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Looking for detailed information on Kortrijk and the Leie region or do you fancy getting to know this fascinating area in an original way? Then pop into the extraordinary, and surprising, Visitor Centre. Historical cycle routes, tasty walks or practical museum information – you’ll find all you need right here! Kortrijk Tourism and the Visitor Centre for the Leie Region Begijnhofpark 8500 Kortrijk GPS: Houtmarkt +32 (0)56 277840 Opening times:

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Closed from 24 December until 2 January. *31 March (Easter) , 1 and 2 November, 11 November


Hello there! Kortrijk is peaceful today, but centuries ago it was in turmoil. After all, ever since its emergence as a Roman settlement, Cortoriacum has had much to endure. Yet despite frequent invasions and occupations, its inhabitants have repeatedly come out on top. On 11 July 1302 on the Groeningekouter, the Flemish amateur army even defeated the seemingly invincible professional French cavalry. More than seven centuries later, the Battle of the Golden Spurs continues to be widely celebrated. Kortrijk 1302 imprints this single unforgettable day of battle in your memory. On the same location you can also find the exposition ‘A period of unrest for Kortrijk’ and Visitor Centre for Kortrijk and the Leie Region. In fact you will realise that the whole city is strewn with traces of the Middle Ages. They include the sturdy Broel Towers and the elegant Belfry, the impressive Our Lady’s Church, the sober Saint Martin’s Church and the peaceful Beguinage. After the Middle Ages, the River Leie, and the linen and damask industry that grew up around it, played the leading role. Successfully too! From the 18th century Kortrijk enjoyed fame as the world centre for flax. Thanks to the creative entrepreneurship of its people, Kortrijk grew to become the vibrant, economic heart of the region, while its traffic-free, chic shopping streets charm fashionistas from near and far. It’s a reputation that will be maintained by K in Kortrijk, the brand new shopping and residential complex. There’s still more! The Groeninge City proudly boasts a superb collection of fascinating museums and dynamic cultural centres, a wonderful terrace culture and irresistibly cosy popular festivals. Don’t delay - (re)discover Kortrijk today! See you soon! Tourism Team Kortrijk

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The Kortrijk gift voucher You can purchase the Kortrijk gift voucher from Tourism Kortrijk and at the reception desk at K in Kortrijk. € 10, € 15 and € 25 vouchers are on sale. Recipients can use them in over 300 stores and catering businesses in Kortrijk. You can shop until you drop!

In the spotlight ALLER RETOUR Photo Exhibition On display in the Buda Factory will be works from three generations of photographers, each of whom count among the top of their respective disciplines in Europe! Carl De Keyzer (Kortrijk, 1958) is a member of the renowned Magnum collective, and has authored several successful photography books. For Aller Retour, De Keyzer is delving further into images that he produced for ‘Moments before the flood’. In cooperation with the Digital Arts & Entertainment Department at West Flanders University College in Kortrijk, his 2D photos are being converted to 3D, and gaming elements are being added to them! Stephan Vanfleteren (Kortrijk, 1969) is well-noted for his black & white photography. Vanfleteren is premiering a whole new series of photos as well as a book during the Aller Retour exhibition at the Buda Factory. Bieke Depoorter (Kortrijk, 1986) earned international acclaim upon winning the 2010 Magnum Expression Award for her school final project entitled ‘Ou Menya’. The Broel Museum will be exhibiting new scans of glass plates that were made by the earliest Kortrijk photographers and which have never been made available until now. Périod: 9 March – 9 june 2013


Site web:

The Buda Factory (Budafabriek) The former Desmet-Dejaeghere textile factory has been converted into a creative space known as the Buda Factory. This space will become the factory of the future, a place where designers, artists, students and entrepreneurs will work side-by-side. Responsibility for renovating the old building was assumed by the architectural firm of Flemish Government Architect Peter Swinnen. A pentagonal addition was built onto the street side of the building in order to increase its visibility. The 3,000 square-metre factory has space for exhibitions, workshops and company product presentations. It represents the final phase of Buda Island’s urban renewal project. Location: Ijzerkaai

Architecture and Designwalk Thanks to its handy map, the ‘Architecture & Designwalk’ takes you to the most stylish of Kortrijk’s many buildings, squares and parks. Down attractive, newly developed lanes and in the most surprising places, the best architectural gems will be unveiled and described. Along the 5 km route are plenty of opportunities to take a break and find something to eat or drink. Map : € 1,50


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Discovering Kortrijk Kortrijk is multi-faceted. Groeninge city, heart of the Leie region, elegant shopping paradise, purveyor of culture, south-facing terraces, flax centre of world renown, city of innovation, creation and design … and so much more. In short, it’s high time you experience Kortrijk and all its facets yourself!

If you don’t like half measures, or wasting time, but still want to see all the highlights of Kortrijk, then this is the list for you: 10 places you definitely must visit! • • • • • • • • • •

Broel Towers The Beguinage site, the Artillery Tower, the Church of Our Lady and Count’s Chapel and the Saint-Martin’s Church The Grote Markt, the Belfry and the City Hall The Battle of the Golden Spurs K in Kortrijk and the shopping streets Photo Exhibition ALLER RETOUR Buda Island: Buda Tower, Budascoop, Broel Museum, Budapark and Buda Factory The banks of the Leie and seven new bridges ARGUS walking rally Rose Garden

A practical folder including a map shows all locations!


Medieval City of the Golden Spurs Are you wondering where the Battle of the Golden Spurs actually took place? Do you want to come face-to-face with the Groeninge Gate? Have you always fancied delving into a medieval crypt? Kortrijk has historical buildings and monuments in excess. The city has at least 200 protected examples. What do you think of the peaceful Beguinage and the Belfort – unsurprisingly both UNESCO heritage sites - or the solid Broel Towers, the lofty Artillery Tower or the elegant City Hall and its magnificent rooms? Romantics can adore the aromatic herb garden in the sedate atmosphere of the Baggaertshof or the intimate inner court of Our Lady’s Hospital. Curious historians can admire the unique frescoes of various Counts in the Counts’ Chapel or look for signs of the Golden Spurs in Our Lady’s Church. You’ll soon realise that Kortrijk is a feast for the eyes!


City of Innovation, Creation and Design While Kortrijk is rightly proud of its historical heritage, the Groeninge City does not hesitate to step into the future. Not thoughtlessly, but well-considered. With complete respect for its glorious past, famous architects and city planners are re-drawing the city. More or less the whole city is full of gems of modern architecture. Their designs are consistent, sober, contemporary and detailed. It’s a feast for the eyes for fans of architecture!

Overview map of modern architecture Scattered throughout the city are pearls of modern architecture. Robbrecht & Daem are taking care of a branch of a bank and the new shopping centre, bOb van Reeth is coordinating the Leie banks project and Stéphane Beel is focusing on the Buda Tower. Take the brochure ‘Kortrijk – City of Architecture and Design’ along with you and discover the most exciting building projects. Map: € 1.50

Architecture and Designwalk Thanks to its handy map, the ‘Architecture & Designwalk’ takes you to the most stylish of Kortrijk’s many buildings, squares and parks. Down attractive, newly developed lanes and in the most surprising places, the best architectural gems will be unveiled and described. Along the 5 km route are plenty of opportunities to take a break and find something to eat or drink. Map: € 1.50


City on the water The flax industry of the Golden River The Leie’s slow current gave Kortrijk flax and worldwide fame. From here, the best quality flax was exported to all corners of the globe. The river became known by the English as the Golden River. And rightly so. After all, the secret lay in its golden waters. Its sluggish current loosened the flax fibres from the other components of the stem, and its low levels of calcium and iron worked wonders. Calcium would have hardened the flax fibres, iron would have led to rust spots. Furthermore the necessary bacteria were present for an optimal retting process. And the rest is history…

The banks of the Leie and 7 new bridges The banks of the Leie and the course of the Old Leie are the place to be! The green zone is ideal for young and old to enjoy some undisturbed peace. And in the middle of a city! The banks bring you wonderfully close to the fresh water and the moored pleasure craft, so that you can sit on one of the delightful terraces and almost feel the water. Around the site of the King Albert park with its now famous Skatebowl, next to the Saint Amands Tower is the upgraded Diksmuidekaai, giving Kortrijk its own city beach at the Buda Beach. A new Leie needs new bridges. No fewer than seven imposing examples will shortly give the city a new silhouette and bestow a clear, strong look. No boring or identical copies, but seven distinctive bridges that will help both visitors and locals orientate themselves. Sometimes majestic big city structures, at other times bold zigzags.


Shop until you drop In Kortrijk, shopping is elevated to an art form. The elegant traffic-free shopping streets meander to the Grote Markt and offer both exclusive luxury boutiques as well as budget-friendly fashion stores. Looking and being looked at; both are experienced here! The brand-new shopping centre, “K in Kortrijk” is located in the heart of the city centre. This imposing architectural jewel houses no fewer than 80 shops! Interested in more than fashion? Then scurry down to the Doorniksewijk, centre for delicatessens as well as home and lifestyle accessories. In the Onze-Lieve-Vrouwe street you can find plenty of beautiful objects. You could even pick up a unique antique here. If you prefer shopping in the fresh air, get down to the market! Markets are in the city centre every Monday morning (Grote Markt, Doorniksestraat and Schouwburgplein), Friday afternoon (SintAmandsplein, from 15.00) and on Tuesday morning in Bissegem (parking Rietput). Three impressive shopping centres can be found in the city: K in Kortrijk, Ring Shopping Noord and Bouwcentrum Pottelberg.


