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Catalogue 2016

As a seafaring nation the Dutch have always set their sights toward the horizon. In light of this legacy our new series Colonial and Global History through Dutch Sources thus focuses on the dynamic interaction between different civilizations in world history. Also in The Dutch Moment Wim Klooster reflects on the Dutch role amid the various military, economic, and political currents circulating through the seventeenth-century Atlantic World. With the same globally-minded approach Leiden University Press also publishes books related to the unique and diverse collections of Leiden – the museums and the collections of our University. These books are richly illustrated and we take pride in our high design and production values. Highlights this year include Western Arabia in the Leiden Collections and For Study and Delight: Drawings and Prints from Leiden University. Our Press continues to be a hub of scholarly publishing at Leiden University. We aim to produce titles that make major contributions to international scholarly debate, among them Understanding Islamic Extremism in the Middle East by Graham Fuller, to be published this year. The majority of our books are in English, as we strive to provide for them the widest international distribution, ensuring that our publications are sold around the world. Working in a similar international fashion, Open Access publishing has further removed all distribution boundaries for Leiden University Press. Our Open Access books are now accessed in over 100 countries, thereby reaching places our print books do not. Some of our titles have become available via Open Access this year through the Knowledge Unlatched programme. Between these various programmes and our diverse publications, the Press has been pleased to make a significant contribution to Leiden University’s international reputation. In this catalogue we are proud to present our new and forthcoming titles of 2016. Anniek Meinders Publisher

ARCHAEOLOGY 4 Clothes Make the Man 4 The Mesoamerican Codex Re-entangled 5 The Management of the Matobo Hills in Zimbabwe 5 Wild West Frisia ARTS 8 The Field of Musical Improvisation 10 For Study and Delight 9 Leiden tussen tafellaken en servet 16 Rewriting Modernism HISTORY 2 The Dutch Moment 3 Staging Asia 11 Western Arabia in the Leiden Collections 12 Al die onbekende beroemdheden 16 Callsign Nassau LANGUAGE & LINGUISTICS 13 Nederlandse titulatuur LAW 6 The Fall and Rise of Blasphemy Law 7 Legaliteit en legitimiteit POLITICAL SCIENCE 1 The Powers That Be MIDDLE EASTERN & ISLAMIC STUDIES 14 Understanding Islamic Extremism in the Middle East 15 Islam and Jihad in World War I SOCIAL SCIENCES 15 Terrorists on Trial 17 PUBLISHER AND SALES INFORMATION

Cover illustration: Cees Kortlang, detail from Hoop, 2002. Collection Leiden University Libraries


LUP Academic

Hans-Martien ten Napel and Wim Voermans (eds)

Rethinking the Separation of Powers. A Leiden Response to Möllers

Both democratic legitimacy and the separation of powers as In have 2013very Christoph Möllers published his impressive concepts much evolved alongside the state. However, monograph, The Three Branches. A Comparative over the last decades the state has been giving up ground to otherModel power of holders, particularly international (and even supra na-led to Separation of Powers. This inspirational book tional) actors.

the idea to pitch it against both the agenda of us as

This volume seeks to of answer the question the historicalresearchers the Institute ofwhether Public Law at Leiden Law ly grown combination of the concepts of democratic legitimacy School and our own insights, as well as that of fellow and the separation of powers remains viable outside a traditional scholars theinfield. state context, andin if so, what form?

International Association for Legislation.

This volume seeks to answer the question whether the historically grown combination of the concepts of democratic legitimacy and the separation of powers remains viable outside a traditional state context, and if so, in what form? Hans-Martien ten Napel is an Associate Professor of LeidenConstitutional University Pressand Administrative Law at Leiden University. Wim Voermans is a Full Professor of Constitutional and 9 789087 282516 Administrative Law at Leiden University.


Hans-Martien ten Napel Wim Voermans (Eds)

Both democratic legitimacy and the separation of powers state. However, over the last decades the state has been giving wim voermans full professor Constitutional and Adup groundistoa other power of holders, particularly ministrative law at Leiden University and acting President of the international (and even supranational) actors. hans-martien tenhave napel is an associate professor of Constias concepts very much evolved alongside the tutional and Administrative Law at Leiden University.

The Powers That Be

The Powers That Be

In 2013 Christoph Möllers published his impressive monograph, The Three Branches. A Comparative Model of Separation of Powers. This inspirational book led to the idea to pitch it against both the agenda of us as researchers of the Institute of Public Law at Leiden Law School and our own insights, as well as that of fellow scholars in the field.

The Powers

Rethinking the Separation of Powers

That Be

A Leiden Response to Möllers

Edited by Hans-Martien ten Napel and Wim Voermans





en Napel-Voermans – The Powers.indd 1-3

18-01-16 16:20

This work exemplifies the approach European legal scholarship should take: theoretically ambitious, deeply comparative, discursive but pluralistic, and embedded in the challenges of our time. – Armin von Bogdandy, Director of the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law in Heidelberg and Professor of Public Law at Goethe University Frankfurt.

EuropEan DEmocraciEs

in comparativE pErspEctivE EDITED BY IngrID van BIEzEn & Hans-MarTIEn TEn napEl



ISBN 978 90 8728 218 9 e-PDF 978 94 0060 195 6 e-PUB 978 94 0060 196 3 Price € 39.50 £ 33 $ 54.50 Published 2014

Publication date February 2016 NUR 823 ISBN 978 90 8728 251 6 e-PDF 978 94 0060 251 9 e-PUB 978 94 0060 252 6

Language English Price € 64.50 £ 49.50 $ 69.50 Format Paperback 156 x 234 mm Page extent 384 pages Cover design Geert de Koning



Wim Klooster

The Dutch Moment War, Trade, and Settlement in the Seventeenth-Century Atlantic World The Dutch Moment demonstrates how the Dutch built and eventually lost an Atlantic empire, one stretching from their homeland in the United Provinces to the Hudson River, from Brazil and the Caribbean to Africa’s Gold Coast. Whether as settlers or soldiers, many participants in Dutch colonisation came from other parts of Europe or the New World. Nor could the Dutch have achieved military supremacy without also carefully cultivating indigenous alliances. Indeed, the Dutch Atlantic was quintessentially interimperial, multinational, and multiracial. Largely under control of the Dutch West India Company, it was an empire entirely designed to profit the United Provinces. In this Dutch Atlantic realm the pivotal colony was Brazil, despite its brief lifespan (1630–1654). From warfare to the slave trade to religious freedoms, the lasting impact of Dutch ventures in Brazil on the Atlantic world is hard to overestimate. Yet the empire’s systematic neglect of its military led to crucial losses there and elsewhere, such that the Dutch scaled back their imperial ambitions. Meanwhile, constantly adaptating to foreign settlers’ needs and mercantilist obstacles, their interimperial approach gained in strength. Dutch commerce with residents of foreign empires thus came to flourish. Wim Klooster is Professor of History at Clark University. He is the author most recently of Revolutions in the Atlantic World: A Comparative History and Illicit Riches: Dutch Trade in the Caribbean, 1648–1795.

