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Bayhealth’s Report to the Community 2013 Integrity

Living Our Values


Kent General Hospital

Milford Memorial Hospital


patient body; strengthening our affiliation with Penn Medicine to broaden the care we provide—these are just a few of the ways we are working to bring people, partnerships, and clinical capabilities together with the goal of exploring all the possibilities for every patient.

A message from the CEO At Bayhealth, we are all explorers. Everything we do is focused on fulfilling our mission: to improve the health status of the communities we serve. Our 5 core values—compassion, integrity, teamwork, accountability, respect—provide guidance as we translate our mission into everyday practices.

We are proud of the stories in these pages. They capture recent achievements and improvements in patient outcomes, but they are just a snapshot of a moment in time. At Bayhealth, our work never ends in our commitment to our community. Our values inspire us and push us to look beyond the obviousevery day, every patient. Best Wishes,

Terry M. Murphy, FACHE President and Chief Executive Officer

Every day, we are continually monitoring patient satisfaction, clinical quality, and patient safety results. Every day, our staff and physicians are exploring and adapting industry best practices to provide worldclass care close to home. Health care is entering a new era, and Bayhealth is ready – not only to meet new challenges, but to lead in innovation and education. Building collaboration with and among community organizations; creating new facilities to meet the needs of our diverse



Pictured left to right seated: Board Secretary Bill Strickland; Scott Hammer, MD; Board Chair John Paradee; Barbara Rutt; Bayhealth President & CEO Terry Murphy; and Vice Chair Mike Koppenhaver. Standing: John Fink, MD; June Turansky; Bobbie Fischer, Jr; Ron Sayers; I.G. Burton, III; Mary Jane Willis; Doug Morrow; William Johnston; Michel Samaha, MD; Bill Winters; Jim Flood, Jr.; and Connie Fisher. Missing from the Photo: Vice Chair Mike Sweeney, MD and Wendy Newell, MD.


EXPLORING BAYHEALTH’S MISSION IN ACTION M is s ion To improve the health status of all members of the Bayhealth community.

V is ion To distinguish ourselves as a regional health system that consistently delivers an exceptional patient experience by providing care that exceeds nationally recognized standards in a safe, patient-centered environment.

Values COMPASSION We are kind and caring to our patients, families and each other. INTEGRITY We do the right thing. We strive to build trust and are dedicated to ethical and responsible behavior. TEAMWORK We value collaboration and cooperation with patients and members of the Bayhealth team. ACCOUNTABILITY We accept personal responsibility for our words and actions. RESPECT We treat everyone we encounter with kindness, dignity and professionalism.



Compassion is the foundation of the Bayhealth community. We strive to take health care in new directions to make sure every person who needs care gets the best care possible. In 2012, we expanded and upgraded our services to meet the needs of those we serve. n


Kent ED 1 Year Anniversary

In February 2013... the Emergency Department at Bayhealth Kent General marked one year of providing 12 months of top-notch emergency care in the new facility. Patient satisfaction scores rose from 36% to 67%. Since the ED opened in 2012, overall volume has increased 8%, and the number of patients admitted to beds from the ED is up 5%. Ten new full-time positions and eight relief positions have been created over the last year in response to patient volumes. The ED staff now numbers over 80.


Expanding our services

Smyrna ED Opens

The 24-hour freestanding Bayhealth Emergency Center, Smyrna opened in December 2012 to provide faster care for residents in the Smyrna area, who previously had to travel a half-hour south or north for emergency care. Before the eight-bed, $3.4 million center center opened, Bayhealth Kent General was receiving an estimated 6,300 emergency patients from the Smyrna-Clayton area each year. In April 2013, the Smyrna Emergency Center served 1,236 patients.


Bayhealth + Penn You want the finest care you can get. Period. We want you to have it. No excuses. That’s why we’ve affiliated with one of the premier healthcare institutions in the area—Penn Medicine. For heart, cancer, orthopaedics and stroke care, you’ll have access to the top medical minds in the area—right here, close to home.