The Kortrijk gift voucher You can purchase the Kortrijk gift voucher from Tourism Kortrijk and at the reception desk at K in Kortrijk. € 10, € 15 and € 25 vouchers are on sale. Recipients can use them in over 300 stores and catering businesses in Kortrijk. You can shop until you drop! Website:


By car Kortrijk is easily and quickly reached via the E17, A19 and E403. The Ring around Kortrijk, the R8, will bring you to your destination in no time at all. Websites: / (parking information)


By boat

Accessing Kortrijk Kortrijk is easily and quickly accessible, by car, bike, public transport or even by boat.

By train... Thanks to numerous rail links you can easily reach the centre. Website:

By bus Both in the city and its outskirts, De Lijn guarantees smooth bus connections. Website:

By bicycle The many excellently laid out cycle paths that wind through and round the city guarantee a safe and healthy trip.

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Visit Kortrijk in an original way? From 1 April to 31 October you can moor up to 10 consecutive days at the jetty located on the Guido Gezellepad and the Handelskaai. From 1 November to 31 March you can moor for a longer period. Please contact the harbor master on the boat Ghidan. Website:

By plane Brussels Airport, the national airport, is about 100 km away from Kortrijk, Ostend Airport is about 70 km away while Kortrijk-Wevelgem Airport is only 15 minutes by car from Kortrijk. Good motorway connections link all of them with Kortrijk, while Brussels Airport and Ostend Airport can easily be reached by train. Websites: Brussels airport: Ostend: Kortrijk-Wevelgem:


Places of Interest From the sturdy Broel Towers and the stately Belfort to Kortrijk 1302 or by getting your breath back in one of the many city parks. Whatever you fancy, time is too short – there is just too much to see, experience and enjoy.

Guided walks You can wander around by yourself of course, but a guided walk will help everything make more sense! A city tour lets you discover the most important monuments from Kortrijk’s history. You will visit the historic rooms of the Town Hall with its superb fireplaces and wall paintings. At the Grote Markt you will stop for a moment at the Belfort, where Manten and Kalle strike the hour. A hundred metres further and you enter an oasis of calm and quiet in the middle of the city centre, the unique Sint-Elisabeth beguinage. You will walk down the winding cobbled streets between the whitewashed houses. In the nearby thirteenth century Church of Our Lady with its sumptuous interior, you will undoubtedly visit the fascinating Counts Chapel. Your visit ends at the majestic Broel Towers, the sole remains of the city’s earliest settlement. Guide: You can request a guide from Kortrijk Tourism. Maximum 25 people per guide. Price per guided tour: € 70 (2 hours) or € 105 (3 hours) For reservations made fewer than 8 days in advance: € 85 or € 115


Monuments and heritage Within Kortrijk today are about 200 protected buildings and monuments, two of which have a UNESCO world heritage title. Additionally there are around a hundred valuable façades. A large number of statues, mills and landscapes make up this heritage. Kortrijk is the city where you can still experience the rough Middle Ages with a visit to the sturdy Broel Towers, the impressive Our Lady’s Church or the sober Beguinage.

Heritage walk Lost the trail a little? The heritage walk  ‘A city full of trails’ leads you from monument to monument and lets you make scores of discoveries. You will discover the City Hall, the quiet Beguinage and the stately Baggaertshof. In other words, everything from A to Z. Distance: 2.9 km Map of walking route: € 2

Belfry This UNESCO world heritage gem dates from the 13th century. The Belfry is a remnant of the medieval cloth hall and contains a 48-bell carillon. At the top you can see Mercurius, god of commerce, and the famous bellringers Manten and Kalle. A real must! Location: Grote Markt Opening times: Visit the Belfry with a guide.


Beguinage The sober beguinage, not surprisingly a UNESCO world heritage site, is a wonderfully quiet oasis right in the busy city centre. It’s a place to experience some inner peace. Around the Saint Matthew Chapel (1464) you can find about 40 small, 17th century, baroque houses, the Saint Anna Hall with its octagonal winding staircase and the house of the Grootjuffrouw. In the chapel, the Dutch organ from 1678 is one of the oldest and most authentic examples of its kind. Step inside the Beguinage, stroll past the houses and discover how time has stopped still for centuries. Location: Begijnhof Opening times: Summer 7.00 to 21.00; winter 7.00 to 20.00. Opening times chapel en Visitor Centre: weekdays from 13.00 to 17.00; Saturday and Sunday from 13.00 to 18.00; Closed on Mondays.

Broel Towers

Our Lady’s Church and the Count’s Chapel The first bricks in this church’s long history were laid in the 13th century. The west façade, nave and transept still remain from the early Gothic collegiate church. The two towers were constructed at the end of the 13th century, while the chancel dates from the 14th century. After the battle of Westrozebeke in 1382, most of the church was rebuilt. In the 17th century its interior was decorated in rich, baroque style. In 1370, Count Lodewijk van Maele had the Count’s Chapel built as his personal mausoleum. This chapel has been equipped with a new touch screen that relates the history of the chapel, offers an overview of the magnificent wall paintings of the Counts of Flanders, and provides background on the statue of Saint Catherine (a recognised masterpiece!). Today the church contains a number of important treasures such as Antoon Van Dijck’s Raising of the Cross. The golden spurs hanging from the ceiling are replicas.

Saint-Michael’s Church This church, commissioned by the Jesuits, was built between 1607 and 1611 to replace the 14th-century Chapel of the Holy Ghost. It is a basilica-like church with three naves, a semicircular chancel and two mighty towers. The style is late-Gothic. In 1947, a chapel with three domes was added to the church in which the statue of Our Lady of Groeninge is venerated. Location: Sint-Michielsplein Opening times: Every day from 9.30 to 20.00, on Monday to 18.30, on Sunday from 8.30 to 10.00 and 18.30 to 20.00.

Our Lady’s Hospital

These solid medieval towers are the only remnants of the city’s original walls and over the years have become the symbol of the city. The southern or Speye Tower (1385) was part of the reinforced fortifications of the Count’s castle. The northern or Ingelborch Tower (1413), was built for primitive artillery defence.

Location: Deken Zegerplein Opening times: Weekdays 8.00 to 18.00, Saturday 9.00 to 18.00, Sunday 11.00 to 18.00. Closed to visitors during services.

This hospital was probably founded at the beginning of the 13th century. Via the monumental gate within its 17th century facade you reach a courtyard where you have the feeling that time has stood still. A place to cherish.

Location: Broelkaai Opening times: The towers are not accessible for visits until the middle of 2013 due to renovation works.

Saint Martin’s Church

Location: Budastraat 37 Opening times: The church is open every day, 9.30 to 12.00 and 14.30 to 16.00. Closed to visitors during services.

City Hall The 16th century façade of the late-gothic renaissance style City Hall is embellished with sculptures of the Counts of Flanders. Inside you can find the beautiful Aldermen’s hall and the impressive Council Chamber with sculpted chimneys. Admire too the stained glass windows, the frescoes and the remarkable topographical maps. In the Gothic Hall is a modern fresco by Jan van Imschoot, depicting the Battle of the Gulden Spurs. Location: Grote Markt 54 Opening times: Visit the City Hall in July and August on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, from 15.00 to 17.00.

This church dates back to the 12th century and was converted many times over. There is a great harmony inside the church between works of art that are centuries old and the modern interior design. Some of the church’s treasures include the 16th century Sacrament Towers, the Pentecost Triptych by Bernard de Rijckere (1587) and the timeless 21st century altar, ambo and podium. The professionally designed treasury exhibits priceless church garments and silver from the 16th to the 19th century. We recommend a visit to the “Kelderke Gods” (God’s Basement) place of worship. Location: Sint-Maartenskerkstraat Opening times: Weekdays 7.30 to 18.00, Saturday and Sunday 10.00 to 18.00, ( from 1 October to 31 March to 17.00). Closed to visitors during services.

Baggaertshof The Baggaertshof was established in 1638 by Joossine Baggaert, who set up thirteen houses for poor women. These tiny houses, together with the chapel, surround a rectangular courtyard where you can enjoy a herb garden with more than 200 varieties of herbs. Location: Sint-Jansstraat 37 Opening times: Open from 14.00 to 18.00, during the winter until 17.00. Closed on Monday, Friday and public holidays


Mills Any lover of mills will get a warm feeling when admiring these fine examples: the unique little flax-turning windmill ‘Preetjes molen’ in Heule, the impressive mill and bakery complex ‘Vannestes Molen’ and the historically important ‘Hoogmolen Aalbeke’. The mills turn their sails at least once every month. More details in the brochure ‘Molenkaart’ (Map of Mills).