Co-publication with Cornell University Press.

The Dutch Moment is indispensable for anyone working in Atlantic history, especially those unable to access Dutch-language sources. – Jaap Jacobs, University of St Andrews, author of The Colony of New Netherland: A Dutch Settlement in Seventeenth-Century America.

DUTCH HISTORY Publication date November 2016 NUR 688 ISBN 978 90 8728 261 5 Language English Price € 39.50 Format Hardback illustrated 152 x 229 mm Page extent 376 pages Cover design Scott Levine For distribution in the Netherlands only.



The Dutch Moment is a remarkable accomplishment. It will become the definitive work on the Dutch in the Atlantic world, and it is an exemplary work in Atlantic history. It provides a much-needed history of Dutch activities in the Atlantic in the seventeenth century, and it does so based largely on an original interpretation of primary materials in several languages, remarkable sources ranging from dictionaries to cargo lists to diaries. The writing is lively and witty, and Wim Klooster has a wonderful eye for the memorable detail. – Alison Games, Dorothy M. Brown Distinguished Professor of History, Georgetown University.

Manjusha Kuruppath

Staging Asia The Dutch East India Company and the Amsterdam Theatre How is it possible that three playwrights in the early modern Dutch Republic wrote dramas based on contemporary political events in Asia? Reflecting on this remarkable phenomenon, Staging Asia traces the passage of the stories surrounding three political revolutions from seventeenth-century Asia through to the Dutch Republic and their ultimate manifestation as dramas. This book explores the nature of the representation of the Orient in these plays and evaluates how this characterization was influenced by the channels that these dramatists relied on to gather information for their works. As these dramas exhibit strong connections to the Dutch East India Company, this work additionally examines the role of that enterprise in disseminating information on Asia and producing imagery about the Orient. Manjusha Kuruppath received her PhD from the Department of History, University of Leiden. Her research interests include literary history, history of the Dutch East India Company and early modern Asian history.

COLONIAL AND GLOBAL HISTORY THROUGH DUTCH SOURCES Publication date September 2016 NUR 694 ISBN 978 90 8728 257 8 e-PDF 978 94 0060 256 4 e-PUB 978 94 0060 258 8 Language English Price € 49.50 £ 44.50 $ 55 Format Paperback 156 x 234 mm Page extent 282 pages Cover design Geert de Koning

This is the first book in the series Colonial and Global History through Dutch Sources. Dutch archival and primary sources are imperative for understanding Dutch overseas history from the time of the earliest explorations to the latest phase of decolonization. At the same time, Dutch sources provide a fascinating contemporary window on the regional histories of Africa, the Americas and Asia and the various ways in which these areas were linked through global networks of migration, trade and empire.

The present work deals with a rather understudied question—Dutch Theatre and VOC Asia from the mid-17th to the late 18th centuries—and it is exemplarily researched, structured and written. – Jorge Flores, Professor of Early Modern Global History, European University Institute, Florence. An unusually refreshing piece of scholarly research on a period of early colonial Dutch involvement in ...Asia. – Professor Gita Dharampal-Frick, Head, Department of History, South Asia Institute, Heidelberg University.



Chrystel Brandenburgh

Ludo Snijders

Clothes Make the Man

The Mesoamerican Codex Re-entangled

Early Medieval Textiles from the Netherlands Textiles occasionally found in excavations generally constitute the scarce garments, household fabrics, sails, etc., remaining from the early Middle Ages. Although several authors have published on textile finds for the Netherlands previously, systematic research of these discoveries has yet to be achieved in the Dutch development of textile archaeology, a discipline fundamental to archaeological research. As a result knowledge in the Netherlands of the production and use of textiles has mainly derived from research conducted in neighbouring countries. Closing this considerable gap, Clothes Make the Man focuses on the use of cloth and clothing in different areas now defined as the Netherlands, in the period between 400 and 1000 AD. This study analyses textile remains from both settlements and cemeteries to obtain a very diverse depiction of textile use during the era. Notably, using textile remains from Dutch cemeteries makes it possible to reconstruct the way people were dressed when buried, in addition to establishing the differences between cemeteries and the groups of individuals within them. Moreover, studying the fabrics from the settlements yields further insight into their production processes and techniques.

ARCHAEOLOGICAL STUDIES ­LEIDEN UNIVERSITY Publication date May 2016 NUR 682 ISBN 978 90 8728 260 8 e-PDF 978 94 0060 257 1 Language English Price € 49.50 £ 35.50 $ 59.50 Format Paperback 210 x 274 mm Page extent 306 pages Cover design Joanne Porck



Chrystel Brandenburgh obtained her PhD in archaeology in 1997 from the Faculty of Archaeology at Leiden University. Since 2003 she has worked as an urban archaeologist for the municipality of Leiden.

Production, Use and Re-use of Precolonial Documents This innovative work attempts to piece together the cultural biography of Mesoamerica’s precolonial codices. Today less than twenty extant manuscripts are all that remains of the Mesoamerican book-making tradition. These pictographic and hieroglyphic texts have often been studied for their content, but in doing so their nature as physical objects faded into the background. By tracing the paths these books have followed over the past five hundred years, this study acquaints the reader with their production, use and re-use, destruction, rediscovery and reinvention. Even today, in fact, these books continue to add new chapters to their biography. That is, thanks to the most cutting-edge technology currently available, it has now been possible to uncover a completely new text from inside one of these precious and fragile manuscripts. .

ARCHAEOLOGICAL STUDIES ­LEIDEN UNIVERSITY Publication date October 2016 NUR 682 ISBN 978 90 8728 263 9 e-PDF 978 94 0060 261 8 Language English Price € 49.50 £ 44.50 $ 55 Format Paperback 210 x 274 mm Page extent 250 pages Cover design Joanne Porck

Ludo Snijders is an archaeologist specialising in Mesoamerican cultures. This work is the result of collaboration with the TU Delft and the Bodleian Libraries of the University of Oxford, within the NWO Science4Arts funded project “Shedding light on endangered mutual heritage”.

Simon Makuvaza

Yvonne F. van Amerongen

The Management of the Matobo Hills in Zimbabwe

Wild West Frisia

Perceptions of the Indigenous Communities on their Involvement and Use of Traditional Conservation Practices Since 1992, when the World Heritage Committee established its category of “cultural landscapes”, scholarly debates have ensued on how they could best be managed. One approach, which appears to have gained significance over the past two decades or so, considers using traditional conservation practices as well as engaging local indigenous communities in the stewardship of these exemplary sites. To examine the efficacy of this recent approach, this book explores the concept of indigenous communities, the nature of traditional conservancy in the Matobo Hills Cultural World Heritage Landscape where this study was conducted, as well as the management history of the area. Based on the perspectives of the indigenous people of the Matobo Hills, this investigation studies the extent to which both traditional conservation practices and local involvement can be germane to the administration of World Heritage Cultural Landscapes.

