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Lo v eHa i r & Be a u t y S a l o n

Affordabl eQual i ty Hai r& Beauty Servi ces

Seni or Styl i st Pri ces

Cut& Fi ni shf r om £20. 00

Gent ’ sCut& Fi ni sh£10. 00 Shampoo& Set£10. 00 Bl ow Dr y£10. 00 Hi ghl i ght sf r om £32. 00 Per manentHai r St r ai ght eni ngf r om £45. 00

Apprenti ce Pri ces Cut£3. 50 Cut& Fi ni sh£6. 00 Shampoo& Set£4. 00 Bl ow Dr y£4. 00 Col our i ngf r om £15. 00

Appr ent i ceshi ps Foundat i onLear ni ng

Adul tCour ses

Ear nasyoul ear n. Appr ent i ceshi pst hat payf r om £78perweek.

Ci t y& Gui l ds accr edi t edcour ses i nHai r& Beaut y.

Ar eyoubet ween 1619? Wantt ol ear nski l l si n Hai r& Beaut y?

Salon Services  

Salon Services 2012

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