Preetjes Molen

Medieval crypt Groeninge Gate and Monument The Groeninge Monument, the work of Godfried Devreese, was erected on the site of the Groeningekouter. The gilded bronze monument portrays the Virgin of Flanders, the symbol of fiercely fought freedom. She triumphantly raises one arm, while keeping a roaring lion at bay with the other. The nearby Groeninge Gate was raised in 1908 to commemorate the victory of 1302. Location: Plein

Artillery Tower The Artillery Tower dates from the Battle of the Golden Spurs when it contained a strategically important well. It safeguarded a sluice that maintained the water level in the moat around the ramparts. Later, when the city ramparts were destroyed at the end of the 14th century, it stored cannons and gunpowder. A dangerous combination, because one spark could have blown up everything! Location: next to Our Lady’s Church Opening times: Visit the Artillery Tower with a guide


This crypt was discovered in 1955 during the construction of a supermarket at the corner of the Grote Markt. Dating from the late 12th century, it consists of one of the city’s first foundation stones. The patrician’s houses point to the wealth of the inhabitants living in the immediate vicinity of the cloth hall. The typical Roman arches rest on heavy pillars. In 1983 this precious gem became a protected monument.

“Preetjes Molen” is a flax scutching windmill, built in 1866 by Ivo Deprez. Not only is this windmill the only one left of its kind in the region, in fact, it is the only flax scutching windmill in all of Europe. Moreover, it is also proof of the former boom in the flax industry within the Leie Valley. Location: Hoge Dreef, 8501 Heule Opening times: Every third Sunday of the month from March to November from 14.00 -18.00. Admission: € 1

Vannestes Molen

Location: Grote Markt - Doorniksestraat Opening times: Visit the Medieval Crypt with a guide

Location: Abdijmolenweg, 8510 Marke Opening times: 1 April - 30 September: open on Saturday and Sunday, 14.00 – 17.00 Admission: adults € 1.50, students and seniors € 1, children 6-12 years € 0.50, children – 6 years: free.

Saint Anthony’s Church and the Cave of Lourdes

Hoogmolen Aalbeke

The Church of Saint Anthony (1874) of the Passionist Order, renowned for Father Isidoor’s grave, was constructed in a poor workers’ district. It is the church of the common man, a site of popular devotion. Its restrained neo-Roman architecture stands in stark contrast to its ornate neo-Gothic interior. No visit to Kortrijk is complete without dropping in at the Cave of Lourdes. Location: Wandelingstraat 33 - Veldstraat Opening times: Every day from 7.30 to 18.00 (from 1 November to 1 April until 17.00).

Location: Luignestraat, 8511 Aalbeke Closed for restoration works.

War monuments Throughout the city are places commemorating the victims of war, where you can be quiet and reflective. The impressive group of statues making up the National Leie Monument has adorned the renewed King Albert park since 1957. The bronze sculpture of Leopold III atop a horse and surrounded by soldiers is definitely eye-catching. In the Gentsesteenweg is the Newfoundland Memorial, a bronze caribou perched on a rock. It was erected to honour the soldiers of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment who fell during the First World War. The monument at the foot of the Belfry in the Grote Markt, which honours the First World War, was created by Godfried Devreese. You can find a remembrance monument in each village of Kortrijk.


Museums The Battle of the Golden Spurs or life in the flax region. Ancient or contemporary art. You cannot visit Kortrijk without taking a tour through Kortrijk 1302, the Broel Museum or the Flax Museum (closed in 2013). Each is a unique location with its own history.

Broel Museum The Broel Museum welcomes you into the heart of a beautiful mansion that dates back to the 18th century and is located on the Buda Island right next to the Broel Tower. You will discover visual and applied arts created in the Kortrijk region from the 16th century to the present day. In its presentation of “Fluisterende Wolken” (Whispering Clouds), the museum abandons chronology. Works from different periods are juxtaposed in order to create new and surprising meanings. The museum regularly organises temporary exhibitions that home in on the current trends in the visual arts and the world of design. The museum is a partner of the Buda Factory and as such ensures a serious collection of visual arts on the Buda Island. Location: Broelkaai 6 Opening times: Weekdays from 10.00 to 12.00 and 14.00 to 17.00. Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 11.00 tot 17.00. Closed on Monday and between Christmas and new year. Admission: Adults: € 3 (audio guide included); groups and seniors 55+: € 2; < 26 years: € 1; children < 12 years: free. Contact: / / +32 (0)56 277780

Kortrijk 1302 You are whisked back to that famous day in 1302, the Battle of the Golden Spurs, which was fought on the Groeningekouter. You get to know the heroes and the footmen and hear the weapons clashing, you search high and low for the golden spurs. In short, you are at the heart of the action and find an answer to all your questions. Was Jan Breydel involved in the fighting? Where was the Lion of Flanders? And what did Conscience think of it? You won’t miss a detail! Kortrijk 1302 also makes a great family outing. Young and old alike can explore 1302 from corner to corner in an exciting, active, fun and educational way. Location: Houtmarkt (GPS) - Begijnhofpark Opening times: weekdays from 10.00 to 17.00 (from 1 June until 30 September from 10.00 tot 18.00). Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 10.00 to 17.00. Closed on Monday. Closed on 31 March (Easter), 1, 2 and 11 November and from 24 December until 2 January 2014.. Admission: Adults: € 6 (audio guide included); groups and seniors 65+: € 4; < 26 years: € 1; children < 12 years: free. Contact: / /+32 (0)56 277850


A Period of unrest for Kortrijk between 1580 and 1680 Funeral pyres, witch hunts, thundering cannons, the plague and famine struck the town. But was the seventeenth century only a time of trouble and affliction for Kortrijk? No, because most of the historical town centre took on its shape at this time. Weavers created beautiful damasks. Discover Kortrijk’s tumultuous past in a lifelike presentation and visit the town using a detailed map from 1641. Location: Kortrijk 1302, Houtmarkt (GPS) - Begijnhofpark Exposition: included in Kortrijk 1302 admission Map of walking route: € 1.50

Flax Museum However in 2013, Kortrijk will have to make do with one less attraction. The Flax Museum will close its doors in Etienne Sabbelaan 4 for good on 2 December 2012 and will be preparing to move to a new location. You can follow the works on The timetable for the opening of the new museum is 2014.

On presentation of your trainticket to Kortrijk you get a discount in Kortrijk 1302 and the Broelmuseum.

Bakery Museum This stone mill from 1841 ground not only grain but also pressed flax seed to obtain linseed oil. The mill and bakery museum ‘From Grain to Pastry’ explains the whole process clearly. You get to know the four stages of a baker’s trade: the bakery, the banquet bakery, the biscuit and chocolate department, and ice-cream preparation. On the first floor various types of mills and grinding machines are displayed. It’s enough to make you start licking your lips in anticipation! Location: Vannestes Mill, Abdijmolenweg, 8510 Marke Opening times: from 1 April to 30 September on Saturday and Sunday, from 14.00 to 17.30. Admission: Adults: € 1.50; students and seniors: € 1, children from 6 to 12: € 0.50; children < 6: free


New City Hall and new Court of Justice

Modern architecture Leie banks and bridges Deepening and widening the Leie has resulted in a series of new bridges and a pleasant walking and cycling zone along the river.

Buda Tower Architect Stéphane Beel has succeeded in giving the old brewery a contemporary look. This old industrial building now has a new cultural role. Stéphane Beel added a glazed zone for staircases and lifts to the old Tack Tower. Location: Korte Kapucijnenstraat Opening times: Visit the Buda Tower with a guide

Skatebowl This immense, impressive American-style Skatebowl is unique in the Benelux and is a popular hang-out for young people. Location: Ijzerkaai

The new City Hall bathes in bright colours, yet is still ultra-practical and wonderfully open. Instead of enclosed cubicles it has transparent consultation booths. The bright new Court of Justice also lowers the threshold for the public. The glass extension at the front emphasises that openness and accommodates all public spaces.

New City Hall Location: Grote Markt 54 Opening times: Monday from 9.00 to 12.30 and 14.00 to 19.00, Wednesday from 9.00 to 12.30 and 14.00 to 16.00, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9.00 to 12.30, Saturday from 9.00 to 11.30.

This new shopping centre was designed by Robbrecht en Daem Architects and is the largest building project in Kortrijk in the last hundred years. A large interior patio with a glass roof is at the heart of this three-storey shopping complex. Alongside rises a 12-floor residential tower. Location: Steenpoort 2


Location: Conservatoriumplein 1

The Our Lady campus on the Academic Hospital AZ Groeninge is a superb example of modern architecture in Kortrijk. With its impressive and innovative building in the shape of a ship, the building stretches out over the old Leie.

Location: Beheerstraat 41

Visitor Centre for the Leie Region Alongside the former Groeninge Abbey is a contemporary complex where modern architecture and historic buildings are integrated perfectly. This remarkable hall houses Kortrijk Tourism, the Visitor Centre and Kortrijk 1302. Location: Begijnhofpark

1 June - 30 September

This brand new concert hall is wholly captivating; not just for its rehearsal rooms, recording studios and workshop rooms, but also for its sleek, contemporary look.

