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April 2014

Hello from ASIA! Four kids, a team of 21, countless snacks, bags and pacifiers all coming together with one heartbeat, one focus, one passion…to share the love of Jesus with the world. Our journey began in Thailand and has now taken us to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. We are working with an organization called “Destiny Rescue” which is involved in all steps of the journey of a human trafficking victim; everything from rescue, restoration and reintegration into society. They work with girls under the age of 18 and the level of excellence they carry is nearly unmatched.

Our team came over with the primary focus being to serve the staff of DR in both Thailand and Cambodia with a secondary focus being our activities with the trafficking survivors. This vision wasn’t something that was a flippant decision; it was a specific mandate from God. The staffs of these organizations have given so much more than most of us could possibly comprehend in order to restore the lives of the most broken.

As we drove into Cambodia leaving the airport, despite seeing it before, we were continually taken back by the images placed before us. Desolation blanketed with trashlined streets and makeshift shacks that lined the streets filled with a market making the most trashed Wal-Mart seem like Rodeo Drive. The hardest challenge comes as you look inside this market and see that although many have snacks, trinkets, broken toys and more – the majority of them are lined with girls in heavy make up, high heels and undersized clothing sitting on plastic chairs, waiting for their purchaser to come and

select them. It never gets old. It never stops shocking. It never ceases to stir up a righteous anger in the depths of my soul. Simply to share with you some of the fruit of the first half of our team and more specifically what you sowed into I want to share with you some of the comments from “Destiny Rescue” Thailand:

“We asked how [the rescued girls] felt about what the Bethel team taught yesterday (intimacy with God, worship, etc.), and they said they really enjoyed it and felt such peace and Jesus' presence. YES!! They said while they were soaking in worship yesterday, God gave many of them visions of His kingdom: many beautiful houses prepared, a large gate opening with a bright light inside, etc. Wow. God is speaking, moving, transforming, and drawing all of us close to Himself. I am utterly overwhelmed by His goodness...thank you, thank you, thank you Jesus!” “We got to share our hearts with them and in return they spoke life, encouragement, prophetic insight and even sowed into our ministry. We are feeling very blessed. Like a weight we didn't even know we were carrying has been lifted off our shoulders. We're smiling and we've got a new spring in our step! The way God has used you all to minister to us...well you may never understand how much it has meant.” “Bethel team - you are a blessing beyond belief and we are so deeply grateful for your obedience to the Lord and the reflection of your intimacy with Him in the way you live your lives. I am touched, inspired, honored, and reminded yet again of how good and sweet and perfect God is. I am diving into a new season of depth and intimacy with Jesus.” We also had several incredible ministry days with the rescued girls! On one of the days we taught them life skills and Bible classes. The first half Bob taught on intimacy and then the second day Kimberly spoke to them about worship and soaking and the team led them on an encounter in heaven. The testimonies out of this class were amazing. God

met each girl where they were and encountered them all. We had to break for lunch so our team just turned up the music and left them to soak a bit longer! So fun!

On a personal note, our littles continue to amaze us in their resilience and fearlessness to see the world. Cade is our adventurer who may give us a few gray hairs, but oh how he loves the broken and has a heart of such compassion. He asked on this trip if he could get “Bapti-tized”! His hunger for God continues to grow. Ari is adorable and feisty as ever. Escalators are not her friends and she knows that her smile brings contagious joy wherever she goes. Eli was the one I was a little concerned about bringing since he is too old to be held all day but too young to understand what’s going on. Last year the rescued girls loved passing him around and I so wanted them to be able to do it again this year if he would let them. Sure enough! He just loves being held and I think he can feel a healing anointing leaving his body and touching the hearts of these girls. Lastly, Miss Sadie Tate is giggled over everywhere we go. She is laid back and doing amazing. We have had countless ask us, “Are they all yours?!” And over here they love these little blonde hair blue eyed babes, how could they not? Thank y’all for continuing to pray for amazing health for us, and our team. Thank you for your generosity and heart for our family to take God’s message of hope, family, restoration and most importantly, His son Jesus, to the world!

WE LOVE YOU! Bob and Kimberly 1095  Hilltop  Drive  Suite  369  Redding  CA  96003   Tel:    530.232.552

April/Asia 2014 Newsletter  
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