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Ai Weiwei

Ai Weiwei is a artist that likes to experiment in all different areas of sculpture and does not have a real style or concept as each sculpture is made to represent something new and different. This is a construction of sunflower seeds which has deveoped on from one of his previous pieces which was a whole space full of these on the floor. I like the layout and that all the different elements add up to find the final piece.

Joan Mitchell Joan Mitchell likes the concept of light, so she tends to use that in her designs and creations. she would use a variety of media and surfaces to help display different effects for different meanings. I took an interest in this iece as its very bstract and looks like its been made to look messed up so it actually is done to look like this. Linking to the concept of light the darker centre is the interpretation of light and its giving off colours and shapes from it.

Richard Long This is by Richard Long who i have previosuly look at from other work. He likes to use natural materials in a symbolic position. His materials are obtained by the journeys he makes s he likes to go on walk and these are symbolic to something he does which may mean it might not have the connection as easily to his viewers.

Susumu Koshimizu Susumu grew up in Tanzania and were influence by a timber yard near where she gre up and she describes this design as that she can almost smell it. These blanks of wood have been cut into shapes and designs that are symmetrical and show a different characteristic. I like that the line up almost shows a development stange in the planks and that they are figurative and all stand for individual things.

I really liked this design and that was influenced based on the scale of the piece. It took up the whole wall and was at least double the sam of me which made me feel it was over powering ans the fact that the silhouette of the figures was to scale lead to be really life like and have a interesting aspect of what does each of these objects actually look like. Also the way some of the shapes and white gaps to help show detail in a stencil type of format which is nice to look at. I would of linked to seen some sort of experimentation with the shape rather than a collage in a square.

Donald Judd

Judd’s work was made from come industrial materials. The colours were based on colours chosen from the industrial colour chart, enamel baked into a aluminium sheet. Which was the arranged in a specific placement determined by Judd. The way each colour related to the others were part of paramount important and he would try to avoid the most obvious harmonies or contrasts. Which worked the his advantage as this colour scheme is something that we may not have seen together as a combination and in this order. Also the scculpture being hung high above as means were looking at it from a different aspect in contrast to how we may of if it was around our feet.

Abraham Cruzvillegas

This design is based on the concept of energy and process. From the shapes developing its way around the room we can see that its progressing amongst us, and it is interacting with some of the other sculptures which i thought was interesting as its something that is rarely done due to artists opinions however the way the colour is spreading we would tend to find a starting point as to where the outbrust came from. There is a energy coming from these designs as the contrast with the walls around it, it looks as if it reacting with the colour to form a inblanced opinion.

These photos are very narrative as to what they’re trying to express and the simple scenary helps show the development through the story and whats going on. The black and white use of colour is prehaps to help show emotion and sadness when occuring within the story. The format in how each photo has been displayed is quite a nice experimentation on how each photo could have a different meaning when in aa different order. I like the surrounding in the pictures as its rundown and very washed away with is very emotive itself as you could emotion it being cold and neglected.

These are drawings by hand, which are of a simple nature, and not a lot of detail has been places in, but the presentation has worked for them to help make them look more sophisticated. I like the rough text, and how things have been done to look rushed works well and the simple drawings are more abstracted as the image has not been drawn with any justice.

Roy Lichenstein

I like these designs as the colours are very playful and also it may not be for comic books, but using that style it has the effect of expressing something else. I like that there are only solid colours and no blending, with the black bold lines really shows off the shapes of the design and wha each different things is saying. The desins are complexly designed and there is alot going on in the image which i like as because of the scale you are able to take it ll in, rather than on the scale of a comic book where detail may go unnoticed.

These photos being in black and white are really expressive as the scenary in the image is rough, by using black and white the area is already asumed to be negative because of the way its displayed. Ine th images there is not alot of life around which is something Guy Tillim may have thought and how he was to express the environments. The areas may have been chosen to show a reasoning that we dont know and are meant to try and figure out. Are these places resembling what was once his place or are we trying to connect it something where we know, and has now taken a negative turn.

Nelson Leirner

This is one of the work associated with brazilian pop art and Leiner playfully uses the style through zipping together panels of fabric when its originally shown it was meant to be zipped and unzipped by the viewers to help form a connection. By implicating the spectator in the creative acts leirner aimed to demystify the role of the artist and destabilise the status of the object. He aimed t have many outcomes and through the viewers exploration they could come up with their outcome through their on movements of the art.


Gallery visit and looking and different examples of designs.

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