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Author : John Steinbeck Pages : 107 pages Publisher : Perfection Learning Language : ISBN-10 : 0812416317 ISBN-13 : 9780812416 312

Of Mice and Men Whi le the po wer less nes s of the lab orin g clas s is a rec urri ng the

me in Stei nbe ck's wor k of the late 193 0s, he nar row ed his foc us wh en co mp osi ng "Of Mic e and Me n" (19 37) , cre atin g an inti mat e por trai

t of two me n faci ng a wor ld mar ked by pet ty tyr ann y, mis und erst and ing, jeal ous y, and call ous nes s. But tho ugh the sco pe is nar row , the the

me is uni ver sal; a frie nds hip and a sha red dre am tha t ma kes an indi vid ual' s exis ten ce me ani ngf ul. Of Mice and Men

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Of Mice and Men  

Of Mice and Men