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Called Together


Does it sometimes seem just a little bit confusing?!

Saturday 9th October 2010 11am Leicester Cathedral Called Together is a service to celebrate and commission people for Lay Ministry within the Diocese. Everybody is very welcome to attend this special service

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Time for Synod to vote This July, God and the Church willing, I will end my part in the developing the Church of England’s thinking about the consecration of women bishops.

disagree profoundly. I carry the memories of the company of the ecumenical observers, Methodist and Roman Catholic, on the Rochester Commission with gratitude, and the thoughtful, prayerful and carefully expressed contributions of conservative evangelical and catholic members as we prepared legislation.

In 2001 I was invited by the then Archbishop of Canterbury to join the Rochester Commission, which spent 3 years writing a major piece of theological reflection to resource the church’s debate. I was then asked to continue on the drafting group to which set a broad framework for legislation and then also as a member of that group’s successor, the committee which revised those initial legislative proposals in the light of the several hundred amendments from a range of individuals and groups. Now the revised legislation has been published, along with our report, and will be debated at General Synod at its final session this July.

Thirdly, I have discovered the wealth of talent and commitment that the Church of England still has. The staff of Church House Westminster, particularly the lawyers, often worked far into the night to provide background papers as we constructed our framework. Committee members brought expertise from senior levels in commerce, the law courts, public authorities and parliament and offered this unstintingly. This was an issue which mattered. Analysis was rigorous. Debate was frank. Drafting was punctilious.

Then it’s over to you: General Synod elections follow this summer and if the legislation has had the support of Synod in July, it will be debated further in all Dioceses, at one final debate in General Synod. Then, at the end, the support of both Houses of Parliament will be needed. In the meantime I hope I might possibly be allowed to develop other interests….!

Finally, I have learnt that while we have done our very best, we could not produce perfect legislation. I would have preferred the simplest possible draft to avoid any sense of women bishops being different from men bishops. Others would have preferred new, separate dioceses for those who want to avoid any further drift from tradition. Each has had to compromise, and we may not have struck the compromise in the right place. That is what you now have to judge.

So what have I learnt from these 10 years? Firstly, that the theological differences which were articulated over the years were largely around beliefs about what it is to be human, ‘theological anthropology’, or in the area of what it means to be church, ‘ecclesiology’.

The Very Revd Vivienne Faull viv.faull@

Secondly, I have learnt that strong bonds of friendship can develop even when we


Extreme Fitness On the 25th April

there wasn’t an unoccupied inch of pavement along the 26.2 miles of London Streets that made up the Virgin London Marathon course. Pubs had PA systems outside playing music, bands had set up on street corners and church music groups were playing on the steps of churches following, or was it during, Sunday services. Dozens of Charities had set up cheering points around the course supporting their runners. I was running to raise money for Parkinson’s UK, with one of my cousins and her husband; my uncle has Parkinson’s disease and I know a couple of people in my congregation who have this and people who have relatives and friends who also have Parkinson’s. The Virgin London Marathon was a great celebration of all that is good aboutat Floating Candle Ceremony humanity, a view of our species that we get

Festival 2010

far too little of in the media. If you ever get the opportunity to go and support or even run (for each of the 37 000 places there are 6 people wanting to run!) do take in it both hands and be part of such a wonderful celebration of the human spirit. It’s also a wonderful way to get a 26.2 mile tour of our capital! I wasn’t the only person from the diocese to take part; Dick Whittington (how appropriate for London) was running in memory of Peter Hebden. I am certain that there were others too. It is not too late to be part of the 2010 London Marathon as you can sponsor us at: Revd Richard Riverside Curtis (pictured Leicesterʼs

on the cover at 19 miles through the race!)

