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Introduction Welcome to the Ripple President Election Manifesto Booklet. The successful candidate will become the President of the Ripple, read this booklet to find out what the candidates are promising to do.

Voting Voting is open at from 9.00am on Wednesday 1st May till noon on Friday 3rd May

A Ripple you want to read. A RIPPLE MANIFESTO SUPPORTING CHRISTOPHER EVERETT FOR PRESIDENT Who runs the Union? What does it do? Why is the Scholar closed? Why is there a Ripple President? Has anyone else been screwed over by their landlords? What’s a distance learner? What was the National Demo? Why should I care about the NUS? If the answers to these questions remain a mystery, the Ripple has failed you. Our job is to be the widest read and most trusted news source on campus: to inform the student population of what is going on, investigate it, criticise it and discuss it. That is the Ripple I will run, if elected President. To deliver a Ripple like this; a Ripple you want to read, with the stories you care about; I propose the following 3 pledges:

Pledge 1 – BACK TO BASICS – THE RIPPLE NEWSPAPER The Ripple will return to the newspaper format that made it great: Weekly – a 12 page, condensed paper that will have the stories you care about from your university and community, with a greater opportunity for both writers and readers to have their voice heard. Better distribution – a minimum of 1,000 free copies per issue, spread around the union, halls of residence, university buildings and participating newsagents in student-heavy areas, so you’re always able to get hold of a copy. More relevant content – Encouraging a new editorial approach, bringing content that is interesting to you in readable, relatable articles that reflect what you actually care about.

Pledge 2 – THE RIPPLE ONLINE The Ripple will revolutionise its online presence, using what I’ve learned and contributed over the last few years to bring its new, fresh content to you, however you want to access it. A stream of quality content – Daily articles, blogs, discussions, and an online counterpart to every print article, giving everyone something new and exciting to read and contribute to. The Ripple on your mobile – The website will be tweaked to look amazing on any device you want to access it on – smartphones, tablets and PCs – meaning you can get a piece of the Ripple wherever you are. More multimedia content – Collaboration with LUSH and LUST to create quality content that keeps you coming back for more.

PLEDGE 3: A WORTHWHILE SOCIETY As head of the Ripple as a society, I would understand many members interest in Journalism as a career, and want to build a society that supports such aims: Employability events – The Ripple should have at least 2 events a semester – seminars, lectures or workshops – delivered by professionals in the fields of journalism, writing and publishing, aimed at boosting employability in these fields. Social events – The Ripple is a massive society with a social scene that does not live up to its potential: we should be a fun and exciting society both in our professional output and in our social events. 2 social events (drinking and non-drinking) a semester are a must, with the potential for fun, inter-media social events with LUSH and LUST. Standing up for the Ripple – I will question any and all censorship, and continuously assert our freedom and integrity in all corners of the Union and University.

These 3 Pledges will be the bedrock of my time in office. The odds are absolutely against us: this is in no way the easy option; but I have a genuine belief in the necessity of the Ripple not just online but on shelves and coffee tables and bedroom floors. I want students to finally have a service that fills the huge gap in the Union currently left by a lack of media scrutiny, I want them to have a solid souvenir of their time in Leicester, but most of all I want them to understand just what the bloody hell is going on. If you want to know what is happening, with the stories you care about; if you want a Ripple that people want to read, elect me, Christopher Everett, as your Ripple president.

Contact me: Email: Twitter: @EverettPower

RIPPLE PRESIDENT ELECTION Do you think none of the candidates are good enough for the post?

Could you do a better Job? Then vote for Re-Open Nominations (R.O.N.)

If R.O.N. gets more votes than any of the candidates the election for that position will have to be re-run allowing other candidates to come forward.

Ripple President Elections 2013  

The manifesto booklet for the Ripple President Elections 2013.

Ripple President Elections 2013  

The manifesto booklet for the Ripple President Elections 2013.