We provide progressive, effective heart and vascular care. Our affiliation with Penn Medicine Heart and Vascular gives our patients access to the expertise of an academic medical center right here, close to home. Our patients benefit from:

Along with providing expert cancer care and the advantage of the knowledge and skill of the Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania, we offer personal support to guide our patients every step of the way. Our patients benefit from:

Bayhealth and Penn Orthopaedics give patients every advantage in regaining their mobility and quality of life, including:

When a stroke occurs, neurological intervention can significantly improve recovery. Our experts at Bayhealth act fast, and our affiliation with Penn Medicine provides an additional measure of expertise from a Comprehensive Stroke Center certified by the AHA/ASA and Joint Commission. Patients benefit from:





 seamless continuum A of care, for every type of case, simple to complex


Collaboration and on-site expertise of renowned clinicians, researchers and educators. Top-tier, progressive surgical options and interventional therapies


Access to clinical trials through a national leader in basic science and translational research Access to Penn Medicine for extremely complex cases

 ccess to the latest A university-level medical research and clinical trials Advanced medical technologies and radiation equipment to treat all kinds of cancer


A team of physicians and nurses experienced in the latest surgical and nonsurgical techniques


Evidence-based procedures that deliver the best outcomes


Access to some of the best medical school students in the world via the Penn Orthopaedic Resident Program


Evaluation and preventative strategies for at-risk patients


Comprehensive care and innovative treatments

n The only affiliation

with an NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center in Delaware n

Expanded cancer diagnosis, treatment, research and education


Access to Penn Cancer Care for extremely complex cases


Access to Penn Orthopaedic Care for extremely complex cases


New Physicians, New Options

Dr. Khanh Nguyen

Cancer Expansion The Bayhealth Cancer Center strengthened its medical team with the appointment of Khanh Nguyen, MD, and its treatment options with the addition of stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS), a highly-targeted radiation therapy that spares healthy tissue and delivers higher doses to tumors than was possible with earlier equipment. Dr. Nguyen earned a Bachelor of Science in Physics and a Master of Science in Physics, Cum Laude, from Harvard University. He earned his Doctor of Medicine from the University of California-San Diego and completed an internship in Internal Medicine from University of Pennsylvania Hospital. He served a residency in radiation oncology at the Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia. Dr. Nguyen came to Bayhealth from the City of Hope National Medical Center in Duarte, CA, where he served for six years as Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology.


Launched in October 2012, the multidisciplinary stereotactic radiosurgery team includes a neurosurgeon, radiation oncologist, medical physicist, nurse and two radiation therapists. The team uses sophisticated software and 3D images of cancer to assess patient fit for treatment; develop appropriate treatment plan; and determine dose calculations. Since the program’s inception, 46 patients have been treated with SRS. Three new treatments added to the program are brain SRS, spine metastasis and Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) for early stage lung cancer. The brain and spine treatments are palliative in nature, used for either pain control or symptom control, while SBRT is used to cure lung cancer.

Dr. James Mills

Dr. Paul Fedalen

Neurosurgical Services

Expanded Cardiac Services

The launch of Bayhealth’s Neurosurgery Program of-

Significant achievements in cardiac care include

fers comprehensive and personalized services to pa-

welcoming Dr. Paul Fedalen, thoracic and vascular

tients with traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries.

surgeon, to Bayhealth Cardiovascular Surgical Associates, increasing the number of heart surgery

Led by Bayhealth neurosurgeon James Mills, MD,

patients we can serve. Three new electrophysiolo-

the neurosurgery team coordinates care across the

gists also joined the team: Dr. Steven Blumberg, Dr.

Emergency Department, Operating Room, Intensive

Laura Gravelin, and Dr. Raymond Miller.

Care Unit, Medical-Surgical Units, Rehabilitation Services and Diagnostic Imaging. The team also

“Door-to-Balloon” times at Bayhealth Kent General

provides education and services to the community

dropped from 134 minutes in 2005 to 60 minutes in

by offering concussion clinics and testing for high

2012, reducing the risk of irreparable cardiac muscle

school athletes.

damage from limited oxygen flow.

