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Mr. Cenz Cenz is a urban street graffiti artist and has worked with schools and in advertisement. When he was 10 yrs old he understood hip-hop culture and it was though this that was his first introducuction to graffiti art. He familiarised himself with this new and exciting art form through the book Subway art. When he was about 11 yrs old he began experimenting with ‘tags’ and ‘pieces’ and started scribbling on any available surfaces from his bedroom, school to local area. From there his obsession with graffiti art dominated most of my early teens and began getting quite heavily involved in the illegal scene writing the tag ‘CENCE’ alongside other writers such as ‘Crymein’, ‘kondem’, ‘Strobe’, ‘Moet’, ‘Regret’, ‘Enrol’(now known as the shoe bomber) and ‘Carve (RIP)’ the list is endless……This unfortunately led to being arrested several times on various criminal damage charges and causing quite an upset. At this point he began to look at ways of continuing with artwork through legal commissions where he had the opportunity to paint and to get paid. After leaving school and gone to Art College his involvement in the graffiti scene was gradually overtaken by music and clubbing. Artistically he was beginning to experiment which graphics, fine art and other forms, but throughout this developmental stage it never lost the influence of graffiti art within my artwork. Its spontaneity, bright colours and bold images continue to be an integral part of fine art painting style and technique today. Since graduating from university and beginning to work on community projects he found himself eager to begin painting again. Since 1998 he began doing my own legal painting using the slightly changed name ‘CENZ’ and working as a community graffiti artist with young people on a regular basis. This has helped him to develop into a confident painter with my his unique style.

This is my interpretation of Mr Cenz work. I used bright colours as he did and also the style of urban playful, but also not clearly read. From doing this i learned about different techniques and also about arrangement when being put together on the page.

Mr Cenz  

artist research

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