Hospital wing

New Court of Justice

Opening times:

K in Kortrijk

De Kreun Concert Hall

Location: Reepkaai 4

New streets, squares and housing projects From the Grote Markt to the Veemarkt, the Pradopark to the new Doorniksewijk tunnel, Kortrijk is changing before your eyes as numerous new squares and projects rise up. It means that the inner city is a pleasant place to walk, for locals and visitors.

1 October - 31 May

Weekdays 10.00 - 18.00 10.00 - 17.00 Saturday and Sunday 10.00 - 17.00 10.00 - 17.00 Holidays 10.00 - 17.00 Closed * . Closed from 24 December until 2 January *31 March (Easter), 1 and 2 November, 11 November

AZ Groeninge The brand new modules of this fusion hospital are being built in phases up to 2018. The low-rise building and numerous patios ensure daylight and integrate beautifully into the landscape. The building is surrounded by greenery. Location: President Kennedylaan


Arne Quinze This versatile artist based in Kortrijk has enjoyed worldwide fame thanks to his remarkable designs. The creator of atmospheric, spectacular constructions enjoys an international reputation. Location: Quinze & Milan Designers: Walle 113

Interieur The biannual international ‘Interieur’ exhibition takes place in the renovated Kortrijk Xpo and is a meeting place for numerous design experts from all over the world. A place to discover new concepts by today’s leading companies and future talent.

Cemetery A cemetery in harmony with the landscape, this unique creation by the Italian Bernardo Secchi consists of twelve plateaus that follow the slope of the terrain. It’s a new concept for a cemetery. Location: Ambassadeur Baertlaan

Design Week De Coene Artwork Company

Among connoisseurs, De Coene is the quintessence of design. In the 20s and 30s, the De Coene Company worked with a host of artists to produce Art Deco furniture. The end products were acclaimed worldwide. This Kortrijk company with European fame developed Art Nouveau and Art Deco furniture, while also specializing in the manufacture of wooden rafters and total designs and layouts.


Location: Kortrijk Xpo, Doorniksesteenweg 216 Period: Mid October (2014,2016 etc.)

This free exhibition brings together implementations by hundreds of young designers from more than 50 study programmes. At the same time design agencies and companies display their latest creations. Theme: ‘FANTASTIC-IDEAS’ Location: NMBS-sheds, Magdalenastraat Period: 22 – 30 June 2013

Architecture & Designwalk Thanks to its handy map, the ‘Architecture & Designwalk’ takes you to the most stylish of Kortrijk’s many buildings, squares and parks. Down attractive, newly developed lanes and in the most surprising places, the best architectural gems will be unveiled and described. Along the 5 km route are plenty of opportunities to take a break and find something to eat or drink. Map: € 1.50

DesignX50 n°3 In this 3rd edition of “DesignX50”, Design Region Kortrijk shines a new light on 50 design products, all designed and put on the market within the broad area surrounding Kortrijk. They are perfect examples of the economy of the region and where the region wants to go. Brochure: € 10

Innovative companies Kortrijk and its region are well-known for their innovative and ground-breaking companies. The new Evolis industrial district is committed to quality and sustainable businesses.

Walk ‘Metamorphosis of a city’ This new guided walk combines a trip to the Buda art island with a visit to the Broel Museum and lets you see that Creation, Innovation and Design is the norm for Kortrijk. Guide: You can request a guide from Kortrijk Tourism Maximum 25 people per guide. Price per guided tour: € 70 (2 hours) or € 105 (3 hours.) For reservations made fewer than 8 days in advance: € 85 or € 115.

Study programmes The colleges of Kortrijk offer many unique, innovative study programs. They include industrial product design, digital design & media, entertainment marketing and applied architecture.



Parks and Gardens Kortrijk boasts an abundance of green spaces and cosy parks where it’s lovely to chill out. Picnic, chat, people-watch or just enjoy the sunshine! The free brochure ‘Green Kortrijk’ describes the 29 green areas both in the city centre and its municipalities.

King Albert park and the new Leie banks Recently King Leopold III and his horse gaze over an open park and the renewed Leie banks. The park, which is bordered by the lowered river banks, forms the transition between the city centre and the outskirts of the city, and is the ideal halting-place for cyclists and walkers. Thanks to this design, the 100-year-old Caucasian wingnut tree has a prime position. In and around the Skatebowl, the whoops of young, ambitious skaters breathe extra life into the area. Location: King Albertpark

Green area Marionetten, the Libel and Hof te Coucx This new 60 hectare green area connects the Kennedy woods with the city border woods, which are currently under development, and is an ideal environment where plants and animals can thrive. The Libel (dragonfly), a multifunctional pavilion offering panoramic views, stands on the highest point and gives you wonderful views of the beautiful scenic area as well as the towers of the city below. With a wingspan of 37 metres and height of 6 metres, you can’t miss it. A footpath even wanders around its body! The “Hof te Coucx” visitor centre is the ideal starting point for a journey of discovery within the city’s green landscape. A few newly created walking routes depart from here, and route maps can also be found here. A volunteer will happily give you a little information about the region. Regular exhibitions are also held in the Visitors’ Centre. Location: Bosstraat Opening times hof te Coucx: Sunday from 14.30 to 17.00. From 1 March to 1 November, Sunday from 14.30 to 16.30.


The Plein looks peaceful today, but it’s had a turbulent past. In the 17th century 300 houses had to give way for the construction of a citadel and barracks. In the middle of the military buildings was a drill ground square, the “plein” as we know it now. Today it’s an oasis of serenity, with foliage tunnels, promenades and sparkling fountains. The central podium with its two stands regularly creates ambience. Design was by the Wirtz agency, which was established by Jacques Wirtz. Location: Plein

Budapark The Buda park is Kortrijk’s new tourist attraction. People of all ages can relax here in the beautiful setting of the Leie river. In July and August, the Buda park turns into a beach with a sunbathing area and a bar so that locals and tourists alike can enjoy the sunshine to the full. Because of the dangerous undercurrent, swimming in the Leie is, however, prohibited. Location: IJzerkaai

Rose garden Winner Award ‘Garden of Excellence’ The rose garden is situated at the heart of the historical green of ’t Hooghe Castle’s park. This park, of over three hectares in size and more than 125 years old, includes several remarkable trees. In 1959, a section of the park was turned into a rosarium. The rose garden includes an experimental garden, a demonstration garden and a historical garden. In the experimental garden, over 100 new rose creations from European breeders are planted every year, and judged by a professional jury. These new roses are monitored for two years, and the best rose is given the “Golden Rose” prize. The demonstration garden displays around 200 rose varieties which have proven to be of good quality and are currently available commercially. The historical garden shows how the rose has evolved over the centuries. Location: Kasteel ’t Hooghe, Doorniksesteenweg 218



Activities By foot, by bike, by car, or even by boat, Kortrijk unfolds in every possible way. Whether you discover it alone or with a group, with or without a guide, or rather more earnestly, you are guaranteed a great time. Drop in first at the wonderful Visitor Centre, where all the fun starts. You can pick up walking and cycling maps, create your own cycling network route, and get informed about everything the city has to offer. And that’s certainly a lot. Bowling, minigolf, folk games, swimming, carting, skating, wall-climbing and endless shopping and snooping in the exclusive shop windows. Or are you more of a culture vulture? If so, Kortrijk’s definitely the place for you. The choice is as varied as the programme. Whether it’s a refined evening in the beautifully renovated theatre, discovering new talent in the concert club, or watching the latest movie, one thing’s for sure: you will run out of time to do everything!

Cycling With your own favourite bike or a rented one? Kortrijk’s cycling tracks are connected to a vast network of junctions. Or why not kill two birds with one stone and try out the culinary route?

Cycling routes Fancy discovering the nicest spots in and around Kortrijk? These cycling routes will take you on a giant voyage of discovery!

Goedendag cycling route Naturally, this cycling route starts at Kortrijk 1302 before leaving the Golden Spurs district via the Leie in the direction of the De Gavers greenbelt in Harelbeke. Alongside the canal Bossuit-Kortrijk you can take a break to get some fresh air in the Argendaal Woods. There’s something for everyone! Distance: 45 km Map: € 2 Start: Tourism Kortrijk / Visitor Centre for the Leie Region


Cycling network map The most attractive and safest cycle tracks in West Flanders have been connected into a network of junctions. Where two or more cycle tracks cross, there is a cycle junction. In this way, 200 numbered junctions have been selected in the Leie region. Armed with these junction numbers you can combine them to devise your own personal cycle route. Puzzling has never been such fun! Cycle network maps: € 6


Cycle hire Left your bike at home? Don’t worry, in Kortrijk you can easily rent one!

Cycle Centre Mobiel vzw A large assortment of bikes for hire (bikes for riding in the urban or rural environments, tandems, scooters, wheelchair bikes, etc.) Location: Cycle Centre Mobiel, Minister Tacklaan 57 Opening times: Weekdays from 7.00 to 18.50, Saturday from 10.00 to 17.50. Closed on Sundays and holidays. Contact: / / +32 (0)56 249910

City-Mobiel Bikes for hire and secure cycle sheds during opening hours, Location: Veemarkt 56-58 Opening times: Tuesday to Saturday from 10.00 to 17.50. Closed on Monday, Sundays and holidays. Contact: +32 (0)475 533061

Kortrijk Tourism A limited number of cycles for hire.