Bayhealth Kent General’s Operating Room 10, opened in Spring 2013, is customized for complex neurosurgery, spine, and orthopaedic procedures. In the first year, more than 300 neurosurgeries were performed and a broad range of neurological issues have been diagnosed and treated, including neurooncology (brain cancer) diagnoses.


“Since adding the Nurse Navigator in orthopaedics this past year, at Bayhealth our patient communication, coordination of care and comprehensive approach to care has significantly improved,� Brad Kirkes, MBA, MHA, OTR/L, CHT, Vice President of Ancillary and Clinical Services.


Orthopaedic Navigators: Personalized Care Nurse Navigators have been part of the care delivery

Janelle Hobbs, RN,BSN,CMSRN, the nurse naviga-

team in the Oncology Service Line for many years.

tor for Bayhealth’s Orthopaedic Service Line, serves

Brad Kirkes, Vice President of Ancillary and Clinical

as a resource and contact person for orthopaedic

Services, decided to take this concept and apply it to

patients such as those undergoing total joint re-

the Orthopaedic Service Line at Bayhealth. His vision,

placements, hip fracture repair or other orthopaedic

shared with Dr. Stephen Manifold, Medical Director

inpatient procedures.

of Orthopaedics at Bayhealth, was to advance orthopaedic care in the following ways through the assis-

As an example, Hobbs coordinates the Total Joint

tance of a navigator:

Replacement Class, where she helps patients understand what to expect before, during, and after


Advance best practice orthopaedic care of each

surgery. She works with these patients while they

patient with the care delivery team to ensure the

are hospitalized to recuperate after surgery and co-

optimal orthopaedic outcome is achieved

ordinates the discharge plan with the care manager. Hobbs’ goal is to coordinate the care for the patient




Ensure comprehensive care from pre-operative

and ensure quality care is given by collaborating

management to follow-up care once discharged

with nursing, therapy, orthopaedic surgeons, and

from the hospital

other members of the patient care team.

Enhance program development- pre-operative

“Discharge planning for the patient begins as soon as

and post-operative interventions to improve the

they come into the hospital,” she said. “We see them

patient experience

through the entire process.”

Orthopaedic data collection as a means to improve clinical outcomes by studying Bayhealth results and comparing to state and national benchmarks


A self-proclaimed former couch potato has transformed his health and his life.

Specialized Services Surgical Weight Loss At 370 pounds, Allen Drummond couldn’t walk from his car to his office without difficulty. He had type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, hypertension and a cardiac arrhythmia. His cardiologist told him his weight had become life-threatening. Since undergoing Lap-Band® surgery, Allen’s health—and his life—have completely turned around. Now down to 260 pounds, he takes five medications instead of 18. He bikes six and a half miles three times a week. He’s hunting again. And he goes fishing with his grandchildren as often as he can.

Bayhealth offers several surgical weight loss options for people who have been unsuccessful in other weight loss attempts. Patty Baynocky, RN, BSN, CNOR, Bayhealth Bariatric Program Coordinator, explained that many people pursue bariatric surgery not only to lose weight, but to treat co-morbid conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea, and joint pain. Without treatment, these conditions worsen over time and severely limit quality of life. Bayhealth offers several bariatric procedures: Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Band (Lap-Band®); Laparoscopic Roux en Y Gastric Bypass; Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy. n


Dialysis Unit at Kent A new dialysis unit at Kent General incorporates the

room, an exam room, and a physician’s office. Now

latest technology and offers a comfortable, safe,

in our 30th year of providing hemodialysis to acute

and private environment for patients with six bed

and chronic kidney failure patients in our commu-

treatment bays and three chair treatment bays, an

nity, Bayhealth expects to provide over 3,100 dialysis

isolation room for special care, a dedicated waiting

treatments in 2013. n

SleepCare Center in Milford Bayhealth’s new SleepCare Center in Milford offers state-of-the-art sleep disorder testing, including overnight sleep testing and daytime multiple sleep latency testing for adults and children suffering from sleep deprivation and illness resulting from sleep disorders. Bayhealth SleepCare Centers are also located in Wilmington, Bear, Newark, Dover, Middletown and Georgetown. n 17