ARCHAEOLOGICAL STUDIES ­LEIDEN UNIVERSITY Publication date October 2016 NUR 682 ISBN 978 90 8728 264 6 e-PDF 978 94 0060 264 9 Language English Price € 42.50 £ 36.50 $ 47.50 Format Paperback 210 x 274 mm Page extent 151 pages Cover design Joanne Porck

Simon Makuvaza is currently a Research Fellow in the Faculty of the Built Environment at the National University of Science and Technology in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

The Role of Domestic and Wild Resource Exploitation in Bronze Age Subsistence This volume focuses on reconstructing the daily lives of Bronze Age farmers as well as the landscape for their subsistence practices. Doing so, Wild West Frisia analyses the separate components comprising Bronze Age subsistence (i.e. crop and animal husbandry, hunting and gathering) rather innovatively: instead of summarizing the known data for each subsistence strategy and drawing conclusions solely based on these observations, this study first determines what may have been present yet perhaps is no longer visible. Contrasting this expectation with the actual archaeological data reveals missing elements, findings for which include recognizing that wild resource exploitation was perhaps equally if not more vital to farming life than crop and animal husbandry. Comparing the case-study area of West Frisia, the Netherlands, with north-west European coastal communities in general, local variation appears to be a consistent feature of Bronze Age farming. It can in fact be regarded as a common feature of subsistence during this time.

ARCHAEOLOGICAL STUDIES ­LEIDEN UNIVERSITY Publication date November 2016 NUR 682 ISBN 978 90 8728 269 1 e-PDF 978 94 0060 273 1 Language English Price € 64.50 £ 54.50 $ 71.50 Format Paperback 210 x 274 mm Page extent 550 pages Cover design Joanne Porck

Yvonne F. van Amerongen is a palaeo-ecologist at the archaeological company EARTH in Amersfoort, the Netherlands.



Paul Cliteur and Tom Herrenberg (eds)

The Fall and Rise of Blasphemy Law This collection centers around two trends that currently influence freedom of expression. The first trend confirms the fact that many Western countries have become, over a long period of time, less strict about sacrilegious expression. In the process, many repealed their blasphemy laws or became less harsh in their punishment of blasphemy, hence “the fall of blasphemy law”. The second trend manifests an opposite movement, hence “the rise of blasphemy law”. Over the last decades, namely, Western societies have witnessed multiple attempts to suppress speech that defames religion. To be sure, one particularly vicious way of re-energizing these interdicts against blasphemy has come from radical believers intent upon removing blasphemy from the public domain by violent means. With contributions by scholars from a wide range of disciplines, this volume seeks to offer an examination of topical issues relating to freedom of expression, censorship, and blasphemy in contemporary multicultural democracies. Foreword by Flemming Rose Paul Cliteur is Professor of Jurisprudence at Leiden Law School. His areas of expertise include freedom of expression, secularism, and political theory. Tom Herrenberg is a PhD candidate at Leiden Law School and a visiting researcher at the University of Oxford in 2016.

LAW Publication date October 2016 NUR 824 ISBN 978 90 8728 268 4 e-PDF 978 94 0060 271 7 e-PUB 978 94 0060 272 4 Language English Price € 39.50 £ 34.50 $ 43.50 Format Paperback 156 x 234 mm Page extent 224 pages Cover design Geert de Koning



Freedom of speech cannot flourish alongside laws criminalizing blasphemy, since criticism of religion is among the most fundamental of freedoms. The trend against blasphemy laws, documented in this fine book, must be extended beyond the West, and most especially to Muslim countries if their citizens are to be free. – Alan Dershowitz, Professor of Law, Emeritus, Harvard Law School. A most welcome volume on one of the important issues of our time. A rich and impressive collection of articles. – Menachem Mautner, author of Law & the Culture of Israel (2011) and Professor of Comparative Civil Law and Jurisprudence, Tel Aviv University. A stimulating and well-argued book. – Eric Barendt, author of Freedom of Speech (2nd ed. 2005) and Emeritus Professor of Media Law, Faculty of Law, University College London.

Paul Cliteur en Afshin Ellian

De grondslagen van het recht

devolle bijdrage Recht aan actuele éngeheel klassieke discussies overde hetsamenleving is het van regels dat westies worden toegankelijk gepresenteerd zonder afbreuk te ordent. Je kunt bestuderen die regels de complexiteit van de materie’ − Jasper Doomen,wat schrijver van zijn. Maar Democratic je kunt jeState ook (2014) een oordeel vormen over de nd Equality in a Liberal

vraag of die regels goed zijn, rechtvaardig zijn.

oorrecht voor studenten om dit schitterende boek te mogen Datoverzicht wordt geprobeerd dit boek. Het neemt als n! Een uitmuntend van de Grote in Vragen die horen tocht naar het goede leven en dedat goede samenleving’ uitgangspunt sommige regels− wel legaal zijn, udet, schrijver van Der Angriff auf den Nationalstaat (2015)

dat wil zeggen: uitgevaardigd door de bevoegde

helder betoog over de filosofische vanniet het recht, instantie, maar grondslagen daarmee nog legitiem, dat telling in nemen. De nuchtere kritiek op het modieuze culwil zeggen: rechtvaardig. isme door Paul Cliteur en Afshin Ellian is een verademing’ Boudry, schrijver van Illusies voor gevorderden: of waarom ltijd beter is (2015) In vijf hoofdstukken wordt deze “filosofische”

dimensie van de hetuniversaliteit recht aan de gesteld. Eerst r én noodzakelijk pleidooi voor vanorde mensenWilly Laes, schrijver vande Mensenrechten in dehet Verenigde Naties: komt juistheid van “natuurrecht”, een over manipulatie, censuur en hypocrisie (2011) soort ideaal recht dat de norm zou moeten zijn

Europese staten. Verder wordt de scheiding van

en trein, lokt reacties uit, zet aan tot nadenken over univerrecht en staat (of politiek en religie) en de eidsbeginselen en roept op tot voortdurende dialoog tussen historische dimensie vandat hetstudenten rechtennu over ht en politiek, geweldig! Het gevaar is alleen n dat de hele rechtenstudie zo boeiend is!’ – Margriet Krijtenrechtvaardig recht behandeld. Voor wie wil ijver van Schuman’s Europe: his Frame of Reference (2012)

nadenken over recht, is dit het boek.