Cycle Point The Cycle Point at the railway station is a blessing for every cyclist! The bike stalls are carefully monitored, you can rent a bike nearby and commuting cyclists with a breakdown can have repairs done in record time. Small repairs can even be done while you wait, allowing you to get home safely. More information: Cycle Centre Mobiel, Minister Tacklaan 57 Opening times: Weekdays from 7.00 to 18.50, Saturday from 10.00 to 17.50. Closed on Sundays and holidays Contact: / / +32 (0)56 249910


Location: Begijnhofpark Contact: / / +32 (0)56 277840 Opening times:

Weekdays Saturday and Sunday Holidays

1 June - 30 September

1 October - 31 May

10.00 - 18.00 10.00 - 17.00 10.00 - 17.00

10.00 - 17.00 10.00 - 17.00 Closed *

Closed from 24 December until 2 January *31 March (Easter), 1 and 2 November, 11 November


Walking Rather stay with both feet firmly on the ground? If so, Kortrijk can still surprise you. You can set off on your own, follow a guide, or regularly stop and refresh yourself with something sweet. It’s just a case of replenishing your energy reserves. In the framework of the ‘10,000 steps’ project, the number of steps is also displayed with our ‘traditional’ walks.

Walking routes Heritage walk: “A city full of trails” This route in the historic heart of the city introduces you to the key monuments and heritage gems for which Kortrijk is renowned. Distance: 2.9 km, 4,200 steps Map: € 2 Start: Tourism Kortrijk / Visitor Centre for the Leie Region

Architecture and Designwalk

‘10,000 steps’ through Kortrijk

Walking network ‘Land van Mortagne’

Thanks to its handy map, the ‘Architecture & Designwalk’ takes you to the most stylish of Kortrijk’s many buildings, squares and parks. Down attractive, newly developed lanes and in the most surprising places, the best architectural gems will be unveiled and described. Along the 5 km route are plenty of opportunities to take a break and find something to eat or drink.

By walking 10,000 steps a day you will feel fitter and healthier. That’s a good enough reason for Kortrijk Tourism to develop a walk that takes exactly 10,020 steps. So you can work on your fitness at the same time as discovering the highlights of Kortrijk one by one: Kortrijk 1302, the Broel Towers, the Skatebowl, the Groeninge Gate and the Beguinage. Culturally responsible yet ultra-healthy!

Distance: 6,700 steps Map: € 1.50 Start: Tourism Kortrijk / Visitor Centre for the Leie Region

Distance: 7.5 km, 10,020 steps Map: € 1.50 Start: Tourism Kortrijk / Visitor Centre for the Leie Region

Within the almost-rectangle formed by Bellegem, Zwevegem, Bossuit and Spiere-Helkijn, you will find the most beautiful walking paths which are connected to a larger network of over 150 kilometres in length. Where two or more paths cross one another, a crossroad is created. The “Land van Mortagne” walking network has more than 120 crossroads! This allows you to plan your own walking route within this paradise for recreational walking, granting you gorgeous panoramas and lovely bits of nature. Who could ask for more?


Map: € 6


Argendaal footpath Discover the undulating, panoramic landscape of Bellegem that juts out to the south of Kortrijk in between the Leie and the Schelde. The Argendaal forest with its castle and farm is the beautiful destination of this route, which also takes in country lanes, charming chapels and stately farms. Distance: 15 km, 20,500 steps Map: € 2 Start: Doornikserijksweg Bellegem in the Argendaal forest

Neerbeek footpath A good way to describe this route is somewhat more built up but nevertheless stimulating. Walk by old farms and chapels, see remnants of the flax industry, and discover surprising areas of green such as the Neerbeek valley. Not all of this walk is currently accessible. As it presently stands, the walk is 3 kilometres long. Distance: 6 km, 8,200 steps Map: € 2 Start: Parking Rietput at Bissegem

Guided tours A city tour lets you discover the most important monuments from Kortrijk’s history. You will visit the historic rooms of the Town Hall with its superb fireplaces and wall paintings. At the Grote Markt you will stop for a moment at the Belfort, where Manten and Kalle strike the hour. A hundred metres further and you enter an oasis of calm and quiet in the middle of the city centre, the unique Sint-Elisabeth beguinage. You will walk down the winding cobbled streets between the whitewashed houses. In the nearby thirteenth century Church of Our Lady with its sumptuous interior, you will undoubtedly visit the fascinating Counts Chapel. Your visit ends at the majestic Broel Towers, the sole remains of the city’s earliest settlement. Guide: You can request a guide from Kortrijk Tourism. Maximum 25 people per guide. Price per guided tour: € 70 (2 hours) or € 105 (3 hours) For reservations made fewer than 8 days in advance: € 85 or € 115


Boat tours Sailing is a popular pastime in July and August in the Leie region. Fancy trying one of the many boat tours? Or maybe something completely different? Why not be culinarily spoilt on the Oude Tjalk while it peacefully bobs up and down? The summer brochure for the Leie Valley gives you an overview of everything to enjoy for sailing.


Sinksen For two days the whole city falls under the spell of this city festival, and you can wander from surprising act to amazing spectacle, while stopping now and again at one of the many terraces. A must! Period: 19 and 20 May

Events Every day there’s always something happening in Kortrijk. So surf to the website below and make a note of the best events in your agenda. Website:

Design Week This free exhibition brings together implementations by hundreds of young designers from more than 50 study programmes. At the same time design agencies and companies display their latest creations. Theme: ‘FANTASTIC – IDEAS’ Period: 22 - 30 June

ALLER RETOUR Photo Exhibition


Summer Carnival The perfect excuse for an exotic party. Complete with many tropical fanfares, irresistible salsa spectacles, sensational samba dancers and huge amounts of sultry ambience! Period: 17 and 18 August

Plot of flax In the autumn of 2013, the Flax Museum will be showing pieces by designer Christien Meindertsma. Her project started in 2009 when she planted a pot of land with flax (plot GZ 59-west). Meindertsma processed the fruits of her harvest into a whole series of new products.

Carl De Keyzer, Stephan Vanfleteren, Bieke Depoorter On display in the Buda Factory will be works from three generations of photographers, each of whom count among the top of their respective disciplines in Europe


Period: 9 march – 9 june

Period: 28 - 30 June

Paasfoor (Easter Fair)

Flemish National Day

With its sensational attractions, sweet things to make you lick your lips, and contagious ambience, the Kortrijk Paasfoor has no equal. Every year it promises young and old an unforgettable time.

In Kortrijk, the city of the Golden Spurs, the Flemish Community Holiday is naturally celebrated with a little extra passion. This event, in the center of the city and around Kortrijk 1302 is not to be missed.

Périod : 28 March - 14 April

Period: around July 11

Festival of Flanders Kortrijk

Kortrijk Congé

Festival of Flanders Kortrijk is a music festival. An exciting project with a very multi-dimensional programme that takes in all genres of music: from classical to contemporary, from world music to the art of sound.

The crazy urban festival where creativity and interaction with the public are the main themes. Every year, one place in the city is chosen where a festival programme takes place from dusk till dawn. It’s a mix of music, film, theatre, installation art and above all, no shortage of cosy cafés.

The end-of-year event! Just imagine: streets and squares illuminated like fairytales, atmospheric Christmas concerts, romantic walks, Sunday shopping … there’s no place better to celebrate the end of the year than Kortrijk!

Périod : 18 April – 5 May

Period: 13 July

Period: 7 December 2013 – 14 January 2014

Extend your humour boundaries and discover an international mix of cabaret, clowning, circus, stand-up comedy and theatre. You won’t fail to be amused!

Period: october – november – december 2013

Next The most extraordinary and lively dance and theatre performances from all around the world come together in Kortrijk and the border region. Period: last two weeks of November

Winter at Kortrijk


De Kreun

Film, theatre, music, exhibitions, fairs, raves … in Kortrijk there’s just not time to do everything!

De Kreun is a renowned music and concert club in the heart of Kortrijk. De Kreun puts on live concerts almost every week and tries to achieve a balance between national and international celebrities and lesser known artists alternated with striking underground acts. The programming is quite original and high-quality and is complemented by the Sonic City Festival that is set up each year by another musical organisation. In addition to concerts, De Kreun also holds workshops and information sessions for music lovers and young musicians.


UIT in Kortrijk

Location: Conservatoriumplein 1 Contact: / / +32 (0)56 370644


Going Out The brand new UIT-shop has all the information on culture and events. You can also buy or reserve tickets here for cultural and leisure activities in the Kortrijk region. Location: Schouwburgplein 14 Opening times: Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 10.00 - 12.30 and 13.30 - 18.00 Tuesday and Thursday: 13.30 - 18.00. Also open 1 hour before performances in the Kortrijk Theatre and the Arena Theatre. Contact: / +32 (0)56 239855

Theatre Kortrijk Compelling theatre performances, intimate concerts, ground-breaking comedy … the Kortrijk Culture Centre is hugely diverse.