Respect for our community inspires us to question, explore, and investigate. Bayhealth is an organization that pushes to find answers and options. We take the initiative to anticipate challenges and solve problems. n



Patient Safety Improving Patient Safety

CPOE Implementation

In honor of National Patient Safety Awareness

In Spring 2013, Bayhealth launched a computerized

Week, Bayhealth’s Clinical Safety Council

provider order entry (CPOE) system to help reduce

awarded its 4th Annual Safety Excellence

communication errors. CPOE offers many benefits to

Award. Recognizing employees who go above

patients, including alerting caregivers to medication

and beyond to support our culture of safety,

errors, allergies, or possible drug interactions;

the award accompanies a week of celebration

eliminating confusion due to handwriting or

and education. Louis Levenson, RPh, MAS,

transcription errors; and improving communication

MSITS, Pharmacy Informatics Specialist, received

among members of the patient care team. n

the Bayhealth Milford Memorial award. Sandy Boyce, Security Officer, received the Bayhealth Kent General Award. n


“The data reflect significant improvements in all major areas of patient safety. Our Patient Safety Risk Reduction Committee is committed to ensuring this trend continues,” said Vice President of Medical Affairs Eric Gloss, DO. n

Exploring improvements to the patient experience The Patient Advocacy Team, led by Bayhealth Director of Patient Advocacy, Service Excellence and Professional Recruitment Marianne Foard, MS, RN, has implemented several new structures and processes this past year to identify significant findings and trends in overall patient satisfaction. Expanding survey populations to include Dialysis, Medical Practice Groups, Ambulatory Services, more closely

Immunization Initiative In 2013, Bayhealth made the seasonal flu vaccine mandatory for all employees to reduce the chances of patient infection. The organizational compliance rate of 95% signifies Bayhealth’s commitment to patient safety. n

Patient Safety Risk Reduction Committee Eighteen of Bayhealth’s top managers and admin-

monitoring survey sample sizes, and focusing on service excellence during new employee orientation have helped make a difference for patients. The Measurement Team, an offshoot of the Patient Advocacy Team, is comprised of senior leaders and releases a monthly scorecard which analyzes patient satisfaction and quality data to identify strengths and weaknesses. The team supports the basis for action plans that align resources to organizational excellence goals.

istrators serve on the Patient Safety Risk Reduction Committee, which has teamed with Bayhealth

Part of the Measurement Team is the Patient Griev-

managers and surgeons to develop detailed safety

ance Committee. This group is tasked with incor-

protocols covering medication administration, pa-

porating grievance data in the hospital-wide Per-

tient falls, hospital acquired infections, and many

formance Improvement (PI) program. They oversee

other areas. Receiving input from a wide range of

effective operation of the grievance process, en-

clinical experts, the Committee develops policies to

suring that the process is reviewed, analyzed and

promote a culture of safety and ensures Bayhealth

reported through the existing PI Council that reports

exceeds safety standards stipulated by the Joint

to the Performance Improvement Committee of the

Commission, which oversees hospital accreditation.

Board. n 21

Patient Experience Planetree Since 2005, Bayhealth has incorporated Planetree’s

Patient Volunteer Ambassador Program

patient-focused model of care, centered around

A collaboration with Volunteer Services, The Patient

a holistic approach to healing in all dimensions

Volunteer Ambassador Program placed volunteers

– “the mind, body and spirit.” Planetree is a non-

on hospital units to enhance the patient and family

profit organization that helps patients, families

experience. Volunteer Ambassadors undergo a train-

and staff members deliver care from the patient’s

ing program that is facilitated by Patient Advocacy

perspective. Some Planetree components Bayhealth

and Service Excellence and emphasizes the tools and

has introduced that are conducive to healing include

tactics that lead to organizational excellence. n

patient-centered visitation, pet-assisted visitation and aromatherapy. n


Shown in the front row from left are: Betty Hill, Vicky Erb, Steven Waidley, Tammy Lang, Patrician Edwards; Middle Row: Erin May, Andrea Carter, Jennifer Roe, Dorothy Vowels. Back Row: Bob Norquest, Peter Senft, Jim Erb, David McWethy, Mike Snodgrass.