Floating Candle Ceremony at Leicester’s Riverside Festival 2010

9.00PM Saturday 5thhosted Juneby2010 site. Lanterns are environmentally friendly 9pm Saturday 5th June, hosted by Presence...a fresh approach to church and will all be collected from the canal after Presence...a fresh approach to church. the event. Presence is a fresh approach to church in central Leicester set up by the Church of England to form and promote community amongst people who don’t go to church. We’re basing church on relationships, social networks, groups and community activities for anyone, whether they have a faith or not. Throughout the Festival weekend we’ll be providing a community meeting point where people can link up. ceremony is just one This will community be a shared ritual orThe A shared ritual community floating a thousand morefloating lanternscandle on the canal to remember way in which we can make spirituality floating a thousand or more lanterns on friends and family, promote peace and harmony and action on climate change. to all. infoare will be posted the canal toaremember friends and family, Personalise lantern beforehand during the day accessible at our stall on site.More Lanterns environmentally and will all be action collected from the canal after theLeicester event. on the Presence facebook promote peacefriendly and harmony and site. email on climate change. Personalise a lantern Presence is aduring fresh approach to our church central Leicester set up by the Church of beforehand the day at stallin on England to form and promote community amongst people who donʼt go to church. Weʼre basing church on relationships, social networks and groups and community activities for anyone living to the western side of the city centre, whether they have a faith or not. 4 Throughout the weekend weʼll be providing a community meeting point where people can link up with social groups and community activities that weʼre involved with. The floating

Refurbishment past halfway point The work to repair and refurbishment Launde Abbety is on schedule for completion by November. Warden Revd Tim Blewett said ‘The work is going really well and we’re very pleased with it’. The Abbey remains and you can see the work in progress during the Bank holiday festival 28-31st May.

One month in... The 1950s caretaker block comes down. This will be making way for a new purpose built outreach block, to be used for sessional work, meeting a range of needs across the city. The new block will also create a visually striking entrance to the proposed new Cathedral Square.


General Election: Our verdict.

the national agenda such as the economy, climate change, and jobs, but also local issues like child care, local hospital cuts and financial support for local projects. We even asked the candidates if they had a faith and how that might be worked out through their service. Around 50 people attended each event, a good mix of people who were then able to judge for themselves the truth behind the policies, the characters asking for their votes and the desire they had to be of service to others.

During the run up to the election Churches in our diocese hosted some of the best attended hustings during this election campaign in service to the wider community. ‘With the election looming and wanting to make sure that Christians had a chance to question their local parliamentary candidates, the City of Leicester Deanery hosted three question time events covering the three constituencies of Leicester South, West and East. Thanks to the administrative skills of Rev’d Dave Appleby and Pat Ewen, (Deanery Sec) - both on the deanery standing committee - we were able to offer Christian communities an opportunity to ask their burning questions and to see if the party policies stood up to our understanding of Christian ethics and issues of social responsibility. Thanks also to those churches hosting, St John’s, Clarendon Park, St Aidan’s, New Parks and Christ Church, Thurnby Lodge for their warm welcome and hospitality. All manner of questions were put forward to do with

All of the evenings were chaired by Sandra Herbert; at the end of which we took a show of hands to see if voters had made up their mind or had changed their mind. I changed mine. The show of hands alone made the events worthwhile and left us feeling that the voting turnout would be much greater than last time, which is great because we Christians have a lot to add to the debate and we need to make our voices heard.’ Revd Vince Jupp, the Area Dean of the City of Leicester Deanery

Commission of Inquiry into the Future of Civil society


A report by The Carnegie Trust UK into the Future of .org Civil Society has been published recently. Civil society ciety ivilso is described as the space between the State and private sforc e r .futu enterprise. It is the ground occupied by trade unions, voluntary www associations, charities, campaigning groups and faith groups, including the Christian church. The Report of the Commission can be viewed at and we invite you to read it because it reminds us of both the contribution that the Christian church makes to our society, and also challenges us as parishes and Diocese to see the opportunity to serve our communities even more effectively; and more than that to witness to the values of Jesus Christ and his Kingdom that lie at the heart of all effective civil society.


Parish Funding Team newsletter June 2010 Parish Stewardship Network Welcome to the start of the Parish Stewardship Network! It provides support for those in parishes who encourage giving and stewardship from within their congregation. The Network provides a link between parishes in the Diocese of Leicester, the Director of Parish Funding and the wealth of resources that are in use in other parishes in the UK. Many dioceses in the Church of England already have a similar network in place, with a person in many parishes known as a ‘Parish Giving Officer’. While there may be some parishes in the Diocese of Leicester who are able to have a person who can take on this role, it is more likely that this essential ministry is undertaken by lay people who are already engaged in a stewardship role.

The four key tasks for each parish, where the Link person should be proactive, are • To communicate the budget in narrative form (telling the story using words rather than numbers) • To promote giving within the parish and encourage teaching on giving and stewardship • To work with the PCC as it decides on a Giving Programme and subsequent annual reviews • To ensure that the church thanks its planned givers at least once a year

We already have a number of Link persons around the diocese and these are shown below. It is ideal if the Link person is a member of the PCC (or DCC), as they will be able to bring a stewardship perspective to PCC discussions.

