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President The President of the Students' Union has a lot to do. They're your primary representative, and spokesperson to the university, the press, the NUS... The President line manages the Chief Executive, is the Lead Officer Trustee and co-ordinates the strategy of the Students' Union and the other Executive Officers' activity. You could say that they're a bit like the captain of the ship!

There are 4 candidates for President: Chris Everett, Michael Rubin, Alistair Robinson and Peter Clarke.

If you don’t think any of the candidates are good enough for the job you can vote for Re-Open Nominations (RON). If RON wins the election, we do just that – re-open the nominations and hold a new election.

Voting is open until 3pm, Wednesday 26 February at

Chris Everett I've turned-around The Ripple, now I want your vote to make not only a better University, but a better Union. Better housing Under my leadership, the union will help students prosecute landlords who break the law. Better learning space I will add study rooms outside the library to the group study booking service. Better deal for sports and societies To subsidise the cost of joining sport groups and the cost of society activities, I will spearhead efforts to attract new sponsors. Better social spaces I will work with the University to create a better use of social space in halls.

Michael Rubin As Education Officer, I’m the most experienced candidate. I have a track record of delivering on the issues you care about. I’ve made the University introduce lecture recordings, exam feedback and agree to install a cash machine in Oadby. I organised the petting zoo and introduced the Living Wage to SU staff with dependents. As President, I’ll launch an SU Loyalty Card (spend at Starbucks, save at Shabang), £2 meal deal, and approved estate agents scheme. I’ll maintain the strong relationship I’ve established with the University, using it to increase our grant to better support you and your student groups.

Alistair Robinson Geography student, News Editor atThe Ripple and founding President of the Handball club (as a favour). As a student in Leicester for the past six years, including a year working full-time in the SU, I want the opportunity to use my experience to effectively represent student interests. Stop the sell-off of our student loans. Double the SU funding to £2m. No needless cuts to sports, societies and services. Financial transparency in the Uni and SU. Students and staff before vanity projects. Initiate the Oadby shuttle-bus project. Poster-zones in the SU.

Peter Clarke Hi I’m Peter and I’m a firm believer that the Union is a membership organisation run for the benefit of its members. A new bar in union offering food and drink will provide an affordable, enjoyable and social space at the heart of the Union. The current catering outlets such as 1923 are not attractive to many students because of the price. I will hope to build on the Hall President scheme by establishing JCRs in halls and make the Union more relevant to freshers. I strive to give the power back to the membership by empowering student groups.

Education Officer The Education Officer is concerned with the main reason you're studying - your education. They are the primary point of contact on all academic and educational issues. The Education Officer oversees the ED Unit, co-ordinates the Course Representative system, and makes sure that things are done to improve the quality of your education - campaigns, research and working with the university.

There are 6 candidates for Education Officer: Jack Coopey, Charlotte Agran, Aaron Elcock, Mandy Groves, Matt Jones and Yordan Nikolov.

If you don’t think any of the candidates are good enough for the job you can vote for Re-Open Nominations (RON). If RON wins the election, we do just that – re-open the nominations and hold a new election.

Voting is open until 3pm, Wednesday 26 February at

Jack Coopey Nothing has been submitted.

Charlotte Agran If elected, I will ensure that the education our university provides takes EVERY MEASURE it can to SUPPORT EVERY STUDENT and maximise the student potential to access EVERY OPPORTUNITY. This means ensuring Course Reps understand the significant political role they play in representing the student voice to the university. This means creating learning commons for students to work collaboratively. This means utilising our valuable alumni to improve educational development and increase employability. This means the representation of Leicester university students on a national level to in essence ensure that students are stakeholders in the shaping of their degree experience!

Aaron Elcock The formation of a Tenants’ Union, bonds for housing deposits for the poorest students, alternative transport to the university, abolish Saturday exams, a further push for post-graduate funding, active blogs and public drop-in sessions for sabbatical officers. These are just some of the idea I have to improve your education next year. My experience in Union politics and as an organiser of various campaigns and events to defend education will allow me to push for real change at a local level whilst linking with national campaigns in which Leicester can play a vital part.

Mandy Groves Lectures are being recorded. Exam feedback is now expected. Now it's time for the big conversation about what students really want from an education at Leicester. Time for YOU to be considered. I believe in an education that is tailored to your needs and interests. I believe in furthering your potential with language skills and options to study abroad or take a year in industry. I will develop the academic environment at Leicester into one which will expand your learning and enhance your employability. I will develop the communication between academics and students, taking care that every voice is heard.

Matt Jones A fair deal for students is more important than ever. My key policies are: Fairer resit rules: The bar for mitigating circumstances is high, and the 40% resit cap means that many students are unable to make resits count. Individual assessment in group work: Group work is important but for grades, sharing isn't caring. Text alerts for timetable changes: Students need keeping up to date and not everyone's able to check their e-mail on the move. End unfair printing costs: It's a hidden course cost. shouldn't have to pay to hand in your work.