Patient Advisory Council Dedicated to Positive Changes

and some are active Bayhealth volunteers in the

The Bayhealth Patient Advisory Council is dedicated

changes. The group meets quarterly for dinner with

to improving the patient’s experience, bringing it

Bayhealth staff representing the Patient Advocacy

into alignment with the Planetree mission of caring

and Planetree departments and discusses seemingly-

for body, mind and spirit, encouraging communica-

small details can make an enormous difference in a

tion and empowering patients.

patient’s perspective of quality hospital care.

hospital. While their experiences at Bayhealth may have varied, they are committed to making positive

Some of the council’s members are Bayhealth patients. Others are former Bayhealth employees,

Shown in the front row from left are: Betty Hill, Vicky Erb, Steven Waidley, Tammy Lang, Patrician Edwards; Middle Row: Erin May, Andrea Carter, Jennifer Roe, Dorothy Vowels. Back Row: Bob Norquest, Peter Senft, Jim Erb, David McWethy, Mike Snodgrass.

Reducing Infection Bayhealth has significantly reduced central line associated bloodstream infections (CLABSI) of our hospitalized patients. Since August 2010, Bayhealth Milford Memorial’s Intermediate and Intensive Care Units have prevented all bloodstream infections of this type. At Bayhealth Kent General, the Intensive Care Unit went 15 consecutive months without a central line infection, while the Cardiovascular-Surgical Intensive Care Unit registered 16 consecutive months without a central line infection.



Accountability is central to our work at Bayhealth. As we seek to create and maintain a culture of excellence, we request assessment by independent national evaluating bodies. We adhere to national clinical guidelines and stand by what we believe in. n


Value Improvement Scores The gathering and reporting of quality data grounds our services in the patient experience. Surgical Care Improvement Project 100% 99%   98%   97%   96%   95%   Prophylactic Antibiotic Selection


Prophylactic Antibiotic PreIncision

Prophylactic Antibiotic Discontinued

Peri-Operative VTE Prophylaxis VTE Prophylaxis Post-Operative Post-Operative Beta Blocker Ordered Given Glucose Control Catheter Removal




Immunizations 100% 90%   State


National 70%

In each of the following five areas, as-


60% Pneumococcal VaccinationPatient

sessment is required by the Centers for

Seasonal Influenza Vaccination- Patient

Seasonal Influenza Vaccination-Employee

Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS): acute myocardial infarction (heart attack), heart failure, pneumonia, influenza vaccinations, and surgical care. At Bayhealth, teams consisting of physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and others continually work to improve our patient experience. The scores we share dem-

Pneumonia 100% 99%   98%   State





95% 94%   Initial Antibiotic Selection

onstrate our dedication to the highest

Blood Culture Pre-Antibiotic

quality and safest care for our patients. In areas where we fall short, we review

Acute Myocardial Infarction (Heart Attack)

our efforts and creatively seek new ways


to provide consistently exceptional care.


We report our data to CMS, who then


translates our figures into rates or per-


centages. The data is publicly available so


that consumers can compare hospitals in


certain key areas.