City of Leicester



0116 2735313




01949 864211




01664 482385

Gartree Second



0116 2793392

Akeley East



01509 266269

Akeley East



01509 234641

North West Leicestershire Philip

Whitworth 01530 411566

Sparkenhoe West



01827 880338

Sparkenhoe West



01455 823656

Diocese of Leicester

Maxine Johnson

01858 540217

Diocese of Leicester

Andrew Nutter

0116 2487422


Good News From the Woodfield Team We are now a Mission Partnership and our eight churches have to learn what it means to work together. And this includes how to share our financial lives! One of the early tasks we faced was how to share out the Benefice Share between the four ‘northern’ parishes – no easy task. Some had struggled to pay their Parish Shares for years while some had benefited from a reducing Parish Share due to having reduced clergy cover. There were suspicions: Were all the churches trying hard enough to pay their Parish Share? Were the others to be an easy touch? Were the richer prepared to help the poorer and who were the richer and who the poorer? For the first year we tended to follow the Diocesan split as it had been. But our Team Rector, Vivien, felt the best way was for each church to carry out the Diocesan Funding Programme at the same time. This would give us a true base on which to share the cost as well as improving the finances of each church (a much needed exercise). We aired many reasons why we should not go ahead; November is a bad time for visiting; surely we could get through another year; there was a real squeeze on incomes and many people in the villages are relying on pensions or had lost jobs; the village hall was out of action in Packington, and Donisthorpe’s hall was closed, so where to have the Parish Lunch or Supper, but we had faith and the PCCs decided we should go ahead. Three of the four parishes hit their targets (and the fourth improved its position) with help from Andrew and Maxine. Those at Packington reflect that there was more benefit “We had contact with many people who are on the fringes of the church; they came to the buffet supper in church and heard an excellent talk by Canon Haydock. Many were generous with donations and a number of new people signed up to support the church on a regular basis. November turned out

to be a good time as we could encourage everyone to come to the Christingle, Carol and Christmas services”. That positive feel was reflected in the other parishes as well. Finally we all came together for a Thanksgiving Service where we met our new Assistant Bishop Christopher. There was a bit of mission and we all worked towards a common objective so as they say ‘One small step along the way we go’ and we now have to share the 2010 Benefice Share among eight churches! Philip Whitworth

Four Key Tasks

There are four key tasks which have been identified as priorities for those seeking to encourage giving in the parish context : • Preach and teach regularly about giving in the context of discipleship. It is not the preacher's job to raise the funds for the church, but rather to nurture holistically generous disciples. • Clearly communicate that giving to the church enables the mission and ministry that flows from it. Many givers are not aware of the impact of their giving. • Hold some form of annual review of giving. Personal and church finances work on an annual basis, and so it is good to help people review their giving once a year. There are many different ways this can be done. • Send an annual, personal 'thank you' to regular givers. This values givers, and provides another opportunity to see how their giving supports the work of the church.

Where we are in 2010 (Additional Programmes can be added so get in touch)

Spring Early Summer Late Summer

Burrough-on-the-Hill & Somerby (10203), Eaton, Stonesby & Waltham-on-the-Wolds (10206), Knipton, Branston & Croxton Kerrial (10204), Kibworth (10406)* Woodhouse Eaves (20110), Shepshed, Oaks in Charnwood (20109), Hallaton (10303)* Sapcote (20401), The Langtons (10301)#, Belton (20103)

*Parish running own programmes supported by Funding Team, #Parish running DIY programme assisted by Funding Team


Useful Resources Giving for Life

Leaflets, free from Parish Funding Team Booklets for PCCs and Home Group study Talk / Sermon notes / ppt presentation

The Money Revolution

God’s Gift Our Response:

Booklets, 80p from Parish Funding Team Talk / Sermon notes / ppt presentation Home / Study group materials’s-gift-our-response.aspx Resources include

Sermons, study notes, Video of Bishop Tim Six Steps in Christian Giving PowerPoint presentation

Seasons of Giving seasons of giving workbook THE SELFISH GIANT

Home / Study Groups - free 4 week course + leaders’ notes smartweb/spotlight/seasons-of-giving

