks about advertising, which next week goes into field with ‘opinion formers’. Whoever and whatever they are. It’s been a busy year for advertising with Government cuts, reviews, debates and even the odd campaign group taking a swipe. So it will be fascinating to see where MPs, politicos, NGOs and commentators heads have got to. Last year’s study painted a picture of ad-land having a few more friends than it might have realised… but even its best buddies often struggled to answer why they think advertising might be a good thing. Of course, we know a bunch of people looking to crack that particular nut and they’ll be getting a sneak preview of the research on 15 May at our Front Foot Breakfast at Google – not completely coincidentally, the very place where it all started two years ago. If you’d like to join us, why not drop a line to the man who likes Front Foot – and breakfasts – best.

How we spend it Like you, the advertising matters team has been gripped by Samantha Brick’s heroic one woman campaign to tackle the catastrophic shortage of angry people on the internet. Her success bodes well for the Internet Advertising Bureau, which celebrated a 14.4% increase in digital ad spend last year, and reckon it’ll jump another 10% in 2012 – most of it presumably going to Mail Online. IAB Chief Exec Guy Phillipson never gets angry, but he did pop up on Bloomberg to talk through the figures, making the critical point that you can’t love the internet, or hate the people writing on it, without accepting that it is “powered and paid for by advertising”. Digital may be covered, but next week we’ll get the full advertising picture when the latest AA/Warc Expenditure Report figures are released. The AA’s Comms Director is already prepping for his own TV appearances by watching Newsnight’s Bell vs. Paxman on a loop. It’s at 23 minutes and you really don’t want to miss it.

The most boring Oddbins in the world Turns out the Commons Health Committee is just as interested in the Government’s Alcohol Strategy as we are, and have announced an inquiry examining its proposals. No prizes for guessing where committee member and long-time friend of advertising Dr Sarah Wollaston will be taking the debate. Minimum pricing is still the big story but some aspects of alcohol marketing will be considered, including the effects of marketing on consumption, especially in relation to young people. Read a

little further on and you spot the curveball: as part of a consideration of evidence of the most effective interventions for reducing consumption… “plain packaging and marketing bans”. Yuck. While a ban on all real ale pump clips would be a victory for good taste, plain packaging wasn’t mentioned in the Government Strategy, so its inclusion in the Select Committee inquiry is a little surprising. And it was reassuring to hear from Downing Street shortly after that it isn’t in their policy plans. Deadline for evidence to the inquiry is the 8th May and you best believe our very own, very plain Will Blomefield will have something to say about it. If you’ve got any thoughts, you know where to find him.

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CHECK The Children’s Ethical Communications Kit. Have a dig around. Clearcast A Guide for Advertisers and Agencies – Hot off the press, a handy-sized guide for anyone who might benefit from learning about who Clearcast are, and how they work. Inside you can find out about Clearcast’s role in the wider context of TV advertising, how copy clearance works and other handy hints. Go on, download it. It might well make your job easier. Parent Port The best place on the net for all things media regulation and children

OTHER EVENTS Parties, People and Elections: Political Communication since 1900 Parties, People and Elections: Political Communication since 1900 complements the Picturing Politics: Exploring the Election Poster in Britain exhibition currently running at the People’s History Museum in Manchester, and takes place at the same location on June 14 2012. It will explore how parties spoke to the people, analyse what these communications looked like, and what (if any) impact they had on the people. For more information, please click here or contact Chris Burgess.

Debating Group Dates For Your Diary 14 May 2012 – Marketing Agencies Association 28 May 2012 – Debating Group’s Annual Reception, Terrace – House of Commons 9 July 2012 – Outdoor Media Centre 29 October 2012 – JICREG You’ve read all the way to the bottom! You deserve a treat. It’s this. Receiving this indirectly? Want to share your industry gossip on a confidential basis? Fancy buying the editor a pint? Contact us. You can Unsubscribe here, but we recommend that you don’t. Ever. -ends-

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