National Bayhealth

93% Aspirin at Arrival

PCI Within 90 Minutes of Arrival

Aspirin at Discharge

Statins at Discharge

Bayhealth has met or exceeded state and national averages in the heart attack, heart failure, pneumonia, and vaccination categories, and is approach-

Heart Failure 100% 99%   98%  

ing the averages in the surgical care


improvement project. n


State National



94% 93%   Complete Discharge Instructions

Evaluation of LVS Function

ACEI or ARB at Discharge for LVSD


Bayhealth Payor Mix Our primary service area has seen rapid population growth in the last few years, with continuing

Medicare 43% Medicaid 24% tion at 67%. These patients are typically Blue  Cross 15%higher utilizers of healthcare services in the community. Commercial 3% Managed  Care 7% Compensa:on 1% Champus 4% 4% Private  Pay 3% Champus

growth of 5% per year. Medicare and Medicaid patients comprise the majority of our patient popula-

1% Compensation

3% Private Pay

7% Managed Care 3% Commercial 15% Blue Cross

24% Medicaid

Payor Mix - Bayhealth Fiscal Year 2013


43% Medicare

Bayhealth Performance For the years ending 6/30/2013 and 6/30/2012

FY 2013

FY 2012













Operations Performed



Average Length of Stay

4.5 days

4.5 days

Unreimbursed Care

$44.5 million

$45.5 million

Total Net Revenue

$482.4 million

$451 million

ED Visits Births Outpatient Visits

Patients Admitted Diagnostic Imaging Procedures Laboratory Tests


Teamwork At Bayhealth, we believe teamwork is the heart of our community. We recognize that the future of health care relies on interconnection. Dialogue, collaboration and cooperation help us stay open to many possibilities. n



Get to know Bayhealth’s

“Top” Nurses

Melody Wireman

Alana King

Robert McKennett

Bayhealth’s Melody Wireman, RNC, MSN, APRN, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Labor & Delivery and Women’s Services; Alana King, MSN, RN, PCCN, Inpatient Clinical Nursing; and Robert McKennett, CRNA, MA, MSN, NEA-BC, Chief Nurse Anesthetist, Kent General, were all named “Top Nurses” by Delaware Today Magazine this spring.


Meet Jack Bayhealth Therapy Dog to Receive International Award

In addition to visiting patients during their therapy

Jack is a three-year old Welsh Corgi. He doesn’t per-

patients. He participates with feeding and speech ac-

form surgery, provide medication or check vital signs,

tivities, by allowing children with eating disorders to

but he is a vital player in the healing process that

feed him, and fetching and returning thrown balls.

brings smiles to the faces of patients and employees

His presence comforts children receiving therapy. n

sessions, Jack has also proven instrumental in the therapy process as well, particularly with pediatric

alike. Jack was nominated for the 2013 Planetree Pet Therapy Animal of the Year Award. Jack was selected to receive this distinguished award from over 500 nominations submitted by Planetree Affiliates from the United States and 13 countries.


Community Outreach As part of the Healthier Sussex County initiative with Beebe Medical Center and Nanticoke Health Services, Bayhealth joined with Habitat for Humanity on two house construction projects in Georgetown. Employees from all three health care organizations are volunteering their time and effort to build these homes. The hospital CEOs broke ground at the first build. Pictured above are Steven Rose, Nanticoke Memorial Hospital; Terry Murphy, Bayhealth; and Jeffrey Fried, Beebe Medical Center. Healthier Sussex County is a collaborative effort of community members, community resources and area hospitals to make Sussex County one of the healthiest in the nation by addressing health issues and working toward optimal health.


Supporting Domestic Violence Victims Dawn Culp, MSN, RN, SANE-A, SANE-P, FNE, DV & Gang Consultant, was appointed to the Delaware Domestic Violence Coordinating Council, where she will serve as Medical Liaison to help improve Delaware’s response to domestic violence. Culp has been involved in various capacities with DVCC since 2001. Currently, she is a co-chair of the Medical and Executive Subcommittees. In addition to working as a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) in Bayhealth’s three Emergency Departments, Culp and her staff of SANE forensic nurses educate the community through seminars at high schools, daycare centers, Delaware State University, and employers such as Dover Air Force Base. n

Mentoring Future Nurses Robert House, CRNA, MSN, Clinical Coordinator of the Bayhealth Anesthesia Department, received Drexel University’s 2013 Clinical Preceptor Award. The award, titled “Behind Every Graduate,” honored House’s passion for teaching and dedication to student growth. As the Clinical Coordinator for students completing rotations at Bayhealth as part of their nurse anesthetist programs, House oversees assignments and housing, places students in educational settings, and trains students in the clinical setting. n

Inspiring Tomorrow’s Medical Leaders Healthcare Explorer Post 804, a collaboration between Bayhealth and the Del-Mar-Va Council, gives local teenagers the opportunity to learn more about possible careers in healthcare. n


Recognition Awards, Accreditation and Recognition n

American Heart Association’s “Get With The Guidelines–Heart Failure” Gold Plus Quality Achievement Award for compliance with the four key achievement measures related to treatment of patients diagnosed with heart failure.