s een must voor de ontwikkeling van het oordeelsvermogen aars rechtenstudenten. Sterker het zou goedzijn zijnbeiden als het hoogleraar Paul Cliteur ennog, Afshin Ellian geschreven aan álle burgers’ – Machteld Zee, schrijver van encyclopedie van de rechtswetenschap aan de haria? Multiculturalism, Islamic Fundamentalism and British universiteit van Leiden. ncils (2015)

paul cliteur afshin ellian

voor het recht van inleiding alledag, in aan orde. Daarna sbare en zeer welkome systematische dede wijzen igie, rede en recht vorm gegeven de klasgaat hethebben over het idee aan vanzowel de “democratische oderne samenlevingen’ − David Suurland, schrijver van Securechtsstaat” dat het model vormt voor vele rian and islamist legal-political philosophy (2012)

Legaliteit en legitimiteit

Legaliteit en legitimiteit

Ellian herinneren de lezer aan de kernwaarden van onze sa. Elke bladzijde leest als een aansporing hier verdraaid zuinig Sebastien Valkenberg, schrijver van Op denkles (2015)

paul cliteur afshin ellian

Legaliteit en legitimiteit De grondslagen van het recht

university press 9 789087 282424


06-01-16 12:09

Een kraakhelder betoog over de filosofische grondslagen van het recht, dat durft stelling te nemen. De nuchtere kritiek op het modieuze cultuurrelativisme door Paul Cliteur en Afshin Ellian is een verademing. – Maarten Boudry, schrijver van Illusies voor gevorderden: of waarom waarheid altijd beter is (2015). RECHT Publicatiedatum januari 2016 NUR 820 ISBN 978 90 8728 2424 e-PDF 978 94 0060 239 7 e-PUB 978 94 0060 240 3 Taal Nederlands Prijs € 30.00 Formaat Paperback 160 x 240 mm Omvang 266 pagina’s Omslagontwerp Geert de Koning

Een waardevolle bijdrage aan actuele én klassieke discussies over het recht; de kwesties worden toegankelijk gepresenteerd zonder afbreuk te doen aan de complexiteit van de materie. – Jasper Doomen, schrijver van Freedom and Equality in a Liberal Democratic State (2014).



Marcel Cobussen

The Field of Musical Improvisation The central aim of this book is to present a new approach to “the field of musical improvisation” (FMI), a theory which understands improvisation as a nonlinear dynamic and complex system. The study provocatively argues that during an improvisation more actants are “at work” than musicians alone: space, acoustics, instruments, audience, technicians, musical and socio-cultural backgrounds, technology, and the like all play a significant role. However, not all of these actants determine every improvisation to the same extent; some are more prominent and active than others in certain situations (periods, styles, cultures, as well as more singular circumstances). Therefore, the FMI theory will prove to be more than a theory dealing with improvisation “in general”. Rather, FMI emphasizes singularity: each improvisation thus yields a different network of actants and interactions, a unique configuration or assembly. Marcel Cobussen is Professor of Music Philosophy and Auditory Culture at Leiden University. Cobussen is author and editor of several books (e.g. Thresholds. Rethinking Spirituality Through Music (2008), Music and Ethics (2012) and The Routledge Companion to Sounding Art (2016). He is editor-in-chief of the open access online Journal of Sonic Studies (www.

The .Expos ition.of.Ar tistic . Rese arch: Publis Academia  

           


 

  

Enriched e-book with sound clips.

It is startlingly original in so much as it brings a philosophical/social understanding to the field of musical improvisation. I’ve not really encountered a work that does this so imaginatively and thoroughly. Indeed – reading the work – I think the whole manuscript is one wonderful set of improvisations – and as such works very well. – Michael Bull, Professor of Sound Studies at the University of Sussex.

THE EXPOSITION OF ARTISTIC RESEARCH ISBN 978 90 8728 164 9 e-PDF 978 94 0060 092 8 e-PUB 978 94 0060 093 5 Price € 39.95 £ 35 $ 55 Published 2014



SONIC STUDIES Publication date November 2016 NUR 664 e-PUB 978 94 0060 263 2 Only available as e-book

Language English Price € 39.50 £ 34.50 $ 43.50 Cover design Merel van Meurs

Leiden Publications

Monique Shaw

Leiden tussen tafellaken en servet


Een jaar lang publiceerde Monique haar foto’s met begeleidende tekst wekelijks in het Leidsch Dagblad. De foto’s en de teksten zijn vastgelegd in een treffend fotoboek. Het boek geeft een pakkend tijdsbeeld – een unieke blik op Leiden en haar inwoners.



Leiden tussen tafellaken en servet is de titel van de ontdekkingsreis die de Stadsfotograaf Monique Shaw gedurende een jaar door Leiden maakte. Leiden is een intieme wereldstad met een rijke geschiedenis waar veel interessante mensen wonen en werken. Soms al generaties lang, soms mensen die uit alle windstreken naar Leiden komen en ook weer gaan. Zo ontstaat een stad met inwoners die kleine ambities koesteren en inwoners die met grote en hemelbestormende plannen komen – beide werelden komen aan bod in de foto’s van Monique Shaw.


Monique Shaw is afgestudeerd in Fotonica, wetenschappelijke fotografie. Na haar opleiding werd zij de eerste vrouwelijke militair fotograaf bij de Koninklijke Marine. Sinds 2009 is zij werkzaam als zowel fotograaf als styliste. Haar kracht ligt in het vertalen van woorden, wensen en ideeën naar sprekende beelden. Van augustus 2015 tot september 2016 was Monique Shaw de Stads­ fotograaf van Leiden.  Kleurrijke geschiedenis

WIE? Dit is Suzanne Fischer. Suzanne is architect en doet bouwhistorisch onderzoek naar bruggen en gebouwen. WAAR? Midden op de Bostelbrug, een vaste brug over de Rijn in de binnenstad van Leiden. Sinds 1324 waren op deze plek diverse houten en stenen voorgangers. In 1982 werd de brug ingrijpend gerestaureerd. De naam Bostelbrug verwijst naar bostel, het afvalproduct van bier. De naam van de brug werd lang verbasterd tot Borstelbrug, maar is nu weer officieel hersteld.

WAT? Suzanne is bezig met een onderzoek naar de

historische kleur van de monumentale brug. Laag voor laag legt zij de oude verflagen vrij met een scalpel. Ze onderzoekt elk deel op meerdere plaatsen om er zeker van te zijn dat de gevonden kleur ook echt representatief is. Ze bekijkt hiervoor ook vaak historische foto’s en tekeningen die veel nuttige informatie bieden.

Klassieke hondenliefhebber

WIE? Theo Schulten (74). Tijdens zijn studie Klassieke Talen eind jaren 60 in Leiden verdiende hij een zakcentje bij als barkeeper in l’Espérance, later genoot hij vooral van het lesgeven in Grieks en Latijn aan diverse scholen in Leiden.