Stewards in a Slump


Leaflets, free from Parish Funding Team Talk / Sermon notes / Ppt presentation

Bishop Tim’s Introduction Biblical Introduction to Cycle of Grace Introduction to the Sermons Sermon on God’s Grace Sermon on Recognition Sermon on Gratitude Sermon on Response Study Notes - Resources for Small Groups Study Notes - Tips for Group Leaders Introduction to Luke’s Gospel Study Notes on the Four Sermons Thanksgiving Sunday Sermon Downloadable Resources The Funding Team Frequently Asked Questions

Sermons / Talks

Clergy Study Day CD Resources

Generous Giving

Guest preachers also available contact the Parish Funding Team for suggestions

For even more visit the Stewardship webpage at


Lifestyle Discipleship

The Parish Funding Team also offer Free help, advice and support We can give you a free ‘Step by Step’ Guide to get you started

We will come to Planning Meetings to help you plan your initiative

We will offer advice on your draft literature


Advice by phone when questions come up

National Stewardship Conference 13th to 16th July, Scalford Hall. Free ‘Day Delegate’ places on 14th or 15th available to the first five applicants! Four days to reflect, to dream, to catch a vision of what the future might be like, and to think about how you can encourage your parishes forwards into a different future. This conference seeks to equip all who are interested in issues about giving, funding, stewardship and finance with relevant insight and reflection. Input is woven around four themes: What If we could motivate more of our parishes to have a clear sense of mission, and articulate an exciting vision? We need more than the tools to run a vision day; advisers need to develop the skills in motivating and encouraging parishes to gain a deeper sense of the possible, whilst still being realistic. What if parishes had greater capability in running capital projects? Many parishes still simply seek to repair and replace, without exploring the wider picture. How can advisers help parishes be effective in making the most of a capital project to reinvigorate their mission and ministry. What if the wealthy gave a higher proportion of income? Data has frequently shown that the poor are the most generous in terms of proportionate giving. Sessions will seek to tap into the motivations of particularly generous givers, and understand how we might help them give realistically. In sessions following this theme, we shall hear from philanthropists themselves, as well as those with experience in working with major donors. What if we were better stewards as parishes and dioceses? “Corporate Stewardship” is not just about accountability and transparency, or even demonstrating public benefit. It’s about showing donors the impact that their giving makes, enabling them to make better informed decisions when allocating their giving, and about increasing capability in stewardship and trusteeship issues at parish level. To win your place and for further details of the conference contact Andrew Nutter (details below).

The Parish Funding Team Andrew Nutter Director of Parish Funding & Fundraising Church House, St Martin’s East Leicester LE1 5FX 0116 248 7422


Maxine Johnson Parish Funding Director 01858 540217

Two great singing events coming to Leicester Cathedral in June Lost in Song - singing for children and families. On Friday 4 June from 3pm with a 7pm performance. Ever fancied singing in a great choir in a great building? Well, here’s your chance – join us for an afternoon to create an instant choir that will perform in Leicester Cathedral in the evening. With the expert help of Sophie Pascall, Head of Voice at Leicestershire Arts in Education, and with some more musical support from Kainé, Leicester’s

‘Conduct Halleluya’… On Friday 18th June 10am to 12.30pm at Leicester Cathedral. Featuring the ‘Halleluya Chorus’, ‘Surely he hath borne our griefs.’, ‘He trusted in God’ and the ‘Amen Chorus.’ The music will be made available for free or bring your own Watkins Shaw edition of the Messiah. BBC Radio Leicester’s John Florance will be taught how to conduct the Halleluya Chorus in the weeks before (and sometimes live on Radio Leicester!) by Stephen Foster. He will then ‘receive his baton’ and conduct live on the day! Stephen will rehearse and conduct the other three great pieces in his usual fun

favourite gospel choir and the Cathedral’s enigmatic Canon Stephen Foster, we’ll create a big and beautiful sound that will get everyone singing! Children /families’ rehearsal 3pm - 5.15pm (please bring a packed tea) with additional adults’ rehearsal 6pm - 6.45pm (for those who want to sing but can’t come any earlier!) Tickets: £3 per participant. For more details and to book online visit

style; the whole thing being recorded and broascast by the BBC. Anyone who would like to sing, we would love you to join us. Let’s try and ‘top’ the 400 people from last year. There will be a charge of £5 for the whole morning, all of which will be going towards funding the Cathedral ‘Chorister Outreach Programme’ for the next year, whereby hundreds of children in local schools are enthused and encouraged to enjoy the art of singing in their own places of learning. Do let us know if you would like to come, your voice and the number of people you are bringing with you!


