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May 2014 Family, You have been there through the highs and lows of our life, in and out of ministry. I think of the things we have shared with you, the way we have processed our hearts, shared our sorrows and our triumphs. I think of each of you, reading, praying, sowing, loving and I am overwhelmed with gratitude and love for each of you. I say this because the time has come… it is a new season… God is up to something amazing and we are seeing the fruits of what our hearts have been longing to see for seven years. THE ORPHAN. Who are they? Where are they? What do they look like? Above all, what is God’s heart for each of them and what is our role in seeing his heart manifest in their lives? It is our heart’s cry, our soul’s longing to see the fatherless generation come to know their Father and it is this mandate that has stirred the core of who we are to lay our lives down for the sake of His children. We say, “God we go where you want us to go, do what you want us to do and say YES to this call.” WHAT DOES THIS LOOK LIKE FOR BKJM? Great question! It is taking our family around the world to third world nations and giving children an encounter with heaven…through a touch, through a smile, through clean water, balloon animals and more. It is carrying God’s message of the orphan to His body and the world, giving practical tools to care for them and see His heart made manifest. We say YES! IT LOOKS LIKE CHILD SPONSORSHIP! Yes!! We are bringing back child sponsorship and are moving on our first major project internationally in Cambodia! As we visited our favorite orphanage in Cambodia, we sat with the director, and through tears he explained to us the 83 children and 16 staff on their property currently live on $2,000-$3,000 per month.

As Bob said, “We cannot NOT do something!” This will be rolling out in the next 2-3 months and once it does, you will be able to select a child on our website you are able to connect with, love on, pray for and provide for practically. We say YES! WHAT’S NEXT? RANCHO DE SUS NIÑOS IN MEXICO! Our family as well as some close friends of ours and two students will pack out our twelve passenger van and drive eleven hours with six kids five and under… somebody say GRACE! We will be spending a week with the orphans on their base as well as teaching in their school, doing water purification projects as well as outreach in the villages. We say YES!!! WHAT IS OUR HEART FOR MEXICO? We want to leave the place ROCKED, BLESSED, OVERWHELMED, AND TAKEN BACK by the goodness of Father and the generosity of our community.

HOW CAN YOU SAY YES? • Stay updated on our blog through our website: for ways to pray and see what we are doing! • Send us children’s clothing! Any age is welcome! • Sponsor a water filter for $50! Just include with your donation you wish it to go to a filtration system. These filters will filter A MILLION GALLONS of water and provide clean drinking water to an entire village daily!! We would love to take at least 20 with us! Each person that sponsors a filter, please include your email so you can be sent a picture of your filter being delivered! • Sow into our trip! We still need about $500 to cover the activities we are doing with the children while we are there. Anything that comes in beyond that will add to how we are able to bless the children, students and staff!









PROPHETIC WORD FOR YOU: If you have been in a season of transition, of feeling heavy, weary…THE SHIFT IS HERE! IT’S A NEW SEASON! YOU ARE STANDING IN YOUR BREAKTHROUGH! God is pouring out His goodness and His Spirit on His people who have stood steadfast through hardship and this season is going to blow you away with His goodness! Thank you for your steadfast love, prayers and support! We treasure you! Bob and Kimberly

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