WAT? Danae is de welopgevoede hond in het midden

WAAR In de Leidse Hout, het stadspark op de grens met Oegstgeest, dat begin jaren 30 (de crisisjaren) is aangelegd als werkverschaffingsproject, net zoals het Haagse Zuiderpark, het Amsterdamse Bos en het Kralingse Bos in Rotterdam.

WAAROM? Toen Theo’s vorige hond was overleden


die netjes afwacht. De andere twee zijn gelegenheidsvriendinnetjes. Danae komt uit Roemenië. Ze is daar opgehaald door het Straydog Centre, een organisatie die zich inzet voor zwerfhonden.

kreeg hij van zijn dochter de tip om eens in het Straydog Centre te gaan kijken, een zwerfhondencentrum in Ridderkerk. In een hok met veertig puppy’s sprong één hondje tegen hem op en begon hem gelijk te likken. Dat was Danae.



FOTOGRAFIE Verschijningsdatum september 2016 NUR 653 ISBN 978 90 8728 266 0 e-PDF 978 94 0060 270 0 Taal Nederlands Prijs € 19.95 Formaat Paperback geïllustreerd 225 x 225 mm Omvang 96 pagina’s Omslagontwerp John Stelck

Chinese architect leert van Leiden

WIE? Hu Yike (36), een Chinese landschapsarchitect en urban designer uit Beijing. Hij verblijft een halfjaar in Leiden als ‘visiting scolar’, samen met zijn vrouw – ook architect – en hun dochtertje.

WAT? Hij werkt aan een getekend portret van zijn

WAAR Voor de deur van zijn gehuurde huis op de hoek van de Haven en de Oosthavenstraat.

van stedenbouw momenteel bijzonder snel. We maken helaas ook nog veel fouten. Daarom ben ik blij met de gelegenheid om te researchen in deze mooie stad. En wat goed dat ik hier heb mogen wonen.’


‘huisbaas en vriend’, die even verderop woont. Als cadeautje bij zijn naderende afscheid van Leiden.

WAAROM? ‘In China gaan ontwikkelingen op het gebied

Dakloze dichter

WIE? De goedlachse Glenn Parami, dakloze met een creatieve geest. WAAR? Op de hoek van het Pieterskerkhof en de steeg van de wijn, de Muskadelsteeg. WAT? De dichter voelt zich geroepen om prachtige

poëzie voor te dragen. Hij gaat bij een boom zitten om zo zijn enige publiek toe te dichten. Het praten met maar één tand in de mond gaat hem soms wat moeilijk af.

WAAROM? Glenn noemt zich de straatdichter van

Leiden. Een aantal jaren geleden kwam hij onder de tram en lag hij zeven maanden in coma. Daardoor is hij niet meer topfit, maar de hartstocht bleef. Met enthousiasme belt hij overal aan om, tegen een kleine vergoeding, zijn gedicht voor te dragen. Als toegift krijg je een handtekening.





Nelke Bartelings, Edward Grasman, Elmer Kolfin and Jef Schaeps (eds)

For Study and Delight Drawings and Prints from Leiden University 200 years have passed since the founding of the Leiden Print Room, incorporated today into Leiden University Libraries. In celebration of that long, rich history this wide-ranging new publication presents a complete and varied survey of the Leiden collections, starting with rare drawings from the early sixteenth century and ending with recent acquisitions from just this past decade. From Jan Gossart and Barend van Orley to Carel Visser and Emo Verkerk, this work encompasses the history of two centuries of collecting. In fifteen chapters experts in the graphic arts discuss sixteenth-century drawings, experimental etching techniques, portraits from five centuries and contemporary drawings and prints. Special attention is also devoted to David Humbert de Superville, the first director of the Print Room and a brilliant draughtsman. Besides being the standard reference on the Leiden Print Room for years to come, the more than 300 full-page colour reproductions displaying highlights, rarities and unknown masterpieces make this book a pleasure to read as well as to regard.

Studien aus dem Warburg-Haus

Art, Agency And Living Presence

Band 16

Caroline van Eck

For Study

and Delight Drawings and Prints from Leiden University

The four editors of this volume – Nelke Bartelings (Leiden University), Edward Grasman (Leiden University), Elmer Kolfin (University of Amsterdam) and Jef Schaeps (Leiden University) – are all specialists in the field of graphic arts and thoroughly acquainted with the Leiden collections. They assembled a team of scholars who, proceeding from their own expertise, each wrote about the collections.

Art, Agency And

Caroline van Eck

Living Presence From the Animated Image to the Excessive Object

Leiden University Press

Einschlag 17 mm Rückenstärke 21 mm wird eine Reihe, immer gleiche Fondfarbe, Druckangaben bitte speichern

ART, AGENCY AND LIVING PRESENCE ISBN 978 90 8728 231 8 e-PDF 978 94 0060 220 5 e-PUB 978 94 0060 221 2 Price € 89.95 £ 70 $ 126 Published 2015



ART Publication date November 2016 NUR 654 ISBN 978 90 8728 241 7 Language English

Price € 44.50 £ 39.50 $ 49.50 Format Paperback illustrated 250 x 290 mm Page extent 336 pages Cover design Antoinette Hanekuyk, Topica

Luitgard Mols en Arnoud Vrolijk

Western Arabia in the Leiden ­Collections Traces of a Colourful Past In the late nineteenth and early twentieth century Dutch diplomats, scholars and travellers assembled unique collections in Jeddah, Mecca and Medina. The Dutch presence in Arabia, where they established a consulate in Jeddah, was intimately connected with the supervision of the annual pilgrimage to Mecca from the Netherlands East Indies, present-day Indonesia. Notable guests at this consulate included the formidable Dutch Islamicist Christiaan Snouck Hurgronje, visiting Arabia in 1884-1885. With the invaluable help of local Muslims, Dutch collectors tried to capture the essence of what they regarded as an “authentic” Oriental culture in a period when Arabia was already looking towards modernity. These extensive collections are now preserved at the Leiden Museum of Ethnology (Museum Volkenkunde and Leiden University Libraries. Together, they allow a glimpse into a colourful and vibrant society, one virtually vanished today under ever-growing numbers of pilgrims, changing political and religious allegiances and sudden economic prosperity.

Luitgard Mols is Director of Sabiel, Research in Islamic Art, and formerly Curator of South-West and Central Asia at the Leiden Museum of Ethnology. There she curated the exhibition Longing for Mecca. The Pilgrim’s Journey (2013–2014). She co-edited, with Marjo Buitelaar, Hajj. Global Interactions through Pilgrimage (2015). Arnoud Vrolijk is Curator of Oriental Manuscripts and Rare Books at Leiden University Libraries. He has published extensively on the university collections and the history of Arabic scholarship. His latest monograph, together with Richard van Leeuwen, is Arabic Studies in the Netherlands. A Short History in Portraits (2014). MIDDLE EAST Publication date November 2016 NUR 761 ISBN 978 90 8728 259 2 e-PDF 978 94 0060 255 7 Language English Price € 34.50 £ 32.50 $ 39.50 Format Paperback illustrated 215 x 287 mm Page extent 192 pages Cover design Jelle Hellinga



Ton van Kalmhout, Peter Sigmond en Aleid Truijens

van de Nederlandse taal, literatuur en geschiedenis.

jd een belangrijk forum voor schrijvers en geestes­

ezingen en discussies, prestigieuze prijzen en de

andere initiatieven – cultuurhistorische werkgroepen,

250 jaar Maatschappij der ­Nederlandse Letterkunde

iotheek voor de Nederlandse Letteren – een unieke

landse cultuur.