Buda Arts Centre This internationally renowned Centre for the Arts can be found on the island of the same name, the Buda Island, which is surrounded by the Leie River. This is the place to be if you wish to see the better films from countries all over the world. You can come to this centre and see at least three films every day, but occasionally there are also specific film events such as Italian, Spanish or French Film Weeks, cult specials, HotDoc, etc. In addition, contemporary stage artists can be found performing in the studios and theatres. Moreover, the Centre for the Arts holds three annual festivals: Buda Vista, Kortrijk Congé and the international art festival NEXT. Location: Kapucijnenstraat 10 Contact: / / +32 (0)56 221001

Location: Schouwburgplein 14 Contact: / / +32 (0)56 239850

Cinemas Track Music Centre The Track Music Centre* is the latest division of the Kortrijk Cultural Centre. As part of its mission to help you realise your musical dreams, Track* has created very comprehensive professional infrastructure: soundproof rehearsal rooms and a recording studio, project and reading rooms, a Music Café and the icing on the cake, the Concert Studio. The ideal spot for rehearsals, recordings or concerts. The Track Music Centre* is the meeting place for lots of musicians, music lovers, organisers and creative talent in the Kortrijk region. Location: Conservatoriumplein 1 Contact: / www. / +32 (0)56 277900


No fewer than 13 cinema screens are in Kortrijk. Ten of these are in Kinepolis, which is the place to see the blockbusters. The other three are in the Budascoop and screen independent movies and the much-loved classics.

Kinepolis Kortrijk Location: President Kennedylaan 100a Contact: / +32 (0)56 266666

Designing light objects with the goal of creating actual works of art. Location: Gentsestraat 17 Contact: / +32 (0)474 242514

Gallery Cellaar Modern art Location: Hoveniersstraat 13 Contact: / +32 (0)473 750729

GYSELINCKdesign Modern art and design Location: Wijngaardstraat 26-28 / Nieuwstraat 9 Contact: / +32 (0)56 220824

Gallery D-Art House Modern art Location: Wijngaardstraat 24 Contact: / +32 (0)475 449885



Modern art

Location: Kapucijnenstraat 10 Contact: / / +32 (0)56 221001

Location: Hazelaarstraat 7 Contact: / +32 (0)56 239855


Sport After all that culture, is it time to clear your head? What about wall-climbing, carting, swimming, minigolf … or would you rather try your skills in the Skatebowl?

Blueberry Hill Wall-climbing, caving, via ferrata, archery, birthday parties etc.

Swimming pools

Minigolf indoor De Mambo billiards and darts centre

Location: Oudenaardsesteenweg 343 Contact: / /+32 (0)56 228079

Location: Ringlaan 32 Opening times: Monday to Saturday from 14.00 …, Sunday from 9.30 … Contact: / +32 (0)56 372966



This immense, impressive, American-style Skatebowl is unique in Benelux. Courageous young skaters know what to do here!

Sunset Bowling

Mimosa swimming pool Bubble baths, sauna, paddling pool and slide Location: Mimosalaan Contact: +32 (0)56 278070

Lagaeplein swimming pool

Location: Ijzerkaai

Steam rooms, sauna, paddling pool and water tube Location: Lagaeplein, Heule Contact: +32 (0)56 240636

Magdalena swimming pool Paddling pool and giant slide Location: St.-Martens-Latemlaan Contact: +32 (0)56 278080

Open air swimming pool Location: Abdijkaai Contact: +32 (0)56 278039 For more information on tariffs and opening times of the swimming pools: Contact: / / +32 (0)56 278000


Carting Worldkarts Flanders Indoor Karting Location: Spinnerijkaai 67b Contact: / / +32 (0)56 214991

Minigolf Astridpark Location: Graaf De Smet De Naeyerlaan 16a Opening times: 1 July to 31 August: Every day from 14.00 to 19.00. In May, June and September: Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 14.00 to 19.00. Information and reservations outside normal opening times: Overleie Centre, Overleiestraat 45 Contact: / +32 (0)56 277383

Location: Brugsesteenweg 170 Contact: / +32 (0)56 353835

Bowling Pottelberg Location: Engelse Wandeling 2 Contact: / +32 (0)56 203302

De Max! Leisure Centre Location: Stationsplein 6a Contact: / +32 (0)56 253030

Wellness From the classic saunas and steam rooms to the most luxurious spa treatments and the whole range of wellness that you find in between. Whether you are a wellness beginner or regular, in Kortrijk you will be truly pampered!




Sleeping, eating, having a drink It is always possible to have a good time in Kortrijk. Looking for a fun weekend get-away in a cosy little hotel or bed & breakfast? Want to properly pamper yourself to a delicious meal? Or how about enjoying a tasty drink in one of the cosy little cafes? Discover everything about sleeping, eating and drinking on the following pages…

Sleeping You will soon notice that with so much to experience in Kortrijk, you never have enough time! So why not make a weekend of it? A cosy B&B, a budget-friendly youth hostel, or why not opt for a chic four-star hotel? Sleep well!


number of rooms

number of rooms

Broel **** - Broelkaai 8, Kortrijk 70 € 99  +32 (0) 56 21 83 51 -  +32 (0) 56 20 03 02 –

€ 210

Center Hotel *** - Graanmarkt 6, Kortrijk 28  +32 (0) 56 21 97 21 -  +32 (0) 56 20 03 66 –

€ 82

€ 104

Damier **** - Grote Markt 41, Kortrijk 49 € 99  +32 (0) 56 22 15 47 -  +32 (0) 56 22 86 31 –

€ 119

Ibis*** - Doorniksestraat 26-30, Kortrijk 82  +32 (0) 56 25 79 75 -  +32 (0) 56 22 62 80 –

€ 83

€ 97

d-hotel **** - Abdijmolenweg 1, Marke  +32 (0) 56 21 21 00 -  + 32 (0)56 20 30 01 –


€ 119

€ 119

Kennedy *** - President Kennedypark 1, Kortrijk 81 € 92  +32 (0) 56 20 06 87 -  +32 (0) 56 22 12 73 –

€ 115

Hostellerie Klokhof **** - Sint-Anna 2, Kortrijk  +32 (0) 56 22 97 04 -  +32 (0) 56 25 73 25 –


€ 113

€ 123

Square Hotel *** - Groeningestraat 39, Kortrijk 26 € 90  +32 (0) 56 28 89 50 -  +32 (0) 56 28 89 51 -

€ 100

Messeyne **** - Groeningestraat 17, Kortrijk 28 € 120 +32 (0) 56 21 21 66 -  +32 (0) 56 45 68 22 –

€ 135

Troopeird *** - Doornikserijksweg 74, Bellegem 14 € 80  +32 (0) 56 22 26 85 -  +32 (0) 56 22 33 63 –

€ 100

Parkhotel **** - Stationsplein 2, Kortrijk 78  +32 (0) 56 22 03 03 -  +32 (0) 56 22 14 02 –

€ 110

€ 130

Duivels Paterke ** - Harelbeeksestraat 29, Kortrijk 5  +32 (0) 56 20 25 40 -  +32 (0) 472 48 61 57 /

€ 65

€ 86

Wu Wei - Kongoweg 23, Kortrijk 14  +32 (0) 56 29 01 00 - +32 (0) 475 23 05 30 –

€ 109

€ 119

Focus ** - Hovenierstraat 50, Kortrijk 12  +32 (0) 56 21 29 08 -  +32 (0) 56 31 32 61 –

€ 85

€ 95

Bell-expo*** - Lindenlaan 14, Kortrijk 5  +32 (0) 56 45 75 00 -  +32 (0) 56 45 75 11 –

€ 80

€ 98

Ter Linde ** - Ooievaarsnest 1, Bellegem 8 € 68  +32 (0) 56 20 10 82 -  +32 (0) 56 22 96 12 –

€ 82

Best Western Hotel Belfort *** - Grote Markt 52-53, Kortrijk 29  +32 (0) 56 22 22 20 -  +32 (0) 56 20 13 06 –

€ 86

€ 98

Elckerlyck Inn * - Rollegemkerkstraat 56, Rollegem  +32 (0) 56 21 51 64 -  +32 (0) 56 21 51 64 –

€ 85


€ 70


Bed & Breakfasts


€ 65

€ 80

B & B Chiconette - Priesteragestraat 7, Bellegem  +32 (0) 477 67 81 82 –


€ 45

€ 70

Bloemenweelde - Leiegalm 6, Kortrijk  +32 (0) 56 35 55 68 -  +32 (0) 475 71 61 62 –


€ 53

€ 66

Germana Tack - Overleiestraat 14, Kortrijk  +32 (0) 56 22 03 81 -  +32 (0)478 29 88 67 –


€ 45

€ 60

B & B Casablanca - Houtmarkt 23, Kortrijk  +32 (0) 56 32 80 22 -  +32 (0) 495 57 18 39 –


