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Project A

Leila Ling MOME 705

About Converse Converse Inc. is the largest manufacturer of athletic footwear in the United States that opened back in 1908. The company has diversified into various rubber products, sports apparel and full lines of athletic shoes. The company had an increase in sales after its introduction of the Converse canvas All Star, one of the world’s first basketball shoes, in 1917. All Star’s success was spurred by the reputation of basketball star Charles ‘Chuck’ H. Taylor, who become the brand’s first player endorser. They were standard fare for high school, college, and professional basketball players well into the 1960s, when their popularity gave way to leather shoes from Adidas, Puma, Reebok, and Nike. The shoes became very popular with rock musicians and younger generations who wore them for their distinctive looks, colors, comfort, and as an alternative to the expensive shoes Nike and other companies made. They were considered a leisure shoe and purchased because they were fashionable. Converse responded by manufacturing chucks in hundreds of different variations that included prints, patterns, unusual colors, and special models for different age groups. Converse is now owned by Nike after filing for bankruptcy in January of 2001.

Research Here is some data gathered from 12 female survey participants: Would you give up comfort for style?

Appealing words when used to describe shoes:


Research Survey Results The majority of surveyed females believe Converse shoes are: • Comfortable • Popular • Stylish • Affordable • For the youth/younger audience

Competitors Vans

• • • •

Targets the youth market (primarily skateboarder/surfer/snowboarder) Products are athletic inspired shoes Classic materials are canvas and rubber slip-on Affordable and comfortable


• Shoes are athletic inspired, but also on a more general audience • Focus on the youth board sport culture

Research Converse Products

Research Converse Advertisements


Analysis Converse’s advertisements appear to be relatively dark, appealing more to the “punk” and “rock musician” demographic. While it also targets a young audience, starting from the teens, it could benefit will stronger advertising with the wide range of products they offer. Many may not know the origins of “Chucks,” which is derived from basketball star Charles ‘Chuck’ H. Taylor, Converse’s first endorser. It would also be more apealing towards females through using a colorful palette versus the black and white.



Concepts Goal: Design and conceptualize a pitch board for a 30-second commercial for Converse shoes that aims at appealing to women ages 12 to 25. Given the survey results, women prefer shoes that are comfortable and stylish. They also prefer shoes that help match an outfit or go with the clothes they wear. They are more or less neutral on brand, customization, and special features, and care more for comfort, material, and color. Converse has a variety of shoes available and are known to be comfortable and affordable. This promo will include these facts that are well-known, but will be subtle. Converse’s site promotes the ability to customize their shoes. Since this does not seem to be important to females, I wanted to focus on the variety of their products using Dr. Seuss’ clever rhyme and poetry. The commercial will be cute, cheerful, and customized to target to different types of women at the specified age groups. The inspiration of this comes from one of their shoe lines, released in Fall 2010, that feature Dr. Seuss graphics for men, women, and kids.

Concepts Overview Since Converse released a Dr. Seuss line in fall of 2010, I think it will be fitting to use rhyme to describe shoes similar to how Dr. Seuss would. The commercial would be playful with colorful and contrasting palette, similar to Dr. Seuss’ style. This is not meant to just advertise the Dr. Seuss line, but show the diversity of the Converse products as well. The rhymes would not be directly from Seuss’ books, but are more unique towards the shoes Converse has. • “1 fish, 2 fish, Red fish, Blue fish” to “1 pair, 2 pair, red pair, blue pair” • “Would you eat them in a house?” to “Would you wear it with a blouse?” •

Key Words & Concepts Comfortable, Cute, Stylish, Affordable, Youthful, Colorful

Possible Taglines • “Style that fits you” • “Comfortable in Converse” • “Traverse in Converse”

Concepts Script 1 pair, 2 pairs, 3 pairs, 4 Red pairs, black pairs, shoes galore None are old, all are new, come and find your special shoe. Some are lo-tops, some are hi, try them on now, don’t be shy. Pretty in pink, or pretty in plaid, everything fits, now aren’t you glad? Wear these in the rain, and these around the house, wear these in the spring, and these with a blouse. These boots are cute, wear those in a pinch, these feature laces, and these have the Grinch! You can make your own design, or get this pair in blue, No matter what choice, these shoes are for you. Stylish, comfy, and easy on your purse, Just come in now and traverse in Converse. (Now and for a limited time, come and check out our Dr. Seuss line!)

Concepts Storyboard The commercial will be colorful, but not so much to go away from their current palette scheme. It will be a mostly free-flowing design, featuring vector graphics of miscellaneous shapes, with some stylized like those in Dr. Seuss books. The script will run concurrently with shoes currently in their line. For example, “red pair, blue pair...” will have red and blue pairs of Converse shoes on the screen, and “wear these in the rain” will have a pair of rainboots, etc. Along with these vector graphics will be photographic images of converse shoes. The camera will sweep across the screen of text and images. It won’t be too flashy; merely text (the script) and shoes with some vectorized graphics. Indicative of the commercial concept using Dr. Seuss, the end commercial will also have a note on their new Dr. Seuss line (as noted in the script). Since the spot will be rather fast-flowing, there would also be a female voice over per frame that states the verse.

Introduction of a Converse shoe.

Swirls grow. Flowers, indicative Converse stars, and splatters come in. The stars float up as the rest of the elements lower away.

A white swirl draws itself across with the words that will circle into place. Verse: 1 pair, 2 pair, 3 pair, 4...

Color palette and style for: Pretty in pink or pretty in plaid? Everything fits, now aren’t you glad?

Color palette and style for: Wear these in the rain, and these around the house

Color palette and style for: These boots are cute, wear those in a pinch, these feature laces, and these have the Grinch!

End frame for the end verse: Styish, comfy, and easy on your purse, Just come in now and traverse in Converse. A little animation of a silhouette runs below the logo but will stop.

The Dr. Seuss frame after the end, showing the meaning of the rhyming spot plus advertising for the Dr. Seuss line.

Project A: Converse  

Project A for MOME 705.

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