Honings, Atte Jongstra, Ton van Kalmthout, Aleid Truijens,

an Zonneveld voor het eerst een min of meer integraal

In 1766 werd Maatschappij der Nederlandse sinds haar oprichting. Centraal staatde daarbij de vraag

Letterkunde de beoefening en schappelijk verankerd is. Hoe is haaropgericht doen en latenvoor bepaald

debeurt Nederlandse taal, literatuur digheden en welkebestudering impact heeft zijvan op haar gehad

en geschiedenis. Het isdein Nederland nog altijd weerspiegelt de levensloop van de Maatschappij

een belangrijk forum voor schrijvers en engagement met het geestesleven in Nederland.

geesteswetenschappers, dat met lezingen en discussies, prestigieuze prijzen en de or­onderzoeker Literatuurgeschiedenis het Huygens Instituut ondersteuningbijvan tal van andere initiatieven is van de KNAW. – cultuurhistorische werkgroepen, publicaties, en heeft verschillende bekleed in het musealevoor en de Nederlandse de functies Digitale Bibliotheek Letteren – een unieke plaats inneemt in de ournalist, literair criticus en columnist cultuur. van de Volkskrant. Nederlandse In dit boek schetsen Rick Honings, Atte Jongstra, Ton van Kalmthout, Aleid Truijens, Marleen de Vries en Peter van Zonneveld voor het eerst een min of meer integraal beeld van de Maatschappij sinds haar oprichting. I S B N 97 8-90-872-8258-5 Centraal staat daarbij de vraag hoe het genootschap maatschappelijk verankerd is. Hoe is haar doen en laten bepaald door de historische9omstandigheden en welke impact 789087 282585 heeft zij op haar beurt gehad op het culturele leven? Zo weerspiegelt de levensloop van de Maatschappij de ontwikkeling van 250 jaar engagement met het geestesleven in Nederland.

Al die onbekende beroemdheden

Al die onbekende beroemdheden

ppij der Nederlandse Letterkunde opgericht voor de


onder redactie van Ton van KalmThouT, PeTer Sigmond, aleid TruijenS LUP


Ton van Kalmthout is senior-onderzoeker Literatuurgeschiedenis bij het Huygens Instituut voor Nederlandse Geschiedenis van de KNAW. Peter Sigmond is historicus en heeft 19-04-16 verschillende functies bekleed in het museale en culturele veld. Aleid Truijens is schrijver, journalist, literair criticus en columnist van de Volkskrant.

LITERATUUR Publicatiedatum mei 2016 NUR 620 ISBN 978 90 8728 258 5 e-PDF 978 94 0060 254 0 Taal Nederlands Prijs € 35.00 Formaat Paperback geïllustreerd 196 x 251 mm Omvang 224 pagina’s Omslagontwerp Suzan Beijer




Gilbert Monod de Froideville en Sophie den Beer Poortugael

Nederlandse titulatuur In aanspreken en op schrift & in protocol en netwerken Wanneer schrijft u een e-mail en wanneer een brief en hoe gebruikt u de titulatuur in een e-mail? Hoe schrijft u een echtpaar op correctie wijze aan? Klopt het dat u “meneer” tegen de koning zegt? En hoe om te gaan met de verkregen graden in het wetenschappelijk en hoger beroepsonderwijs? Nederlandse titulatuur, in aanspreken en op schrift & in protocol en netwerken is een moderne gids met de correcte aanspreek- en aanschrijfvormen als onderdeel van het protocol in communicatie. In een tijd waarin snelle manieren van contact en sociale media voorop staan, lijkt correcte titulatuur aan belang te verliezen. Persoonlijke presentatie, gedrag binnen een groep en weten hoe het hoort zijn echter een blijk van respect. Titulatuur is van onderscheidend belang binnen het bedrijfsleven en de wereld van de digitale communicatie.

Gilbert Monod de Froideville is als adviseur en docent verbonden aan het Protocol­ bureau in Den Haag. Tevens was hij gedurende vele jaren werkzaam aan het Hof als Ceremoniemeester van H.M. de Koningin en vervulde hij de functie van Consul-Generaal bij het Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken. Sophie den Beer Poortugael werkte voor het Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken en vervulde de functie van Chef de Bureau van de Hofmaarschalk van H.M. de Koningin. NEDERLANDSE TAAL Publicatiedatum september 2016 NUR 620 ISBN 978 90 8728 265 3 e-PDF 978 94 0060 266 3 e-PUB 978 94 0060 267 0 Taal Nederlands Prijs € 19.95 Formaat Paperback 105 x 156 mm Omvang 224 pagina’s Omslagontwerp Sander Pinkse



Graham E. Fuller

Understanding Islamic Extremism in the Middle East Over the past decade the Middle East has undergone huge geopolitical shifts, including widespread war and violence, the collapse of numerous regimes, a changing American role, a restored Russian presence, and the emergence of ISIS. In this book Graham Fuller addresses the character of these shifts and how they will shape the future of this tumultuous region as well as the role of major outside powers.


Fuller firstly focuses on Shari’a law and its appropriate role, if any, in the politics and governance of the Muslim world, thereby further exploring why identity may be the most important factor in examining Middle East politics today. Next he addresses the current Shi’ite-Sunni conflict, not simply by scrutinizing the essentially theological approach found in most Western analysis but also through better understanding the many more extra-religious factors behind the scenes. Finally the author claims that the appearance of ISIS has stretched the perennial phenomenon of Political Islam to the extreme. What, then, does ISIS imply for the future of the Middle East and for Islamist movements in general, not to mention for Muslims’ understanding of Islam itself? LEIDEN PUBLICATIONS

rabic Language and Culture were initiated in e 400-year anniversary of the founding of the niversity. Each year an outstanding scholar in nt a lecture on the rich and enjoyable variety of eir significance and relevance for today’s world.


t three lectures delivered by Petra Sijpesteijn, Geert Jan van Gelder. From the reasons to study and today, to the jokes written into apparently these three lectures together demonstrate the ness of the Arabic literary world.

Leiden Lectures on Arabic Language and Culture Petra M. Sijpesteijn, James E. Montgomery, Geert Jan van Gelder

ssor of Arabic at Leiden University, obtained dies (2004) from Princeton University. She is slim State. The World of a Mid-Eighth-Century 013).