€ 65

€ 75

Goed Ten Houte - Ten Houtedreef 31, Kortrijk 3  +32 (0) 56 25 83 83 -  +32 (0)484 78 96 58 -  +32 (0) 56 25 84 50 –

€ 75

€ 95

Het Bintjeshof - Kreupelstraat 60, 8510 Bellegem  + 32 (0) 495 24 87 49 –

€ 70

€ 90

Huis Wyseur - Kanonstraat 20, Kortrijk 2 € 95  +32 (0) 56 25 25 00 -  +32 (0) 56 25 25 10

€ 95

€ 75

Huize Oase - Abdis Erkastraat 32, Marke 2  +32 (0) 56 21 02 04 -  +32 (0) 497 61 67 59

€ 45

€ 57


€ 50

€ 70

€ 100

Les lits de la Lys - Kuurnsesteenweg 47, Kortrijk  + 32 (0) 56 43 28 25 -  +32 (0) 56 37 16 06 –

’t Corneeltje - Luignestraat 64, Aalbeke  + 32 (0) 56 326549 -  +32 (0) 478 284939 1 house – Price on request

Odelie - Vagevuurstraat 1, Marke 2  + 32 (0) 56 49 08 34 -  + 32 (0) 476 52 43 91 –

€ 50

€ 60

Wellness citytrip Kortrijk - Lange Brugstraat 10, Kortrijk  + 32 (0) 486 721 775 1 house – Price on request

B&B Dharma - Groeningestraat 18, Kortrijk 3  + 32 (0) 56 29 36 56 -  +32 (0) 477 28 50 74 –


B&B Het achterhuis - Marksesteenweg 51, Kortrijk 2  +32 (0) 477 46 54 77 -  +32 (0) 497 39 14 81 –

number of rooms

Full House * - Burgemeester Pyckestraat 35b, Kortrijk 8  +32 (0) 56 21 00 59 -  + 32 (0) 56 21 79 00 –

€ 78

Ahoi – barbootel * - Handelskaai 1Z, Kortrijk 9 € 63  +32 (0) 473 76 81 79 –


number of rooms

Aurora - Walle 116, Kortrijk  +32 (0) 495 56 81 49 -  +32 (0) 56 20 47 40 –

B&B De Vlaschaerd - Sentestraat 97, Heule 1  +32 (0) 56 25 66 27 -  +32 (0) 472 53 63 06 –

number of rooms

€ 55

€ 95

€ 45

€ 73

€ 110

€ 90 B&B Het verloren gedicht - Bellegemplaats 16, Bellegem 3  +32 (0) 498 14 58 25 –

€ 85

B&B Rotershof - Rekkemsestraat 102, Marke 3  +32 (0) 473 61 35 58 -  +32 (0) 56 25 79 33 –

€ 65

€ 77 € 80


Holiday Houses


Casablanca - Houtmarkt 23, Kortrijk 1 appartement (4 pers.)  +32 (0) 56 32 80 22 -  +32 (0) 495 57 18 39 Price on request – Vakantiewoning Corposana - Brumierstraat 3, Aalbeke  + 32 (0) 56 42 45 83 -  +32 (0) 498 19 30 65 1 house – Price on request Vakantiewoning Hoeve Herpoel - Einde Munkendoornstraat 67, Rollegem  + 32 (0) 56 205245 -  +32 (0) 496 554006 1 house – Price on request


Youth hostels


De Warande - Heirweg 132, Kortrijk  +32 (0) 56 27 73 70 -  +32 (0) 56 35 17 66 15 rooms - 130 beds – Price on request Jeugdherberg Groeninghe - Passionistenlaan 1A, Kortrijk Closed until the opening of the  +32 (0) 56 20 14 42 -  +32 (0) 56 20 46 63 new youth hostel in – the course of 2014 Verblijfshoeve van Clé - Kleine Marktstraat 4, Marke  +32 (0) 56 32 77 90 2 rooms - 35 beds – Price on request Hostel Focus - Hoveniersstraat 34a, Kortrijk opening in summer 2013  +32 (0) 56 212908 76 beds – Price on request

Eating Going out for an extensive four-course dinner, a quick snack or do you prefer a culinary walk? Don’t forget to take some tasty souvenirs home too!

Restaurants Classy gourmet restaurants where you can enjoy endless culinary delights, cosy bistros that serve highly esteemed Belgian classics, pubs that make wonderfully healthy bowls of steaming soup, and swinging jazz cafés where trendy tapas are munched – in Kortrijk you find them next to each other! Every one is excellent in its genre. Enjoy your meal! Website: or

Specialities The speciality of Kortrijk’s banquet bakers is the irresistible Kalletaart, a unique mix of frangipane, apples and Calvados. Sweet-tooths can find other delights, such as Peperbollen, Begijntjes and Kortrijkse Beschuiten. For a main course you can choose Kortrijkse Bil (veal). Ready for the serious work? Try an Omer, traditional blond or a Bockor beer, a Bellegems lager.

Weekend arrangements In the brochure Vlaanderen Vakantieland 2013 you can find a whole range of fun weekends and accommodation packages. And as a warm welcome gift, you receive a number of lovely presents! The heritage walk ‘A city full of trails’, free tickets and a visitor’s guide to Kortrijk 1302 and an information packet about the city. Your weekend won’t go far wrong now! More information:


Having a drink Whether you choose an upmarket tavern, a cosy pub or a swinging youth café, in Kortrijk you can be sure of one thing: ambience! If chatting with friends and family while enjoying a touch of sun is your thing, then you need to sit at one of the terraces on the Grote Markt. Or maybe something more intimate, rounded off with a snack? Then get down to the ultra-cosy Kapucijnenstraatje on the Buda island or settle alongside the Leie and enjoy a coffee or local beer. For a student hang-out you should go to the Vlasmarkt, ‘t Hoge or the B. Reynaertstraat. Checking your watch in these places is strictly forbidden!



Tips for trips Can’t see the woods for the trees? Don’t worry, here’s a handy overview of all the fun things you can do in Kortrijk, alone or in a group. On foot, by bike, with the kids, friends, family or colleagues, you’re spoilt for choice and originality. Get ready!

Kids in Kortrijk You can of course stick to the many playgrounds that are scattered throughout the city (Overbekeplein, Plein, Astridpark, Van Raemdonckpark, Park De Blauwe Poort, Magdalenapark, Warande and in the villages), but maybe sometimes you fancy a special treat? What about a visit to a children’s farm? Or try one of the irresistible old folk games? Success is a 100% certainty!

Woopahoo Indoor playground for children over two years. Location: Engelse Wandeling 2K - 1K Opening times: Wednesday and Saturday from 13.00 to 19.00, Sunday from 11.00 to 19.00 Contact: / / +32 (0)56 350550



Meetings, Incentives, Congresses, Events

Skatebowl This impressive American-style Skatebowl is unique in Benelux. Its concrete surface (850 m²) creates the ideal landscape for skaters and bladers to do their thing unhindered. Location: Ijzerkaai

Folk games in ‘De hond in ’t kegelspel’ This unique place is well known in Kortrijk! Its fame is due to old-time games that have been given a trendy facelift, the cosy cafeteria, and a verdant oasis for outside games. It’s therefore the ideal location to organise a birthday party or memorable games afternoon. “De Hond in ‘t Kegelspel” is managed and run by people with psychological disorders and limited cognitive abilities. Location: Plein 33 Opening times: Tuesday – Friday from 11.30 to 18.00, Saturday from 14.00 to 18.30 Contact: / / +32 (0)56 440420


Groups, family and friends Every group can find what it’s looking for in the group brochure 2013. From large, curious classes, small enthusiastic families and sporty business colleagues. The portfolio of ready-made day trips is just as wide and varied. Or do you prefer an à la carte day trip? Just say, and we will provide one!

Companies Kortrijk Tourism can make a success story out of your event, whether it concerns ten or a hundred colleagues. Kortrijk is your ideal partner for a day trip with a difference, a surprising evening reception, an interesting meeting or a stimulating congress.