American Heart Association’s “Get With the Guidelines-Resuscitation” Gold Quality Achievement Award for achieving aggressive goals in improving patient outcomes from in-hospital cardiac arrest.



The International Commission on Accreditation of


The Intersocietal Accreditation Commission ac-

Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) accredited Bay-

credited Bayhealth’s Cardiac Diagnostic Center

health Inpatient Rehabilitation Center, Milford

Vascular Laboratories.

Memorial, for 3 years. n n

The American Association of Cardiovascular

The Joint Commission accredited Bayhealth for

Pulmonary Rehabilitation certified Bayhealth Kent

meeting program requirements in the following

General’s Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program.

areas. At Bayhealth Kent General: Home Care Accreditation Program, Hospital Accreditation Pro-

n recognized Bayhealth with the “Take

gram, Advanced Certification as a Primary Stroke

Pride” award for fostering a diverse and inclusive

Center. At Bayhealth Milford Memorial: Hospital


Accreditation Program. n

Home Care Elite Status awarded to Bayhealth Home Care as being in the top quartile of successful Medicare-certified Home Care providers in the United States.



Integrity Integrity forms the basis for our future. At Bayhealth, we are always exploring new horizons. We embrace new experiences and go places that have not been explored before, in order to provide exceptional care to the communities of today and tomorrow. n


Milford Replacement Project

Exploring Facility Options for Milford Bayhealth Milford Memorial has served the community of Milford and surrounding areas in its current location since 1938. In 2012 Bayhealth announced the selection of EwingCole to develop the master fa-

Michael E. Ashton, FACHE

cility plan that will become the footprint for the new

Administrator, Milford Memorial

hospital on the existing Bayhealth Milford Memorial campus. EwingCole is a nationally recognized, fully

Ashton oversees operations at Bayhealth Milford

integrated architecture, engineering, interior design,

Memorial, and plays an instrumental role in the

and planning firm with offices in Pennsylvania, Cali-

development of plans for the Milford Memorial

fornia, New York, and Washington D.C.

replacement hospital.


Bayhealth continues to develop plans for the fu-

which will allow for increased patient privacy and

ture Southern Region Health Campus. Bayhealth is

provide more space for family and provider-patient

committed to excellence, and as part of the master


facility planning is thoroughly analyzing each detail to ensure the right facility will be available now and

“When completed, this full service hospital will help

for many generations to come.

the organization respond to the inevitable changes healthcare reform will require. This will also allow

The new campus will include a full-service commu-

for expanded clinical integration and growth in

nity hospital with state-of-the-art inpatient and am-

ambulatory care services,” stated Michael Ashton,

bulatory care capabilities. One exciting element of

Administrator, Milford Memorial Hospital. n

this project is that all patient rooms will be private,

Clinical Integration - Bayhealth Physician Alliance Evan W. Polansky, JD, MBA, Bayhealth’s new Director of Clinical Integration, will work to align physician and hospital interests in order to improve patient access, ensure quality and reduce costs. He will help Bayhealth continue to achieve the goal of providing exceptional care through improving the system-wide coordination of activities that contribute to an individual’s health. August 2013 marked the creation of the Bayhealth Physician Alliance, a physician-led network of community health care providers committed to providing the highest quality of care and participating in activities that support achievement of that goal. n