Sir Thomas Adams’s Professor of Arabic at is the author of Al-Jāhiz: In Praise of Books

meritus Laudian Professor of Arabic at Oxford of Sound and Sense in Classical Arabic Poetry assical Arabic Literature: A Library of Arabic York and London 2013).

Graham E. Fuller is a former Vice Chair of the National Intelligence Council at CIA in charge of long-range forecasting. He has lived and worked in the Middle East for nearly two decades. He has written numerous books on Middle East politics and Islamic movements and Eurasian geopolitics, recently Turkey and the Arab Spring: Leadership in the Middle East.


WIT AND WISDOM IN CLASSICAL ARABIC LITERATURE ISBN 978 90 8728 248 6 e-PDF 978 94 0060 250 2 Price € 12.50 Published 2015



MIDDLE EASTERN & ISLAMIC STUDIES Publication date October 2016 NUR 717 ISBN 978 90 8728 266 7 e-PDF 978 94 0060 268 7 e-PUB 978 94 0060 269 4

Language English Price € 29.50 £ 25 $ 32.50 Format Paperback 156 x 234 mm Page extent 96 pages Cover design Tarek Atrissi Design

ALSO PUBLISHED IN 2016 Erik-Jan Zürcher (ed.)

Islam and Jihad in World War I JIHAD AND ISLAM IN WORLD WAR I Studies on the Ottoman Jihad on the Centenary of Snouck Hurgronje’s “Holy War Made in Germany” Edited by Erik-Jan Zürcher

Studies on the Ottoman Jihad on the Centenary of Snouck Hurgronje’s “Holy War Made in Germany”

Jihad and Islam in World War I

Recently the media have reverberated with references to Jihad and Jihadists. A hundred years ago, however, after the Ottoman Empire’s entry into World War I, the proclamation of Jihad by the Sultan-Caliph in Constantinople also made the headlines. This book investigates the background and nature of this proclamation.

Edited by Erik-Jan Zürcher

DEBATES ON ISLAM AND SOCIETY Publishing date February 2016 NUR 686 ISBN 978 90 8728 239 4 e-PDF 978 94 0060 233 5 e-PUB 978 94 0060 234 2

Language English Price € 49.50 £ 37.50 $ 59 Format Paperback 156 x 234 mm Page extent 352 pages Cover design Tarek Atrissi Design

Beatrice de Graaf and Alex P. Schmid (eds) Beatrice de Graaf Alex P. Schmid | editors


Terrorists on Trial A Performative Perspective Terrorism trials are an exceptional opportunity for better understanding and, hence, countering terrorism, since they are often the only place where most if not all the actors of a terrorist incident meet again. This book offers vital insights into terrorism trials directed against different type of terrorism suspects in various countries.


Edited by Beatrice de Graaf & Alex P. Schmid

TERRORISM STUDIES Publishing date May 2016 NUR 824 ISBN 978 90 8728 240 0 e-PDF 978 94 0060 235 9 e-PUB 978 94 0060 236 6

Language English Price € 79.50 £ 49.50 $ 79 Format Paperback 156 x 234 mm Page extent 602 pages Cover design Studio Jan de Boer



ALSO PUBLISHED IN 2016 Arthur ten Cate and Martijn van der Vorm

Callsign Nassau Dutch Special Forces in Action in the ‘New World Disorder’ This book primarily conveys the story of how the Netherlands transformed its Army Special Forces Regiment after 1989 for use in international inventions. How this was done, along with where the Dutch commandos were deployed, is described in detailed reconstructions based on exclusive access to both the personnel and the archives of the Regiment.

MILITARY HISTORY Publishing date March 2016 NUR 697 ISBN 978 90 8728 246 2 e-PDF 978 94 0060 247 2 e-PUB 978 94 0060 248 9

Language English Price € 59.50 £ 42.50 $ 66.50 Format Paperback 156 x 234 mm Page extent 298 pages Cover design Studio Jan de Boer

Phyllis Teo

Rewriting Modernism Three Women Artists in Twentieth-Century China: Pan Yuliang, Nie Ou and Yin Xiuzhen This study offers a fresh, alternative reading of modernism from the perspective of three women artists. All three were professionally active at different political stages of twentieth-century China. Providing relevant narratives, this book seeks to understand how the conventional perception of gender in Chinese society can be shown to be at work in the visual arts.



ART HISTORY Publishing date April 2016 NUR 654 ISBN 978 90 8728 229 5 e-PDF 978 94 0060 216 8 Language English



Price € 59.50 £ 42.50 $ 66.50 Format Paperback 156 x 234 mm Page extent 320 pages Cover design Bureau Bart van den Tooren

HIGHLIGHTS Maurits S. Berger

Edwin Bakker

A Brief History of Islam in Europe

Terrorism and Counterterrorism Studies



Published October 2014 Language English NUR 680, 717 ISBN 978 90 8728 195 3 e-PDF 978 94 0060 150 5 e-PUB 978 94 0060 151 2 Price € 39.50 £ 33 $ 52.50 Page extent 354 pages

Published June 2015 Language English NUR 686 ISBN 978 90 8728 221 9 e-PDF 978 94 0060 201 4 e-PUB 978 94 0060 202 1 Price € 39.50 £ 24.50 $ 39.50 Page extent 192 pages

Erik Kwakkel (ed.)

Anousha Sedighi

Manuscripts of the Latin Classics 800-1200

Persian in Use



Published April 2015 Language English NUR 613, 615 ISBN 978 90 8728 226 4 e-PDF 978 94 0060 210 6 e-PUB 978 94 0060 211 3 Price € 39.50 £ 32 $ 49.50 Page extent 224 pages

Published March 2015 Language English NUR 630 ISBN 978 90 8728 217 2 e-PDF 978 94 0060 193 2 e-PUB 978 94 0060 194 9 Price € 69.50 £ 55 $ 85 Page extent 400 pages

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Maghiel van Crevel is professor of Chinese language and literature at




Leiden University.