Obituary: Dr Alan McWhirr We were very sad to learn of Alan’s death after a short illness. He was still actively chairing the Diocesan Advisory Committee a month before he passed away. Marilyn Palmer, Emeritus Professor of Archaeology at the University of Leicester writes... Alan McWhirr, Honorary Fellow in the School of Archaeology and Ancient History at Leicester, dug at Verulamium as a schoolboy before studying at the University of Leicester in 1957 and becoming a school teacher (1960-1968). However, thanks to his short digging experience he was put in charge of student field courses in Rutland and he went on to direct excavations in Cirencester with support from the University of Leicester. He became a lecturer in Environmental Studies at Leicester College of Education (later Leicester Polytechnic), and when Cirencester Excavation Committee handed its responsibilities to Cotswold Archaeological Trust in 1989 Alan remained as a voluntary director. He was President of Cirencester Archaeological and Historical Society 1987-1997, and he wrote or co-wrote the first four volumes of Cirencester Excavations. He also wrote popular books on Roman topics and contributed articles to popular and learned journals throughout his life. He gained a PhD for his work on the Roman brick and tile industry in Britain and wrote widely on this topic. He joined the Department of Archaeology of the University of Leicester in 1988 on a parttime basis and soon made Leicester the world leader in archaeology courses by


distance learning. He was a valued member of Leicestershire Archaeological Advisory Committee, and when the county archaeological unit was dissolved in 1995 he was instrumental in persuading the University to take it on, establishing the University of Leicester Archaeological Services. Alan has also been heavily involved in preservation of the historic fabric of churches in the county, as churchwarden, and as chair of Leicestershire Historic Churches Trust and of the Diocesan Advisory Committee. He produced many church leaflets for the Millennium. Much of Alan’s professional life has therefore been concerned with the practice and teaching of archaeology in Cirencester and Leicestershire and through distance learning. His excavations in Roman Cirencester advanced knowledge of urban life in Roman Britain. He was an inspired teacher and always willing to speak to local groups and take them round sites and museums. Alan carried his interest in the historic environment over into multifarious voluntary activities in the City and County of Leicester, utilising his skills in diplomacy, written and oral communication, organisation and marketing. His skills in local radio and magazine editing have ensured that the people of Leicester are well aware of, their archaeological and historical heritage. Those of us who also work for the study of history and archaeology in the city and county now have to come to terms with just how much he did and he will be sadly missed. He is survived by his wife Helen and his children Rachel and James. Alan McWhirr BSc, MA, PhD, FSA, MIfA 1937-2010

...continued from page 16 Water Colours by City of Leicester Singers Event Date: Saturday 19 June at 7.30pm. Conductor: Richard Archer. Accompanist: Geoffrey Clarke. St James The Greater Church, London Road. Tickets £8 (no concessions, Under16s free) from Choir members or at the door or Midsummer festival, Mowsley Event Date: Saturday 19th June and Sunday 20th. Between 11am – 5pm there will be a midsummer festival at St Nicholas Church, Mowsley. Admission £3 proceeds for Church charities. Garden Fete and Dog Show Event Date: Saturday 19th June at St Mary’s Church Ashby Folville Cricket Ground from 2.30pm on Adults 50p, children free. Cream teas and many exciting stalls

“The Psalms through the Ages”…. Event Date: Sunday 20th June at 6 pm in St. Anne’s, Letchworth Road. “The Psalms through the Ages”…. from Plainchant, through the Metrical Psalter, Stanford to Taize… an act of worship exploring the spirituality of the psalms and their place in Christian worship… choir and congregational items and time for reflection and prayer. Summer Festival Syston Event Date: Friday 25th -28th June Syston Parish Church. Friday, Songs of Praise 7.30pm. Saturday, Flower Festival 10am-5pm, Tower Open 2-5pm views from the roof. Sunday, Service at 10.30am with Bishop Tim, Party in Central Park 2.30-4.00pm, Solemn Sung Evensong at 7.30pm. Summer Recital, Oadby Event Date: Saturday 26th June At 7.30pm, at St. Peter’s Church, Oadby. By Joanne Lunn. Tickets £10 (£8 concessions) including refreshments. Contact Margaret Schofield on 0116 2714814 Lubenham’s 19th Open Gardens Event Date: Sunday 27th June 11am–5pm. Admission to gardens (and allotments) of varying size and design (including Thorpe Lubenham Hall) is by a programme that costs £3.00 per person. Plants and Crafts and Cakes for sale and all receipts will benefit Church restoration.