Living our values in many locations throughout Delaware

WILMINGTON Bayhealth SleepCare Center 1407 Foulk Road, Wilmington

BEAR Bayhealth SleepCare Center 2500 Wrangle Hill Road, Bear

NEWARK Bayhealth SleepCare Center 1 Centurian Drive, Newark

MIDDLETOWN Bayhealth Outpatient Center, Middletown 209 E. Main Street Lab, Digital Mammography, Ultrasound, X-Ray, Bone Density, EKG Testing Bayhealth SleepCare Center 291 Carter Drive, Middletown

SMYRNA Bayhealth Outpatient Center, Smyrna 401 N. Carter Road Open MRI, CT, Digital Mammography, Bone Density, Lab, X-Ray, Ultrasound, EKG Testing Bayhealth Wellness Center Smyrna High School Emergency Center, Smyrna 401 N. Carter Rd, Smyrna

DOVER Bayhealth Kent General 221 Bed Acute Care Facility 640 S. State Street, Dover


Bayhealth Cancer Center, Kent General 640 South State Street, Dover (Radiation/Medical Oncology)

Bayhealth SleepCare Centers 540 S. Governors Avenue, Dover 1110 Forrest Avenue, Dover

Bayhealth Outpatient Rehabilitation Center, Dover 560 S. Governors Avenue, Dover Physical, Occupational, Aquatic and Speech Therapy, Home Care Offices

Bayhealth Wellness Centers Caesar Rodney High School, Camden Dover High School, Dover Polytech High School, Woodside

Bayhealth Outpatient Center, Dover 540 S. Governors Avenue Open MRI, CT, PET Scan and X-Ray


Bayhealth Women’s Center, Dover 540 S. Governors Avenue Digital Mammography, Lab, Bone Density, Ultrasound Bayhealth Outpatient Center, Eden Hill 200 Banning Street, Suite 140, Dover MRI, CT, X-Ray, Ultrasound Bayhealth Cardiac Diagnostic Center 1100 Forrest Avenue Cardiac Stress Tests, Echocardiogram and Vascular Ultrasound Bayhealth Cardiovascular Surgical Associates, Dover 540 S. Governors Avenue Bayhealth Lifestyles Fitness Center, Dover 1255 S. State Street Bayhealth Occupational Health, Dover 1275 S. State Street Dover Surgery Center 100 Scull Terrace, Dover

Bayhealth Milford Memorial 168 Bed Acute Care Facility 21 W. Clarke Avenue, Milford Bayhealth Outpatient Center, Milford Memorial 21 W. Clarke Avenue, Milford Bayhealth Outpatient Rehabilitation Center, Milford Memorial 21 W. Clarke Avenue, Milford Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy Bayhealth Inpatient Rehabilitation Center, Milford Memorial 21 W. Clarke Avenue

Bayhealth Cancer Center, Milford Memorial 21 W. Clarke Avenue (Radiation/Medical Oncology) Bayhealth Lifestyles Fitness Center, Milford Memorial 21 W. Clarke Avenue, Milford Bayhealth WalkIn Medical Care and Occupational Health, Milford 301 Jefferson Avenue Bayhealth SleepCare Center 611 N. DuPont Highway, Milford Bayhealth Wellness Center Milford High School

FELTON Bayhealth Wellness Center Lake Forest High School

HARRINGTON Bayhealth Outpatient Center, Harrington 201 Shaw Avenue Lab, X-ray, EKG testing


Bayhealth Outpatient Center, Airport Road 1020 Mattlind Way, Milford Open MRI, PET Scan, CT, Lab, Ultrasound and X-ray

Bayhealth Outpatient Center, Milton 632 Mulberry Street Laboratory, X-ray, EKG

Bayhealth Women’s Center, Milford Medical Arts Building, Suite 3 Digital Mammography, Bone Density, Ultrasound


Bayhealth Cardiac Diagnostic Center 802 N. DuPont Boulevard Cardiac Stress Tests, Echocardiogram and Vascular Ultrasound


Bayhealth Wellness Center Woodbridge High School

Bayhealth SleepCare Center 2 Lee Avenue, Georgetown


Bayhealth’s Report to the Community 2013


Bayhealth’s Report to the Community 2013