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FOR IMMEDIATE  RELEASE   For  more  information,  please  contact:   Leigh  Thomas  Williams   Mississippi  ICD-­‐10  Collaborative   601-­‐951-­‐4321  or  @leightw      

The Mississippi  ICD-­‐10  Collaborative  April  Conference   Conference  registration  is  open  through  April  15,  2014   JACKSON  –  March  24,  2014  –  The  Mississippi  ICD-­‐10  Collaborative  will  host  its  first   meeting  on  Tuesday,  April  15  from  8A.M.  through  4:30P.M.  at  the  Mississippi  Hospital   Association  in  Madison,  Mississippi.  The  agenda  includes:  an  overview  of  the  ICD-­‐10   transition  with  highlights  of  risks  and  opportunities  to  consider;  project  planning   mechanics  and  necessities;  education  schedules,  best  practices,  and  resources;  dual  coding   strategies  and  plans;  methods  for  engaging  physicians  in  clinical  documentation   improvement;  revenue  cycle  and  financial  planning;  and  insights  into  the  post-­‐October  1   environment.  A  complete  six-­‐month  ICD-­‐10  plan  that  can  be  customized  for  any   organization  will  be  provided  along  with  a  list  of  resources  for  further  project  planning.   The  broad  scope  will  address  considerations  for  an  array  of  healthcare  organizations  from   solo  physician  practices  through  multi-­‐hospital  medical  centers.  The  cost  is  $50.00  per   participant  and  may  be  paid  on  site.   Speakers  for  the  conference  include:   • •

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John Showalter,  MD,  MSIS  Chief  Health  Information  Officer  and  Executive  Sponsor   for  ICD-­‐10  Implementation  at  the  University  of  Mississippi  Medical  Center   Leigh  Thomas  Williams,  CPC,  CPHIMS,  AHIMA  Approved  ICD-­‐10-­‐CM/PCS  Trainer   &  Ambassador  and  Executive  Director  of  ICD-­‐10  Implementation  for  the  University   of  Mississippi  Medical  Center   Angie  Buckley,  RHIT,  CCS,  Associate  Director  of  ICD-­‐10  Implementation  for  the   University  of  Mississippi  Medical  Center   Charlene  Beal,  Project  Manager,  ICD-­‐10  Implementation  for  the  University  of   Mississippi  Medical  Center   Deven  Thaker,  PMP,  CAHIMS,  IT  Program  Manager  for  the  Project  Management   Office  of  the  University  of  Mississippi  Medical  Center   Missy  Vance,  RHIA,  CCS,  AHIMA  Approved  ICD-­‐10-­‐CM/PCS  Trainer  &  Ambassador,   Associate  Director  of  Revenue  Cycle  for  Hospital  Coding  at  the  University  of   Mississippi  Medical  Center  

Registration is  open  now  through  April  15  at­‐conference/.  

About the  Mississippi  ICD-­‐10  Collaborative   The  Mississippi  ICD-­‐10  Collaborative  serves  the  health  care  community  of  Mississippi  as  a   source  for  information  about  ICD-­‐10  and  as  a  means  to  bring  colleagues  together  to  work   towards  a  successful  ICD-­‐10  transition.  Membership  in  the  Mississippi  ICD-­‐10   Collaborative  is  open  to  all  persons  involved  in  the  transition  to  the  ICD-­‐10  code  set  in   Mississippi.  We  seek  to  bring  together  members  from  a  diverse  set  of  backgrounds  to   create  a  collaborative  work  group  that  more  successfully  navigates  the  transition  by   leveraging  the  skills  and  knowledge  of  individual  members.  Members  include  health   information  management  professionals,  hospital  CFOs,  physician  practice  managers,   hospital  and  professional  coders,  software  vendors,  insurance  carriers,  claims  and  billing   specialists,  coding  trainers,  project  managers,  physicians,  health  data  analysts,  financial   analysts,  reimbursement  specialists,  and  ICD-­‐10  implementation  specialists.  Anyone   working  on  the  transition  is  invited  to  join.  Sign  up  for  free  at      

Mississippi ICD-10 Collaborative April Conference  

The Mississippi ICD-10 Collaborative will host its first meeting on Tuesday, April 15 from 8A.M. through 4:30P.M. at the Mississippi Hospita...