Yordan Nikolov The most experienced candidate for Education Officer! Being elected for two years as both the Equal Opportunities Representative for my course and Union Council member with the highest number of votes, I am the only Education candidate with a history of standing for student rights! Currently working both with the University Career Service and the Students’ Union gives me credibility and insider knowledge of the systems I would like to improve. This and my long-term involvement with societies and charity work, amongst other things, makes me stand out from other candidates. Visit the link and look at my manifesto points‌

Engagement Officer The Engagement Officer is here to make sure the Students' Union is reflecting all our members views (that includes yours!) and engaging with them in the most appropriate ways. They are responsible for our environmental strategy, making sure that the Students' Union communicates with you effectively, and ensuring Union Council and all our democratic structures represent the views of our broad membership. It's a big responsibility!

There are 2 candidates for Engagement Officer: Sean Kelly-Walsh and Katrina King.

If you don’t think any of the candidates are good enough for the job you can vote for Re-Open Nominations (RON). If RON wins the election, we do just that – re-open the nominations and hold a new election.

Voting is open until 3pm, Wednesday 26 February at

Sean Kelly-Walsh As your Engagement Officer I've increased turnout in the SU elections by 13%, as well as introducing Hall Presidents, Liberation Officers and ‘Change it or Explain it’, resulting in the most accessible and representative Students’ Union ever. Also, I've already negotiated a Sunday service and Wi-Fi on the buses. Next year I’ll go even further. I promise to lower bus prices and run more buses at peak times. I’ll introduce an approved landlord scheme, a ‘Give it a go’ week and a Boris Bike scheme. I’ll provide cheaper food on campus, reform Union Council and create a strong Post-Grad community.

Katrina King Engagement to me means many things: Engagement is the feeling of a community, it is the freedom to express oneself and to feel a part of something. I offer a hands on approach to motivating the student community, as well as making student engagement an easier thing to do. I am an understanding, conscientious and relatable person who will listen to Student’s needs and represent them. My Stances Engagement not Alienation Hands on Approach to Motivating Simplified Systems Support Networks No False Promises Representation 4 all Students No Voice unheard!

Experience Officer The Experience Officer is here to oversee the development of all student groups, make sure that you feel safe and happy and have access to support services that you need, and generally to make sure the Students' Union enhances your experience while you're studying at the University of Leicester. They're the principal contact to the university's Sports and Recreation service, and are responsible for all the Union's community liaison work.

There are 4 candidates for Experience Officer: Jay Appleyard, Samuel Rowbotham, Harry Wells and Alexia Elena.

If you don’t think any of the candidates are good enough for the job you can vote for Re-Open Nominations (RON). If RON wins the election, we do just that – re-open the nominations and hold a new election.

Voting is open until 3pm, Wednesday 26 February at

Jay Appleyard Being Experience Officer: it's not about promising the world; it's about making the small changes that impact the wider scope of things. If elected, I will stand for wellness and welfare; a bright future for sports and societies, and greater equality and awareness on and off campus. This means providing accommodation guidance for students of all ages. It means developing links between all students, no matter their background. It means building on the development of sports and societies. It means fighting ignorance and prejudice at every level, and making everyone feel like an essential part of the whole.

Samuel Rowbotham I believe I am the best candidate for this position. I have gained experience from being a Club Captain for 3 years and Sports President for 1 year, which has helped me to understand how to best represent students and improve their university experience. My Manifesto is based upon improving sports, societies and welfare. Societies – Create an online system for room bookings in the Student’s Union. Sports – Continue my current work on reducing the cost of Sports Cards. Welfare – Train Personal Tutors in mental wellbeing and counselling to provide better pastoral care to students.

Harry Wells I'm Harry, a third-year English & American Studies student and the founding Vice President of Quidditch Society. I want to put my experience in the Union and running a student group into YOUR experience of university, by writing a handbook for students setting up new societies and sports teams, improving our counselling services and providing free repeat prescriptions to students with chronic illnesses, negotiating student discounts with local businesses and expanding our Zero Tolerance and Safe Spaces campaigns.

Alexia Elena Hey everyone! My name is Alexia, I’m a third year Psychology with Cognitive Neuroscience student, and I’m running to be your next Experience Officer. Over the last three years, I’ve had a wide range of experiences – good and bad. I know from experience how difficult University life can be, and how challenging it is to juggle academic work and extracurricular activities; especially as someone who’s been heavily involved in Union Council, the Course Rep system, and several society committees! I want to implement changes that make a difference to you. If you like my policies please consider voting for me!

Executive Elections 2014 - Summary of Candidates  

All the candidates were invited to 100 words for our website, and we've put them in this booklet too! Voting opens Sunday 23 February at 8p...

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