Diary Dates in full can be read at

Do you value Anglican Services and music where the Book of Common Prayer is used? To find out more please contact Ian Woodhead on 01380 870384 or join online at: The Prayer Book Society Registered Charity No. 1099295. Co. Limited by Guarantee No.4786973

Concerned about paying for the costs of Long Term Care? Contact us today for1 independent advice 60X45.indd and your FREE Long Term Care guide. Call Scott Gallacher on 0116 282 2177, or e-mail Rowley Turton (IFA) Limited, 6 Dominus Way, Leicester LE19 1RP.


3/18/09 3:29:07 PM

UK Japan Choir Event

The Deputy Ambassador and Consul General of Japan visited St. Dionysius, Market Harborough, for the UK-Japan Choir event on 24 April. Pictured at the event: L to R: Peter Heritage from St.Dionysius, Canon Alan Race, Ambassador’s wife, Yoshimi Gregory, Ambassador Kusaka.

Charles James Organs Organ Building & Tuning Services

Contact: Iain Harvey Dexter Lane Littleport ELY Cambridgeshire CB6 1GE 07788726599 Accredited Business Member of the Institute of British Organ Building


Comings & Goings The Bishop announces... ...the early retirement of the Revd Richard White, Rector of the Benefice of Ibstock with Heather in the North West Leicestershire Deanery, on 31 May 2010. ...the retirement of the Revd Richard Barribal, Priest in Charge NSM of the Benefice of Welham, Glooston and Cranoe and Stonton Wyville in the Gartree First (Harborough) Deanery, on 30 June 2010. ...that Bishop Christopher will license the Revd Terri Skinner, Assistant Minister (House for Duty) in the Benefice of Thorpe Acre with Dishley as House for Duty, Priest in Charge in the Benefice of St Theodore of Canterbury in the City of Leicester Deanery, on Thursday 3 June at 7.30 pm at St Theodore’s, Rushey Mead. ...the resignation of the Revd Martin Dale as Priest in Charge of The South Croxton Group and Burrough Hill Parishes with effect from 1 June 2010. Martin remains Priest in Charge of the Benefice of the Upper Wreake.

...that Bishop Christopher will license the Revd Philip Watson, Vicar of St Luke’s, Leicester as Rector of the Benefice of Barwell, cum Stapleton, and Potters Marston, on 7 June at 7.30 pm at St Mary’s, Barwell. ...that he will license the Revd Michael Broadley, Team Vicar, St Mark’s Church, Horsham in the Diocese of Chichester as Team Rector (Priest in Charge) for the Parish of Emmanuel, Loughborough and St Maryin-Charnwood, Nanpantan in the Akeley East Deanery on Friday 3 September at 7.30 pm at Emmanuel Church, Loughborough. David Mountford, Reader and FareShare volunteer driver. Passed away aged 71 years on Tuesday April 6th after a brief illness. Will be sadly missed by his wife Betsy, daughter AnnMarie and family, and his sister Jean. Stephen Southorn, Reader of St Mary’s Broughton Astley, Croft & Stoney Stanton died on Sunday 18th April after many weeks of illness.