Kortrijk is a city in transition. The city of innovation, creation and design can at the same time display historical and architectural gems. The City of Taste with an exceptional range of quality hotels and atmospheric B&Bs, wonderful shopping streets, interesting museums, ground-breaking cultural events and an economic centre with a large number of national and international fairs. In short, it’s the city beyond compare for your meeting, incentive, congress and event! If you surf to, you can skim through the MICE manual online or download it. The Kortrijk Regional Convention Bureau can answer all of your questions. A highly professional team will offer you a warm welcome. Location: Kortrijk Convention Bureau / Doorniksesteenweg 218 / 8500 Kortrijk Contact: / T +32 (0)56 461669

Kortrijk XPO 40,000 m² of exhibition space and a Meeting Center with high-tech meeting facilities. The picture is completed by a stylish entrance complex with water feature, a stunning lobby and an excellent team. It’s therefore logical that every year the Kortrijk XPO hosts the most prestigious exhibitions (Matexpo, Interieur, Busworld) and numerous companies organise their product launches, fashion shows, personnel parties and banquets here. Location: Doorniksesteenweg 216 Contact: / / +32(0)56 241111


Practical information Bancontact K in Kortrijk, Havermarkt, Wijngaardstraat, Doorniksewijk, Rekollettenstraat, Grote Markt

Secure cycle sheds Mobiel vzw Location: Entrance via Bloemistenstraat 2b Contact: / / +32 (0)56 249910 Opening times: 24/24, 7/7

City-Mobiel Location: Veemarkt 56-58 Opening times: Tuesday - Saturday from 10.00 to 17.50. Closed on Sunday, Monday and holidays. Contact: +32 (0)474 533061

Library A wide range of books in different languages. And for tourists, there is a selection of newspapers from different countries. Free internet access via the modules at the entrance and on the PCs in the library itself. Location: Leiestraat 30 Opening times: Monday â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Friday from 10.00 to 18.30, Saturday from 10.00 to 16.00 Contact: / + 32 (0)56 277500

Emergency numbers Emergency help 100 and 112 Police 101 et 112 Emergency fax for the deaf and hard of hearing 100


Doctors on duty +32 (0)56 253999

Location: Steenpoort 2 Opening times: Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday from 12.00 to 19.30, Friday from 12.00 to 20.00 and Sales Sundays from 12.00 to 18.00

Pharmacists on duty (after 22.00) +32 (0)56 229580 Emergency service Campus Maria Location: Loofstraat 43 / +32 (0)56 636112

UIT in Kortrijk The UIT-shop has all the information on culture and events. You can also buy or reserve tickets here for cultural and leisure activities in the Kortrijk region.. Location: Schouwburgplein 14 Opening times: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10.00 to 12.30 and 13.30 to 18.00. Tuesday and Thursday from 13.30 to 18.00 Also open 1 hour before performances in the Kortrijk Theatre and the Arena Theatre. Contact: /+32 (0)56 239855


Cycle Point, Kortrijk railway station Location: entrance Bloemistenstraat 2b On-the-spot bike repair, bike pump, bike wash installation. All information from Cycle Centre Mobiel. Contact: / / +32 (0)56 249910


Scooter hire Markets

La via è Bella

Monday from 8.00 to 12.30 on Grote Markt, Doorniksestraat and Schouwburgplein Friday from 15.00 to 19.00 on Sint-Amandsplein Overleie (food only) Tuesday morning from 8.00 to 12.30 : Parking Rietput, Bissegem When events take place on the Grote Markt, the Monday market relocates to the Veemarkt and Groeningelaan. This change is always announced in the media.

Location: Sint-Elooisdreef 6 Contact: : : +32 (0)470 362172

Post Office Location: Koning Albertstraat 24 Contact: +32 (0)56 271320 Opening times: Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 18.00, Thursday to 19.00, Saturday from 9.00 to 12.30.

Car hire Avis Location: Ringlaan 16, 8501 Heule Contact: / /+32 (0)56 725499

Hertz Toilets

Railway station NMBS

Location: Doornikserijksweg 394, 8510 Kooigem Contact: / +32 (0)56 727358

K in Kortrijk, Grote Markt (inner court of City Hall), Kortrijk Tourism (Begijnhofpark), Library (Leiestraat)

Location: Stationsplein 8 Information: +32 (0)2 5282828 Website:

Car parks

Bus station De Lijn

These digital tourist information kiosks provide a wide range of tourist information about the city of Kortrijk. They are located at the station, on the Grote Markt, at Kortrijk 1302 (Tourism Kortrijk) and in the Lange Steenstraat.

Location: Tolstraat (next to station) Opening times: weekdays from 7.00 to 18.15, Saturday from 10.00 to 17.30. Timetable information: +32 (0)70 220200 Contact: / +32 (0)59 56 54 90

Internet Hotspots

Information concerning above ground and underground car parks from the city parking company Parko Location: Koning Albertstraat 17 Contact: / / +32 (0)56 281212



Location: Oude Vestingsstraat 2a Contact: / / +32 (0)56 239611

Taxi Gilbert : +32 (0)56 370102 Taxi Mia : +32 (0)476 820037 Cheap Taxi : 0800 62660



Hotspots are available for visitors in most city buildings. More information from city services.

Library Visitors to the library can surf for free in a special area. Location: Leiestraat 30




Burgemeester Vercruysselaan



Koning Albertpark

Koningin Astridpark AZ Groeninge Campus Sint-Maarten

Graaf De Smet De Nayerlaan

Koning Albertpark

Proosdijstraat Vercruysses Poortje Amsterdams Poortje




Diksmuidekaai Ijzerkaai

Gasstraat Overleiestraat


Burgemeester Schinkelstraat






Have you acquired a taste for Kortrijk? Hungry for more? Then request one of these brochures:






AZ Groeninge Campus Onze-Lieve-Vrouw


• Kortrijk’s top 10: 10 items not to be missed in Kortrijk, with practical map of the town.






Handelskaai Schippersstraat Paleisstraat




Dolfijnkaai Vismarkt




Heilige Geeststraat Kasteelstraat

Burgemeester Nolfstraat

Burgemeester Nolfstraat


Oude Kasteelstraat

President Rooseveltplein

Edmond De Praterestraat


• Inspiration brochure Leiestreek: all the tasty treats that the Leie region has to offer

Peter Benoitstraat

Hendrik Beyaertstraat


Burgemeester Lambrechtlaan



Conservatoriumplein Casinoplein

Stationsstraat Koning Albertstraat Burgemeester Reynaertstraat



Jacob van Arteveldelaan


14 Plein


12 Overbekeplein Sint-MaartensGrote kerkstraat Nedervijver Kring Jozef Vandaleplein Grijze ZustersKorte Steenstraat straat Lange Steenstraat Sionstraat

Lange Steenstraat Schouwburgplein


Groeningepoort Guldensporenlaan

Sint-Niklaasstraat Voorstraat Voorstraat

Sint-Jansplein Leeuw van Vlaanderenlaan

Potterijstraat Langemeersstraat






Hazelaarstraat Havermarkt

Kleine Sint-Jansstraat

K in Kortrijk

Jan Breydellaan Groeningelaan




Wijngaardstraat Wijngaardstraat Vlasmarkt



Veldstraat Wandelingstraat


Doorniksestraat Tuinstraat




Keer der Vlamingenstraat











Vaartstraat Coninckstraat



Lange Brugstraat

Graanmarkt Zakske

01 Begijnhofpark






Jan Persijnstraat

Koning Albertstraat





Jan Palfijnstraat

• Winter brochure Leiestreek: an overview of events, walking, Christmas and new year,…




Bersacques Poortje


Oude Vestingsstraat

Hendrik Conciencestraat

Pieter De Cockelaerestr.







Louis Verweestraat Koning Leopold I- straat Jean-Baptist De Jonghestraat Rijselsestraat

Burgemeester Nolfstraat

Koestaartstraatje Leiestraat


Louis Robbeplein

• Summer brochure Leiestreek: an overview of events, boat trips, walking and cycling,…




Deken Zegerplein


Traffic-free pedestrian street Schaekenstraat

Kleine Leiestraat





Tuin Messeyne

Guido Gezellestraat

Saint Martin’s church


Tourism Kortrijk






Guido Gezellewandeling




Burg. Tayaertstraat










Korte Kapucijnenstraat






Baggaertshof Our Lady’s church and the Abdijkaai 14 Count’s chapel Schuttersstraat Groeninge gate and monument 04 Broel towers Vlaanderenkaai 15 Saint Anthony’s church 05 Broel museum and the Cave of Lourdes 06 Buda tower 16 National Leie monument Minister Liebaertlaan 07 Our Lady’s hospital Harelbeke 17 Skatebowl Gent 08 Saint-Michael’s church 18 Budafabriek N43 Spinnerijkaai 09 City hall Gentsesteenweg Stedelijk Openlucht Zwembad


Sint-Amandslaan Kollegestraat

10 11


Artillery tower








Koning Albertpark


Velghes Poortje



Tourism Kortrijk / Visitor centre for the Leie region + Kortrijk 1302 Ruitersweg


Koning Albertpark


Kortrijksestraat Garenstraat


16 R36







Kongoweg Tuighuisstraat

Minister Tacklaan


Minister Tacklaan








Mgr. De Haernelaan


L. de Boningelaan


Minister Vande Pereboomlaan



Sint Sebastiaanslaan

Steyts Koer Doorniksewijk Klakkaards Reke


Jan Sabbepad Zwevegemsestraat

Zwevegemsestraat Klakkaardsplein

Elfde Julilaan Graaf Boudewijn IX laan

Jan Sabbestraat Barbes Reke

Beverlaai Kanonstraat


Photography: David Samyn, Gerald Van Rafelghem (cover, p.22) p.4 (f.l.t.r.) Carl De Keyzer, Bieke Depoorter, Stephan Vanfleteren Graphic design: Focus Advertising Publisher: J. de Bethune - Groeningestraat 40 - 8500 Kortrijk

Toerisme Kortrijk Begijnhofpark (GPS: Houtmarkt) - 8500 Kortrijk +32 (0)56 277840 /

Inspirational Brochure Kortrijk  

surprising Kortrijk from historic centre to design city

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