ASLU 28 The island of Skyros from Late Roman to Early Modern times An archaeological survey M. Karambinis


Lin Chin-hui and Maghiel van Crevel

Riccardo Zipoli is professor of Persian Language and Literature at Ca’ Foscari University, Venice, where he also teaches Conceiving and Producing Photography. The western cliché about Persian poetry is that it deals with roses, nightingales, wine, hyperbolic love-longing, an awareness of the transience of our existence, and a delicate appreciation of life’s fleeting pleasures. And so a great deal of it does. But there is another side to Persian verse, one that is satirical, sardonic, often obscene, one that delights in ad hominem invective and no-holds barred diatribes. Perhaps surprisingly enough for the uninitiated reader it is frequently the same poets who write both kinds of verse. Riccardo Zipoli’s Irreverent Persia is a splendidly comprehensive introduction to this fascinating and hitherto virtually ignored side of the Persian literary canon, providing a wealth of examples of the varieties of the genre in accurate and felicitous translations. − Dick Davis, professor and Chair of the Near Eastern Languages and Cultures Department, Ohio State University

Leiden University Press

9 789087 282257

The Indonesian Experience after the Fall of Suharto

Aegean archaeology has mainly concentrated on Prehistoric and GrecoRoman times and has provided relatively little information on human activity and material culture in the medieval period. Historical research concerning the medieval era is sufficiently developed but archaeological research on the medieval Aegean has mainly focused on matters of art and architecture. In fact, we have an overall picture of the medieval and post-medieval periods for only a few islands of the Aegean. This ASLU volume fills this gap. It uses the ancient past as background for examining the continuity and change that the island of Skyros experienced from the Late Roman period onwards. It brings together two different archaeological ‘schools’, that of long-term survey research (based mainly on material culture) and that of ‘traditional’ Byzantine and Post-Byzantine archaeology (focused on art and architecture), offering new perspectives on settlement patterns, art and architecture, and the material culture of Skyros from Late Roman to Early Modern times. The combination of archaeological data and information from historical sources reconstructs the regional history of Skyros during that time span, which is ultimately the main purpose of this study. Michalis Karambinis took his BA on archaeology in the University of Athens and his MA in the Pontifical Institute of Christian Archaeology in Rome. In 2009 started his PhD dissertation at Leiden University, with this book being the outcome of this research. In 2007-2015 he worked for the Hellenic Archaeological Service (Archaeological Ephorate of Euboea). He is currently a Post-Doctoral researcher at Leiden University in the ERC project “Empire of 2000 cities: urban networks and economic integration in the Roman Empire”. Archaeological Studies Leiden University (ASLU) is a series of the Faculty of Archaeology, University since 1998. 20 Lesson 1 |Leiden Paint feet on a snake The series aim is to publish research from the Faculty of Archaeology, Leiden University. It covers the fields of European Prehistory, Mediterranean, Near Eastern and Egyptian Archaeology, Mesoamerican and Andean Cultures, Caribbean and Amazonian Archaeology, Bio-Archaeology, Material Culture Studies, Archaeological Heritage Management, Digital Archaeology and the Archaeology of the Roman Provinces, Middle Ages and Modern Period.

9 789087 282370

The Invasion of the Dutch East Indies


9 789087 282349


Compiled by The War History Office of the National Defense College of Japan

Studien aus dem

Remmelink The Invasion def.indd 1-3

12-08-15 10:26

Band 16

Onde r re da c t i e v a n

F RI TS B OL K E S TE I N, P A U L C L I TE U R & M E I ND E RT F E NNE M A Art, Agency And Living Presence From the Animated Image to the Excessive Object

Leiden University Press

Einschlag 17 mm Rückenstärke 21 mm wird eine Reihe, immer gleiche Fondfarbe, Druckangaben bitte speichern

De succesvolle mislukking van Europa

Paint Feet on a Snake is intended for Chinese Studies majors, Chinafocused students in other fields, heritage learners, and professionals.

It will help improve vocabulary and grammar competence, and foster reading strategies and writing and translation skills, for use in academic

| Available in full-form and simplified character editions

| Aimed at learners of Mandarin with a command of about 850 characters and 1200 vocabulary items

| Suitable for language acquisition programs and for programs combining linguistic and cultural competence

| Optimized in pilot editions at Leiden University


Lin Chin-hui is lecturer in Mandarin at the University of Göttingen.

Maghiel van Crevel is professor of Chinese language and literature at Leiden University.

This volume views terrorism trials as a form of theatre, where the “show” that a trial may offer can develop often unexpected dynamics, which at times might inconvenience the government. Seeing terrorism trials as a stage where legal instruments are used (and abused) to argue the validity of contested political constructs, this study presents a performative perspective to draw attention to the mechanisms and effects of terrorism trials in and outside the courtroom.

Paint Feet on a Snake

With a special focus on how the power of these performances may in turn shape new narratives of justice and/or injustice, it offers vital insights into terrorism trials directed involving different types of

An Intermediate Mandarinterrorism Readersuspects, from left-wing to ethno-nationalist and jihadist terrorists, in Spain, Russia, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United States.


and professional settings.

Terrorism trials are an exceptional opportunity for better understanding and, hence, countering terrorism, since they are often the only place where most if not all of the actors of a terrorist incident meet again, and where the media report and broadcast their respective accounts. A nexus between terrorist violence, law enforcement and public opinion, terrorism trials showcase justice in progress and thus demonstrate to the world how terrorism suspects are treated under national law.

Beatrice de Graaf Alex P. Schmid | editors


Michalis Karambinis Archaeological Studies Leiden University 28 Leiden University Press




Caroline van Eck

An archaeological survey

Lin Chin-hui and Maghiel van Crevel

Edited and translated by Willem Remmelink

leiden university press

The island of Skyros from Late Roman to Early Modern times

Michalis Karambinis

Naamloos-4 1


Edited by Kees van Dijk and Nico J.G. Kaptein

The Invasion of the Dutch East Indies

Willem Remmelink was the executive director of the Japan-Netherlands Institute in Tokyo for more than twenty-five years. He is a specialist in Japanese and Indonesian history.

Compiled by The War History Office of the National Defense College of Japan

Edited and translated by Willem Remmelink

Riccardo Zipoli Between 1966 and 1980, the War History Office of the National Defense College of Japan (now the Center for Military History of the National Institute for Defense Studies) published the 102-volume Senshi Sōsho (War L U P These volumes give a detailed account of the operations History Series). of the Imperial Japanese Army and the Imperial Japanese Navy during the Second World War. Volume 3 of the series, The Invasion of the Dutch East Indies, describes in depth the campaign to gain control over the Indonesian archipelago – at that time the largest transoceanic landing operation in the military history of the world. The present book is the first complete and unabridged translation of a volume from the comprehensive Senshi Sōsho series. It enables military historians and the general public to see and study for the first time how the operation that put an end to Dutch colonial rule in Indonesia was planned and executed.



siMpLiFied CharaCter edition

The island of Skyros from Late Roman to Early Modern times

Poetry expressing criticism of social, political and cultural life is a vital integral part of Persian literary history. Its principal genres – invective, satire and burlesque – have been very popular with authors in every age. Despite the rich uninterrupted tradition, such texts have been little studied and rarely translated. Their irreverent tones range from subtle irony to crude direct insults, at times involving the use of outrageous and obscene terms. This anthology includes both major and minor poets from the origins of Persian poetry (10th century) up to the age of Jâmi (15th century), traditionally considered the last great classical Persian poet. In addition to their historical and linguistic interest, many of these poems deserve to be read for their technical and aesthetic accomplishments, setting them among the masterpieces of Persian literature.

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