Diary Dates The Letters of St Paul Event Date: Tuesday 1st June Come and look at these letters of St. Paul in St. Anne’s from 7.30pm to 9.00pm on Tuesdays 1st to 22nd June inclusive. An introduction to these key New Testament texts…following a quiet celebration of the Eucharist at 7 pm to which everyone is invited.more details (0116 285 8452). Stapleton Flower Festivals Event Date: Friday 4th June to Sunday 6th June. St Martins Church and the Methodist Church at Stapleton are once again holding joint flower festivals. As well as festival cakes there will be a raffle, crafts, an exhibition by a local artist and refreshments. Afternoon Tea at Gaulby Church & Open Church Kings Norton Event Date: Saturday’s May to August Call in and enjoy afternoon tea on Saturday afternoons between 2.30 and 4.00 during May to the end of August. Kings Norton Church, only 10 minutes gentle walk away, is also open with a guide available. Extravaganza of Wedding Flowers Event Date: Saturday 5th June and 6th June. St. Andrew’s Church, Welham, Market Harborough is holding an Extravaganza of Wedding Flowers by Nick Grounds. The Church will be from 10am – 5pm, both days. Morning coffee and afternoon tea will be served. Festival Service at 9.30am – everyone is most welcome. The Rector’s Revels Event Date: Saturday 5th June St Leonard’s Swithland at 7.30pm. Baroque to Rock. Laughter, Wine, Nibbles. Sonatas, Songs, Surprises with the King Burrell Band Tickets £15. Purchase details: 0116 230 4634. In aid of Launde Abbey. Church Fete – St Cuthberts Church, Great Glen Event Date: Saturday 5th June 11am – 2pm. Stalls and childrens games – including a potato-head competition; ploughmans lunches and refreshments. Open Church at All Saints Kimcote near Lutterworth Event Date: Sunday 6th June 2.00 p.m.-5.00 p.m. The Church will be open and Tea/Coffee and Home made cakes will be served. There will also be an Exhibition of Pottery, a Book Stall and a Bric a Brac Stall. Knossington’s Country Gardens Event Date: Sunday 6th June Come and enjoy Knossington’s Country Gardens, in aid of St Peter’s Church. The gardens will be open from 1.30 – 5.00pm. Entrance is £4.00 for adults with special group rates. Children free. Further details are available from Jenny Price 01664 454267 Medieval Street Fair and Church Open Day Event Date: Saturday 12th June St Mary’s Church Lutterworth. With Stalls, Games, Street Entertainment, Medieval Fancy Dress competition, Pony rides, Church tours, Tower Trips and much else.

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An Evening of Summer Harmony with the Griffin Singers Event date: Saturday 12th June At 7.30pm. Church of Saint James the Greater Oaks in Charnwood LE12 9YD. Songs from the Shows, nostalgia, a jazzy piece and maybe an instrunental item. Tickets £5, including light refreshments after the show. Contact Janet Quenby 01509 506154 Tea and Cakes, St.Leonard’s Event Date: Saturday 12th June and Sunday 13th. St.Leonard’s Church, Swithland, 2pm – 5pm. Donations in aid of Church Funds. National Outdoor Knitting Day Event Date: Saturday12th June 11- 4 at the Strawberry fields of Whetstone Pastures Farm ( on A426 just south of Blaby by pass). Part of the Childrens’ Society Big Stitch campaign. For more: Sandra Herbert 0116 2774 627 Flower Festival, Foston Event Date: Saturday 12th June St Bartholomew’s Church, Foston is holding a Flower Festival, with the theme ‘Leicestershire Past and Present’ on 12th, 13th and 14th of June. Refreshments, cream teas, bookstall and white elephant – Sunday service. Monday 14th – tea and coffee only. Jazz Night Event Date: Saturday 12th June All Saints Church, Long Whatton, Nr Loughborough present an evening of Jazz by the New Orleans Jazz Band. 7.30pm- 10.00pm Admission £8.00. All proceeds in aid of the church roof fund. Light Out of Darkness Event Date: Sunday 13th June 6.30pm at St Mary Magdalen Church, Knighton. The choir and friends perform music tracing a spiritual journey from Advent to Easter to celebrate RSCM Music Sunday. Admission free with retiring collection for the RSCM 50/50 campaign. Come and listen to Baroness Cox Event Date: Wednesday 16th June at 7:30pm. A Light in the Darkness: The Privilege of Making a Difference. Saint James the Great, Church Hill, Birstall, Leicester, LE4 4DN Thorpe Arnold Village Festival Event Date: Thursday 17th to Sunday 20th June Thursday, Wine evening St Mary the Virgin. Tickets £10 from 01664 564603 or 01664 564411. Friday, The Xtra Factor, Further information ring 01664 566119 or 564411. Finals commence 7.00pm.Admission £5 Concessions £3. Saturday, Black Tie Dinner at Church Farm. Limited places so book early. Dinner 7.30pm, Tickets £25.00from 01664 562595 or 564411. Sunday, Village Fun Day in aid of the Church and the Village Hall restoration fund. 10.00am to 5.00pm. Further information 01664 564411

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